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"Rex Rising," by Chrystalla Thoma

Wounded and fleeing for his life, Elei is chased by the dictatorship's agents as he pursues the mysterious clues left by his assassinated mother - and fights the mutant parasites threatening to overtake his body. This full-length Sci-Fi thriller has over 30 five-star reviews. Get it today while it's reduced to 99 cents!

Rex Rising (Elei's Chronicles), by Chrystalla Thoma

"This book is absolutely a "run, buy it, read it" recommendation. Trust me, Rex Rising is worth the time." These Pretty Words Book Reviews

"Rex Rising is crazy science fiction done right." Indie Books R Us

In a world where parasites create new human races, Elei leads a peaceful life -- until a mysterious attack on his boss sends him fleeing with a bullet in his side. Pursued for a secret he does not possess and with the fleet at his heels, he has but one thought: to stay alive. His pursuers aren't inclined to sit down and talk, although that's not the end of Elei's troubles. The two powerful parasites inhabiting his body, at a balance until now, choose this moment to bring him down, leaving Elei with no choice but to trust in people he hardly knows. It won't be long before he realizes he must find out this deadly secret - a secret that might change the fate of his world and everything he has ever known - or die trying.

Dystopian Science Fiction novel. 76 thousand words/approx. 300 pages

Winner of position #6 on the Preditors and Editors Readers Poll in the category of Fantasy and Science Fiction Novels published in 2011.

Warning: Some profanity and violence.

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Meet the Author

 Chrystalla is Greek Cypriot (hence the strange name) and likes writing about bratty, angsty boys and spunky girls in fantasy and science-fiction worlds. She writes mainly for a young adult public but not only (heed the warnings!).

She's currently preparing a non-fiction book about dragons, because the truth must out, and is juggling two series ("Elei's Chronicles" and "Boreal and John Grey").

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