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"Angel in the Shadows," by Lisa Grace

Today we're pleased to feature Book 1 of Lisa Grace's Angel Series, now optioned for film. Download this book for free today!

"Lisa Grace has written a compelling story that captures your imagination, and is certainly a relief from all of the vampire paranormal fiction that seems to be in your face everywhere. She paints an interesting scenario of angels and demons battling out in real time, with a high school girl as the focal point and a solid reinforcement of what is right and wrong. I would imagine this title would be compelling to the high school crowd in addition to adults.

I finished this book a week ago, and I am still thinking about various scenes from the book: that's impressive (to me) due to the volume of books I read each month, which tells me it must have been pretty good. I'm looking forward to reading the second book in the series, as the author leaves you with a good ending that makes you want to continue the story.

For parents, I would recommend this for your high school aged child, but think about it in advance as it does discuss premarital sex, pregnancy, etc. in high school. While 99.9999% of our high school kids are fully aware of the birds and the bees, parents should think about it before letting younger readers have a go at this one." 

-- Michael Gallagher, Amazon Hall of Fame Top 10 reviewer

Angel in the Shadows, Book 1 (The Angel Series), by Lisa Grace

The difference between vampires and angels? Angels are real.

Books 1 and 2 are in preproduction for a major movie through Motion Picture Pro Studios, which has been involved with five academy award winning movies.

Fifteen-year-old Megan Laughlin has a gift--or what seems like a curse at times. Megan sees angels and demons.

Megan knows her destiny is to protect her friends against dark angels who try to sway them into situations that can destroy their lives, their souls, and their eternity.

At school, she recognizes Judas, an ├╝ber popular boy, as an evil angel hell-bent on destroying her and everyone she loves. As Judas spreads horrible rumors and overdoses two of her classmates at a rave, Megan realizes the enormity of his power. While classmates die, Megan, with the help of an angel, Johnny, and a team of friends will face the fight of their lives as they battle Judas.

Megan thinks God hasn't given her any "special" powers, but discovers she has what she needs as she confronts Judas and his seemingly unconquerable power.

"Ms. Grace rocks the originality!"

"Lisa Grace creates a supernatural world, where the heroine is 100 percent human - a brilliant alternative to the vampire novels. If this is her first novel - I can't wait to see what else she has in store for readers. A page-turner from start to finish."  -Alexis Del Cid, CBS NEWS, KOIN-TV, Portland, Oregon

"Lisa Grace is a talented and exciting author. Suspense drips off each page. I look forward to her next work."
-Gretchen Hegelson, Book Reviewer, Phoenix, Arizona

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Get this KB Spotlight book!

Meet the Author

Lisa Grace's Angel Series "Angel in the Shadows Book 1", and "Angel in the Storm, Book 2" are in development for a major movie through Motion Picture Pro Studios, which has been involved in five Academy Award winning films including: "Fargo", "Shakespeare in Love", "Life is Beautiful", and "The Usual Suspects."

Lisa Grace lives on the waterfront along the West Coast of Florida with her husband and daughter.

"When the summers get too hot, we migrate to our cabin in the northern woods of Wisconsin along with our dwarf Netherland's albino bunny. We leave our manatee, dolphin, and a wild turkey (what kind of seagull is that?) at home in the Gulf. Somehow they manage to get along without us," Lisa says. "I also enjoy rescuing gopher tortoises (tip: hold them far out because they tend to pee when you pick them up) and setting them free in a nearby preserve. For the injured ones I know a vet who fiberglasses them back together again."
  • Angel in the Ice, Book 3, released April 27th, 2012.
  • A compilation of the first three books titled "Angel Series (Books 1, 2, & 3)" released May 31st, 2012.
  • "Angel in the Fire, Book 4" is in the writing stage with an estimated release date of December 2012.
  • "Angel in the Light, Book 5" will complete the current story arc for the Angel Series.
  • She has two new series in the developmental stage (Society of the D. E. A. D. and Feudal Land) and has released her adult historical thriller "The 15th Star."

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