Friday, March 22, 2013

"Twenty-Five Years Ago Today," by Stacy Juba

"Intriguing." "Engrossing." Stacy Juba is one of those authors who finds success across many genres. This highly-praised cozy mystery, with a little romance, is available for 99 cents for a limited time. If you're a fan of exciting, intelligent mysteries, this one's for you.

Twenty-Five Years Ago Today, by Stacy Juba

This has to be one of my favorite mystery books that I've read this year...Book club groups will enjoy this book because there is so much that happens between its pages." -- Book-Club-Queen

"Ms. Juba takes control and leads her readers the direction she wants them to move in and you won't be able to figure out the ending until she is ready for you to. All in all, this is a wonderful book." -- Lynn Cunningham, Fresh Fiction

"A satisfying mystery with a layered plot. The characters are believable and memorable." -- Veronica Marie Beaumont, The Romance Reviews

On sale for a limited time! Should we dig for the truth when Pandora's Box is a coffin of buried secrets? For twenty-five years, Diana Ferguson's killer has gotten away with murder. When rookie obit writer and newsroom editorial assistant Kris Langley investigates the cold case of the artistic young cocktail waitress who was obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology, not only does she fall in love with Diana's sexy nephew, but she must also fight to stay off the obituary page herself. A unique blend of literary mystery, cozy mystery, and romantic suspense. Get in on the secret - join thousands of readers in discovering who killed Diana Ferguson.

Twenty-Five Years Ago Today is also available in Kindle format as part of the Young Ladies of Mystery Boxed Set.

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Meet the Author

Stacy Juba has written about reality TV contestants targeted by a killer, an obit writer investigating a cold case, teen psychics who control minds, twin high school hockey stars battling on the ice, and teddy bears learning to raise the U.S. flag: she pursues whatever story ideas won’t leave her alone.

Stacy’s titles include the adult mystery novels Sink or Swim and Twenty-Five Years Ago Today, the children’s picture books The Flag Keeper and the Teddy Bear Town Children’s Bundle (Three Complete Picture Books), and the young adult novels Face-Off and Dark Before Dawn.

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