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Book Discovery Day! (Tuesday July 30)

It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Sapphire: A Paranormal Romance, by Bryan W. Alaspa

-- A SalGad Publishing Release
-- Latest novel from author, Bryan W. Alaspa
-- Approximately 100k words in length


Jimmy Parker is a typical high school student. Unpopular with the girls and picked on by the boys, he’s just trying to survive long enough to escape the tiny Pennsylvanian town of Knorr. With Jimmy and his friend, George, heading to the school dance, they expect nothing but the usual ritual humiliation from their peers. But when a girl in a brilliant blue dress enters their lives at the side of a lonely old bridge…everything changes.

Her name is Sapphire, and she is the most alluring girl that Jimmy ...
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The Bank of the River, by Michael Richan
Steven is anticipating a quiet sabbatical at a new home. Instead, knockings and grisly apparitions begin to haunt him, relentlessly tormenting him at night. With a recent divorce and a son in college, he is left alone to deal with the ghosts lurking in the shadows of his house.

Steven is determined to find a rational explanation. His father Roy offers to help, and soon Steven discovers Roy has dormant supernatural skills. Steven’s natural skepticism clashes with Roy’s “gift,” but soon Steven finds himself assisting Roy as he battles the forces inside his home. Together they unearth something much more sinister and evil than either expected.

The Bank of the River is a fast-paced and thrilling horror nov...
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A Sister for Margot, by Emma Clark Lam
In a seaside theatre, with Hitler’s bombs raining down, the actress Maud falls in love for the first time. She dreams however of seeing her name in lights and part of her resists getting embroiled in an affair. But she can’t fight her feelings forever.

Forty years later in an English suburb, Margot is on the brink of divorce and depression after losing her sister in a tragic boating accident. Her orphaned niece Ruby is sent to live with her grandfather in Ibiza, and develops a morbid fascination with the past. Rattling the family skeletons will unearth a secret that touches all of their lives.

In this debut novel, Emma Clark Lam writes a compelling family saga that examines the themes of wasted potential, sibling r...
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Blue Horizon, by J. L. Hammer
Part of a secret government project, Elena Davidson's life is in serious jeopardy when she is kidnapped by terrorists. Safeguarding 'Blue Horizon' isn't just a mission to Elena. She knows that if its purpose is revealed and if it falls into the wrong hands, it could be dangerous for the entire world.

Beckham Connors has a simple mission: the retrieval of Elena Davidson, no matter what the cost. He has orders to rescue Elena from her captors and to send her home to America, or if necessary--kill her. Whatever happens, she cannot be left alive on Iranian soil.

Forced into a whirlwind adventure, she can depend on no one. Elena must decide if she can trust the ruggedly handsome Beckham--or if he poses a greater danger than...
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The Operator's Manual for Planet Earth, by D. Trinidad Hunt
An Adventure for the Soul

"Dear Earth Traveler,
This document is part of a bold new plan for the awakening of mankind and the saving of Planet Earth. Until this time there has not been a written manual containing the goals and guidelines for the planet. As a result, many human beings have lost their way in life..."

As a group of spiritual beings from another world prepares to enter into a physical state on Earth, it is provided with a handbook for survival called The Operator's Manual. Inscribed with the words What Does It Mean to Be a Human Being', this reference tool will guide and instruct the students on their journey, teaching them the "Principles of Planetary Purpose."

An inspiring story of str...
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From Continue (The Teller of Destiny Series), by A. H. De Carrasco
“I saw the dead king…burn,” Raphere whispered to the voices. She lifted her chin. “Why would I see such a thing, if not to prevent it?”

“There are many kings in the land, and all kings die eventually. You are more important than any.”

Did they think to keep her here, forever? In the Pikestan? But she was not safe. And she could do nothing for anyone. But as a wanderer…

Ever since spilling her blood before the Teller of Destiny, Raphere has spent her life trying to prove she is not like her mother, a dark sorceress. And though she yearns to be, she is not a white wanderer either. She is the Jivasivar, the first grey soul born into the land since sin and the Changing. Some call h...
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The Eagle's Covenant, by Michael Parker
Manfred Schiller is the world's most powerful and richest citizen who controls an enormous industry covering most aspects of everyone's lives. The key to controlling Schiller’s vast organisation is his week-old grandson, Manny. Franz Molke, leader of the fast rising People's Party in Germany knows that the ageing Schiller plans to hand over complete control of his empire to the Israeli nation, despite the fact that the infant is sole heir. Molke plans to thwart Schiller’s plans by kidnapping the baby and through intimidation and murder plans to grab control before the handover begins. But the kidnapped baby disappears and Conor Lenihan, an ex-IRA terrorist and ex-SAS soldier, escapes a double-cross and violent death as part of the kidna...
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The Legionnaire: Origins, by SJ Parkinson
(Book One of the The Legionnaire Series)

At a remote French Foreign Legion fort in the middle of the Algerian desert, Sergent √Čtienne Martin drinks himself numb every night. A paratrooper, talented soldier, and respected Non-Commissioned Officer, the alcohol is his way of escaping the oppressive atmosphere of the camp. Under the iron hand of Colonel Rochon, no breach of the rules is tolerated and fear rules the base.

