Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Made of Stone," by Charlie Williams

Nightclub doorman Royston Blakey pilfers a hearse, only to find that the body in the back is a vampire. He and his ne'er-do-well buddy Jock set out to free the world of the dangerous creatures. Enjoy this hard-boiled mystery romp, told in the unforgettable voice of Royston himself.

Made of Stone (The Mangel Series), by Charlie Williams

"This book is pitch-perfect. More laugh-out-loud parts than a book has a right to have. Jock is a perfect mate for Blakey and their adventures belong in the same breath as when you discuss Huck and Finn. Blakey sets his mind to make the world a safe place for you, me and Little Royston (if he could only locate the little bugger) and he won't let anything stop him. He is a determined do-gooder who tromps through swamps, gulleys and any other obstacle that come his way. He channels Rambo, Rocky, Sean Connery, golems and moles to complete his mission." -- Amazon reviewer

There’s bad stuff out there. Folks reckon things like vampires don't exist, but they does—Jock from the burger van told me. Plus I found an actual one of ’em, sleeping at the time in the back of a hearse I nicked that first morning. That's how me and Jock got to setting out freeing the world of ’em, using his bag o’ wooden stakes and special bottles of whisky. Course, I knowed that vampires didn’t exist, not when I stopped and done some thinking. And I knowed Jock had mental wossnames, what with his son falling off that roof and him reckoning them immigrants pushed him. It’s just that I didn't get much time for thinking, not with the coppers on our arse. Jock were off... and me with him.

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Meet the Author

Born in Worcester (UK) in 1971, Charlie Williams has written six books that have been published in five languages. Most belong in the crime category but there is often overlap with horror, sf and just plain weird, and no real game-plan to fit into any genre at all.

The first three - DEADFOLK, BOOZE AND BURN and KING OF THE ROAD - are a trilogy set in Mangel, the provincial town from hell, narrated by nightclub doorman Royston Blake. Each was written so it could be read independently of the others or in any order.

STAIRWAY TO HELL is about a pub singer who finds out his body hosts the transmigrated soul of David Bowie, courtesy of some 70s voodoo by Jimmy Page. Although fiction, the story was based around true events. Go to and check the Stairway to Hell page for more on that.

2011 sees GRAVEN IMAGE (a novella about a brothel bouncer with a debt to pay) and ONE DEAD HEN (a fourth Mangel book, making it a tetralogy... but trilogy sounds better).

All of the books have received great reviews, some of which you can read here on Amazon. But steer clear if you hate swearing or love political correctness.

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