Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"The Secret of Ji: Six Heirs," by Pierre Grimbert

This is a translated version of the first book in a much-loved French fantasy series. A best-selling read, available today for $4.99.

"This is very much a character-driven piece. Other fantasy sagas spend a great deal of time sketching in cosmologies or brooding over epic and mythic backstories or poking about in the nooks and crannies of the setting and fully detailing every forest, lake, hamlet, and dive bar. This one adroitly dishes out just enough information about the various realms and factions for the reader to get the background flavor, and for the most part deals with the interactions of the antagonists and with their approaches to life and their motivating philosophies (which in some cases, naturally enough, boil down to "I'd really like to not get killed"). it's an extremely promising kickoff to a series that evidently has at least another three or four volumes already available. Recommended." -- Amazon reviewer

The Secret of Ji: Six Heirs, by Pierre Grimbert

The Known World is a sprawling region ruled by mortals, protected by gods, and plied by magicians and warriors, merchants and beggars, royals and scoundrels. Here, those with the gift of the Erjak share a psychic bond with animals; a far-reaching fraternity unites criminals of every persuasion in a vast army of villainy; and upon the mighty river Alt, the dead will one day sail seeking vengeance on the enemies of their descendants.

But for all the Known World’s wonders, splendors, and terrors, what has endured most powerfully is the strange legacy of Ji. Emissaries from every nation—the grand Goranese Empire; desolate, frozen Arkary; cosmopolitan Lorelia; and beyond—followed an enigmatic summons into the unknown. Some never returned; others were never the same. Each successive generation has guarded the profound truth and held sacred the legendary event. But now, the very last of them—and the wisdom they possess—are threatened. The time has come to fight for ultimate enlightenment…or fall to infinite darkness.

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Meet the Author

A native of France and a lifelong fantasy enthusiast who numbers Jack Vance, Fritz Leiber, and Michael Moorcock among his heroes, Pierre Grimbert has been awarded the Prix Ozone, for best French language fantasy novel, and the Prix Julia Verlanger, for best science fiction novel in any language.

He is the author of thirteen much beloved novels of the Ji mythos, including the series the Secret of Ji, the Children of Ji, and the Guardians of Ji. He lives in northern France with his wife, also writer, and two sons.

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