Saturday, July 20, 2013

"Candy Crunch" game for Kindle Fire

Candy Crunch - Match and Crush - $0.99

Note: I'd like to thank my sixteen-year-old daughter for providing today's review.

The Candy Crunch app by Bullbitz is a great game to play if you are waiting for the bus or stuck inside on a rainy day. This "Match-3" game is entertaining and plays well whether you have a short amount of spare time or a lot.

The concept is similar to Bejeweled, but there are special challenges unique to the game. Levels are paced well so that it gradually gets more challenging, giving yourself time to learn the game and get better, which I appreciated. The only parts I didn't like so much were the encouraging words that drop down over the game board - they got repetitive, as did the music, after a few levels. With the sound off, I enjoyed it more.

That being said, it is so fun! The graphics are good and I could easily tell each candy apart. It's a great game!

Click on the screenshots below for larger views of the gameplay. We tested this game successfully on our Kindle Fire HD, and on our Kindle Fire (non-HD).

"Candy Crunch-Match 3 and Crush" is awesome..This comes with a better tutorial explaining what each power-up candy does...Same game play, match 3 or more in row...Easy controls...You have a timer for each level to complete...Once you complete the first couple of levels it becomes more challenging and difficult to figure out...It definitely has different strategies on each new level..It gives your objectives, point values you must meet and limited amount of swap outs you can use...My favorite power-up is the striped lollipop candy, if you can get 2 in a row it clears the entire board and the more points you get....You have the options to shut sounds or music off or both.... Very addictive, fun and causing no problems to my android devices..Definitely worth it... -- Amazon reviewer

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Screenshots (click to enlarge)

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