Anger, frustration, and desperation are the norm as Martin endures the last three years of his contract. Morale plummets, and desertions are frequent. Life inside the fort walls becomes an endless grind.

Martin discovers millions of Euros have been taken from the fort accounts for personal gain...
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Arak-An Angel's Story, by Morris Clark
Are you ready for this?

What could a Prince of Demons, a seven foot Black Mamba and a Nuclear Power Plant possibly have in common? Find out in this gripping, faith based thriller!

In a morally confused world, Amos Mikals has chosen to take his stand for God; and it is having an effect. Too much so for the taste of the "Master of Evil". Now, in defiance of age old dictates, Satan has ordered his elimination. And his method has the potential for much collateral damage. As the attack against this lone believer mounts, a vast number of unwary souls are being drawn toward an unscheduled appointment with a sudden and violent death.

Because of this violation, one of Heaven's mightiest warriors has been dispatched w...
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The Shadow on the Grassy Knoll, by Al Stevens
Are the conspiracy theorists right? Were there multiple assassins at Dealey Plaza on that fateful day in 1963?

The 1950s. A bright young boy is raised in a state welfare system and struggles with an internal rage that marks him as a sociopath. A team of CIA field agents work covert ops in Soviet-occupied East Berlin. Their specialty: assassinations.

The lives and destinies of these people converge when the boy grows up to become a CIA-trained agent, mentored by the old spies and freelancing as a rogue for the military-industrial complex.

As he prepares for his first assignment as a kill-for-hire mercenary, he copes with identity changes, a CIA sanction, blown covers, women who complicate his work, an...
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Fire Nectar, by F.M. Hopkins
In Preparation for the release of WILLIAM on Aug. 1st - Fire Nectar is on sale. NOW $0.99 - NORMAL $4.99.
Daniella Harcourt, Los Angeles Fashion Photographer, had a secret.
No one knew. Not her team. Not her friends. Not the man who stopped to help her on the side of a dark road at night.
She, like other few among us, is a vampire.
She cannot walk in daylight.
She cannot confide in those she cares about.
She cannot shake the secret that holds her hostage, lonely and longing to be loved....
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Bad Blood: Love Hurts, by Barbara Petty
The twins, Andrea and Andy. Special to each other from birth. Until that terrible day when they played the game with the gun. In one bright red moment Andy was gone forever. And Andrea's life was changed forever. Now her search for a new life has begun...as an actress in New York City. She meets a man who reminds her of Andy...but once again a tangle of lies and betrayals pushes her to the edge of madness and the fresh, frightening shedding of...BAD BLOOD....
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The Candidate's Daughter, by Catherine Lea
The plan is simple: kidnap the daughter of Senate candidate Richard McClaine, take the money and run. Nobody gets hurt, the kid goes home alive.

Twenty-two-year-old car thief Kelsey Money thinks it’s the worst idea Matt and his drug-fueled brother have ever come up with. But Matt’s the planner. He’s the one Kelsey has always depended on.

Then she discovers she only knew half the plan. By the time she finds out the rest, she’s been framed for murder, and six-year-old Holly McClaine won't be going home alive.

Across town, Elizabeth McClaine has no idea what her daughter was wearing when she disappeared. When Holly was born with Down syndrome and a cleft palate, Elizabeth placed her only child in the ...
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Beneath (The Trident Series), by Cheryl Gordon
Seventeen year old Morgan Lance must prepare to become the future ruler of Atlantis--a world she never thought existed--and is expected to sacrifice her heart to save the civilization that abandoned her as a child.

When Morgan wakes up in an Atlantean safe house alongside six other unsuspecting teens who share her fate, they must work together if they hope to make it to Atlantis alive - but their unity bares a steep price.

In this “Vampire Diaries meets Atlantis: The Lost Empire,” romantic fantasy, Morgan accidentally binds her soul to the only two boys she is forbidden to love and is pulled between the brothers when their love triangle is marked by the scar of a deadly prophecy....
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"Dance Little Monster, Dance!" (0-3 years)(4-8 years), by Kally Mayer

If your child enjoys stories from authors like Mem Fox, Cynthia Rylant or Dr. Suess your child will love this cute ballerina story by Kally Mayer!

This is a tale of an adorable little monster who is afraid to start a new ballet class.

Follow his journey as old and new friends encourage him to face his fears with some hurdles and giggles along the way!

Find out what happens at the big dance recital!

Rhyming story with full color, beautiful illustrations!

Children often feel unsure and nervous about trying new things!

Join the Little Monster on his journey to learn something new and teach your child how to have t...
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