Monday, March 18, 2013

Contemporary Romances and Women's Fiction... and announcing Debora Geary's latest!

Readers, we want to alert you to an exciting sale on romances and women's fiction. Details are below, but first: the big news of the day is that Debora Geary's newest addition to her popular Modern Witch series is out! (If you're not familiar with this wickedly fun series, you can get the first book in the series for 99 cents today.) The new book is A Celtic Witch, and is available today for $3.99. Woo-hoo!

Now, for more great reads at sale prices, we have a Mel Comley romance box set and a Jennifer Blake romance box set - each on sale for 99 cents. That $3 and $4 off the regular prices, respectively.

Alson on sale is Sophie Nicholls' The Dress (99 cents), Lindy Corbin's Niko's Stolen Bride, Jennifer Blake's Snowbound Heart (a 'sweet' - i.e. no overt sex - contemporary romance), and The Tuscan's Revenge Wedding (free today, this book went to #1 on Amazon last fall).

And, as mentioned above, "A Modern Witch" is yours today for just 99 cents.

P.S. Are you an audiobook listener? Audible is running specials on some of Jennifer Blake's romances, including Snowbound Heart. The ebook is on sale for 99 cents, and you can get the audio-synced version for just $1.99 (it's normally $17.95). You can start reading the book on Kindle, then switch to the audiobook right where you left off reading it... and vice versa.

Sale on Contemporary Romance and Women's Fiction
A Celtic Witch (A Modern Witch Series: Book 6), by Debora GearyA Note from Debora: Some series can be read out of order - this isn't one of them :). For those of you who haven't discovered my witches yet, I invite you to start with book one, A Modern Witch. To help you get started, it's on sale for $0.99 March 17-19 only!

A Modern Witch (A Modern Witch Series: Book 1), by Debora Geary
#1 Kindle bestseller and top 50 rated in all Kindle fiction.  Light contemporary fantasy with a good dose of humor, a little romance, and characters you won't want to leave. 
Can you live 28 years without discovering you're a witch?

Lauren is downtown Chicago's youngest elite realtor. She's also a witch. She must be - the fetching spell for Witches' Chat isn't supposed to make mistakes. So says the woman who coded the spell, at least.

The tall, dark, and handsome guy sent to assess her is a witch too (and no, that doesn't end the way you might think). What he finds in Lauren will...
Contemporary Collection - Part 1 (Contemporary Romance Boxed Sets), by Jennifer Blake
New York Times bestselling and multi-award-winning historical romance author Jennifer Blake brings her sensuous story-telling skills into the present with 5 contemporary romantic suspense novels that the reviewers have called enthralling, sizzling, lush and mesmerizing.


Whispers, lurid gossip, rampant suspicion -- Camilla and Reid give their small town neighbors something to talk about....

Joletta Caressa must recover the formula for a legendary perfume or lose the perfume shop handed down through the women of her family. Following clues embedded in the diary of the ancestress who acquired the fabulous scent in Europe, Joletta relives the haunting love affair contained in its pages.
Royal Passion (The Royal Princes of Ruthenia), by Jennifer BlakeSequel to to the international bestseller, ROYAL SEDUCTION...

Mara has no idea how to seduce a royal prince, or what he will do when she betrays him...

During a grand tour of Europe, Mara's grandmother falls prey to a gamester. When she can't settle her losses, the enigmatic gentleman makes a chilling demand: Mara must seduce the brilliant and dangerous prince of Ruthenia or her grandmother will suffer.

Dread stalks Mara as the desire she pretends turns to fiery reality. Which of the two people she loves must she sacrifice when the time comes -- her grandmother or the prince?
A Time For Romance, by Mel ComleyThis set contains two best-selling romances at a reduced price of $0.99 instead of $3.99.

A Time For Change
Based on a TRUE story.

Danielle Pires's life is going well. She has a boyfriend who wants to marry her and is building a reputation as a talented and hard-working interior designer. Danielle is delighted by a request to breathe life back into the Victorian Mansion that handsome Scott Jordache is renovating.

Her parents, meanwhile, have organised a surprise Caribbean cruise to give her a much-needed break. Danielle sets sail only to discover Scott aboard the same ship, but mysteriously travelling under a pseudonym. Intrigued, she feels torn between mistrust and being drawn in by his charm.

Should she let herself fall for Scott or return to the security of the man she left at home?

A Time To Heal.

Family Liaison Officer, Chloe Fullerton is helping hero pilot, Captain Steve Ewing, recuperate from injury after he landed his stricken plane, avoiding a major disaster.
Chloe's sworn off love ever since she lost the love of her life. But the spark between her and Steve makes her feel she may yet love again. There's turbulence ahead though--Steve's ex-wife is determined to wreck his and Chloe's blossoming relationship.

Snowbound Heart (Sweetly Contemporary Collection), by Jennifer BlakeStranded after an accident during a blizzard, Clare Thornton takes shelter at the mountain home of movie star Logan Longcross. She's far from welcome as the reclusive actor is convinced she's another adoring fan invading his privacy. Both Clare and Logan are determined she will leave as soon as the roads are clear.

That is, until producer Marvin Hobbs shows up right behind the snow plow, convinced he'll find his wife, Janine, in Logan's arms.

When Janine appears on cue, Clare is suddenly cast in the part of Logan's fiancée. Clare and Logan must give flawless performances, or the movie deal Logan and Marvin are negotiating will fall apart. Logan is a superb actor, leaving Clare breathless. But it was never in the script for her to fall in love...
The Tuscan's Revenge Wedding (Italian Billionaires Collection), by Jennifer BlakeRevenge can indeed be sweet...

When her brother's car plunges off a cliff with him and his fiancée in it, Amanda Davies gets the news personally from the fiancée's brother. The devastatingly handsome Italian businessman appears in Atlanta and whisks Amanda off to Italy to be with the hospitalized couple. But could his motive be more?

Nicholas de Frenza never approved of his sister's choice in husband to begin with, and now that Carita is in a coma due to her fiancé's reckless driving, it seems the perfect time to resurrect an ancient Italian custom of revenge: the seduction calls for a similar seduction in return, a sister for a sister. But Nico is too civilized for such vengeance -- or is he?

Even as Amanda falls for the Tuscan's charms, she knows his code and his family would never approve of her as more than a simple dalliance. But then the secret about the car wreck comes out -- and that's when everything changes...
The Dress (Everyday Magic Trilogy: Book 1), by Sophie Nicholls
The Amazon Kindle UK Top 5 Bestseller

Sumptuous vintage fashions, a very modern love story and a sprinkling of 'everyday magic.' The owner of York's new vintage dress shop is not quite what she seems...

Meet Ella and her mother Fabbia Moreno who arrive in York one cold January day, to set up their vintage dress shop.

The flamboyant Fabbia wants to sell beautiful dresses to nice people and move on from her difficult past. Ella just wants to fit in. But not everyone is on their side.

Will Fabbia overcome the prejudices she encounters? What's the dark secret she's hiding? And do the silk linings and concealed seams of her dresses contain real spells or is this all just 'everyday magic'?

Among the leopard-print shoes, tea-gowns and costume jewellery in Fabbia's shop are many different stories - and the story of one particular dress.

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