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"A View to Die For," by Richard Houston

A View to Die For, by Richard Houston

"After losing his software engineering job, his wife and daughter, and his house, Jake and his pal Fred, a golden retriever, find themselves living in the small weekend cabin that he and his ex-wife own. Thankfully the rest of his family live in Truman, Mo., not too far, but not too close. The rest of the family consists of his parents, and his sister, Megan and her family, Mike her husband, and Kevin, her teenage son. 

Receiving phone calls at 2 a.m. can shatter anyone’s sleep, but when Jake gets the call it proves to be double trouble. Jake’s father has been admitted to the hospital with a collapsed lung, and oh by the way, Megan is in jail, under suspicion of murdering her husband. 

Jake sets his sights on getting out of Co., and returning to his family in Mo., to do what he can to help them out. He really finds almost more than he can handle when he gets there. Sick dad, dead brother-in-law, sister in jail, and soon she’s not alone in being locked up! 

 Join me in discovering Jake and the family, the goofy neighbors, the corrupt cops, and possible drug dealing youth in Truman. I really enjoyed this book, for some reason I had never been able to get my mind around the fact that I could enjoy a cozy written my a man, I was proved wrong on that count! I hope to discover more great cozies by the guys."

-- Cozy Mystery Book Review

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If you’re in the mood for a gripping mystery/ suspense book, then Richard Houston’s debut novel, “A View to Die For”, is the right choice for you. The author proves his talent by offering the readers an engaging plot, likeable characters and an intricate puzzle that will keep them on edge, because nothing is what it seems and discovering the real criminal is not an easy task.

Jacob Martin is an unemployed software engineer who lives with Fred, his beloved Golden Retriever, and dreams of becoming a novelist. When his mother calls to tell him that his sister, Megan, has been arrested for killing her fourth husband, Jake knows that he needs to take Fred and go to his sister’s rescue. For the local DA and sheriff everything is clear because Megan is known for collecting her husbands’ life insurance policies and the last one is worth a million dollars. Their mother insists Mike committed suicide, but this supposition might be very far from the truth. Jake is determined to take matters into his own hands and find the criminal before his family has even more to suffer. From illegal entry to computer hacking and surveillance camera sabotage, Jake is willing to do anything to prove Megan’s innocence.

“A View to Die For” is that kind of mystery novel that puts ordinary people in extraordinary situations, which makes you truly relate to the characters. My favorite was Jacob Martin, and not only because he is a dog person. Jake is witty, generous, loyal, he loves his family and is smarter than any detective. You can count on him to solve this case and clear his sister’s reputation. He makes a great team with Fred and is always concerned about the dog’s well-being, which is incredibly sweet. There’s no doubt you’ll love Jake from the very first pages.

Richard Houston knows how to build up suspense, so you will find this book impossible to put down. The good thing is that you’ll forget about everything for a couple of hours. The bad thing is that you’ll have to be patient until the author publishes the next novel in the Jacob Martin series. When you enjoy the first book so much, this never happens fast enough.

by Jo Anna A. - Farrell

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Meet the Author

Richard is working on his third career. His first was as a carpenter and roofer for twenty years while working his way through college. With a BS in Math he spent the next twenty-five years as a successful software engineer by working on the Space Shuttle at both Vandenberg AFB, and Johnson Space Center. He then went on to start Master Mind SofTools where he developed software for fortune 500 companies.

After taking early retirement in 2007, he moved to Warsaw, Missouri and built a home on the water with a view to die for. Richard now devotes his time to raising his great-grand daughter and writing. He is currently working on the second novel in the Jacob Martin series.

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