Sunday, July 7, 2013

"Winter's Blood," by Zachery Richardson

Years after his wife's death, Michael McGavin has a strange encounter with a werewolf that leads to the truth behind the car accident that killed his wife - and forces him to make an unbearable decision on the path his life will follow.

Winter's Blood: A Werewolf Novella, by Zachery Richardson

"A really great little read for any fans of romance/fantasy/action. Very strong voice, great action and romance scenes." -- Amazon reviewer

When Michael McGavin thinks of snow and winter, he doesn't think of snowmen, snowball fights, or Christmas time. Instead he thinks of darkness, twisted steel, and shattered glass. He thinks of the car crash that nearly killed him, and of all the times he wished it had. He thinks of how much Abigail had loved the snow.On the sixth anniversary of both the crash and Abigail's death, Michael returns home to spend Christmas with his family. His one and only hope is that this year passes as quietly and uneventfully as the others.

And then a single gunshot changes everything

Now, with an eerily wolf-like bite mark on his shoulder, Michael learns the shocking truth behind his car crash. A truth that will force him to make an agonizing choice between two different lives and two kinds of love. Whatever his decision, Michael must make it soon; because he knows what that bite mark means, and he has less than two days before his first transformation...

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Meet the Author

Born in the beginning of August, Zachery is very much a summer baby, despite being born in Washington and raised in Oregon. There are numerous reasons why he started writing, but perhaps the biggest are his wildly overactive imagination, a deep love for all things fantastical and otherworldly, and a sixth grade teacher who finally let him use these tools to complete his homework assignments. The defining moment however, his official point-of-no-return, was a motivational speaker who came to his school in 8th grade to deliver this line of wisdom: "To be truly happy in life, find something you love doing, and then find someone who'll pay you to do it."

The rest, as they often say, is history.

Now, Zachery (or Zach, as he prefers) spends most of his time living in half a dozen worlds at once; with half his mind drifting pleasantly in and out of reality to visit whichever fantasy world strikes its fancy. The other half of his mind stays home in the real world, taking the stories his fantasy mind comes back with and turning them into books.

"It gets a little crazy at times," he says, "but fortunately for me, I like a little crazy."

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