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Fantasy Friday! Bargain Kindle books (Friday Mar 22)

Here is today's selection of bargain Kindle books!

A Gathering of Angels - The Claire Wiche Chronicles Book 2, by Cate Dean. (Still $1.99?)

Book 2 of the Claire Wiche Chronicles is just $1.99 today - and the first book in the series is free!

"Cate Dean's writing is flawless and there are no hiccups in the story. You go along with broken Claire and then step aside as she discovers she has a bit more strength to fight, again. Because I read Book 2 first, I did have a few questions which were answered when I finished Book 1. But on the off chance that you only want to read one book, it works too. Would I recommend this read? Oh so definitely. Just for her writing style alone." -- Amazon reviewer

*This is Book 2 of the series. Book 1, Rest For The Wicked, is now free! Book 3, Carry On Wayward Son, is also available.

Get the first three books of The Claire Wiche Chronicles in one set! The boxed set is now available at Amazon.

Claire Wiche sacrificed everything to keep her friends safe, revealing her true self. She expected the final battle to be the end for her. But she is back, breathing - and threatened by an enemy she doesn't have the means to fight.

An enemy bent on vengeance and possession, whatever the cost.

Trapped, alone, Claire has to find the strength to stand against what she knows she can't defeat. And the courage to face the people she thought she left behind.

*Includes a short preview of Carry On Wayward Son (formerly Back in Black), Book 3 of The Claire Wiche Chronicles, now available on Amazon.

137 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 9 reviews.

Remembered (The Vistira Trilogy: Book 1), by E. D. Brady. (Still $1.99?)

In the midst of uncovering her forgotten past, Emily encounters the love of her life. This highly-rated first book in the Vistira trilogy is praised for its romance, drama, and action. $1.99

" I couldn't help falling in love with the characters and was quickly drawn into their worlds, both of them! E.D. Brady has way of writing romance that highlights the depth of the main character's love without making it sappy and annoying. "Remembered" is a wonderful story and I am happy it is a trilogy," -- Amazon reviewer


When Emily seeks professional help to deal with haunting dreams of a handsome stranger, she is thrown into horrifying memories of being kidnapped and almost murdered.

She embarks on an astonishing journey where she uncovers her true identity and is reunited with the only man she will ever love. But the evil that tore them apart still lurks, threatening to destroy their love and more than likely end their lives.

308 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 24 reviews.

The Storm Dragon's Heart (Storm Phase Book 1), by David Alastair Hayden. (Still $2.99?)

This YA fantasy is the highly-rated first book in the Storm Phase series. $2.99 today.

"A very fun tale! The Storm Dragon's Heart tells the story of Turesobei, a young man who is being forced into a life he isn't sure about. With his family and his level of talent he is destined to be the next high wizard for his clan, but the constant studying of the magic as well as all of his other obligations are making him question his fate. The story is a pretty good one, especially for young adults, with a lot of action and some very good characters. Sobei could be a spoiled whiny brat from living his life of privilege, but that is not the case at all. He is a good person at heart and is quick to treat others as his equal even the people that other clans use practically as slaves. The part that really appealed to me was how he interacts with the ninja assassin. This is a solid fantasy offering for the YA to adult crowd. Sobei has some very interesting developments occur within his life and I for one and very curious to see what else is in store for him in the future." -- Amazon reviewer

A teenage wizard burdened with a mysterious destiny, a cat-girl ninja he can't help but fall for, and a bat-winged daemon that doubles as a diary embark on a journey of self-discovery in a world teeming with monsters and magic. Perfect for fans of Percy Jackson and Avatar: the Last Airbender, this enchanting Asian-inspired fantasy series delivers fast-paced adventure for readers young and old.

Turesobei dreams of adventure and a chance to prove he's no longer a child. Wizards should be careful what they wish for.
Destined to become his clan's next and perhaps greatest ever high wizard, Turesobei feels smothered under everyone's expectations. And he's fed up with people treating him like he's still a child, especially his grandfather, the current high wizard. After foiling an assassination attempt on his treasure-hunting dad, his grandfather sends Turesobei on his father's expedition to find a powerful artifact known as the Storm Dragon's Heart. He's supposed to blow off some steam and get a dose of real world experience.
But disaster strikes, and their quest becomes a race for survival.
Aided by a sassy ninja cat-girl and a mysterious diary that transforms into a bat-winged familiar, Turesobei battles sinister cultists, vengeful spirits, and a mad wizard from a rival clan who's determined to use the artifact to destroy Turesobei's homeland.

To fail is to lose everyone he loves, but success carries a terrible price.

238 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 12 reviews.

Enflamed (The Pyromancer Trilogy - Book #2), by R.M. Prioleau. (Still $3.99?)

Another popular work of fantasy from the pen of R.M Prioleau, author of the Pyromancer Trilogy. $3.99.

"Kaijin is back and powers are at full strength. New characters show us different sides of him that were not seen in the first book and we finally learn more about Ignis and the magical world that was briefly mentioned. On a journey to deliver a powerful deity object, he meets other mages and powerful creatures that prove their worth, all the while contending with the voice inside his head that wants nothing more than cause destruction and deal with the Legion soldiers trying to wipe out his allies. In an action packed sequel, the ending gets easier to see, but well worth sticking with until the last page." -- Amazon reviewer

Kaijin Sora is a young man with a troubled past. A few months after disaster befalls his home, Kaijin sets out on a journey to learn about himself and his purpose.

As Kaijin is guided closer to his destiny, he discovers new secrets and makes some unlikely friends, while unaware that he already had the most powerful ally in his possession.

When trouble finds his friends and allies, Kaijin's fiery passion ignites within him. But even the brightest flame cannot illuminate the true nature of his darkness...

"Enflamed" is an engaging epic fantasy adventure with memorable characters.

Book 2 of "The Pyromancer Trilogy"

353 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 4 reviews.

Release, by V. J. Chambers. (Still $3.99?)

Galactic traveller Keirth do whatever he can to keep Ariana safe from her dangerous fiance - no matter how annoying she is. A fantasy space opera, $3.99 today.

"Warning- if you are expecting a sweet space romance, you will not find it here. Chamber's delivers a very dark, twisted plot along side a smoldering romance. The characters are real, capturing you and holding you until the very end. The political intrigue only adds to the plot, giving the reader a glimpse at 'real life' as it could apply in today's world or the author's fictional world - the opinions of others makes or breaks your status. I enjoyed that the main characters stayed true to their values and were not swayed by this political pull. Well written and a good read." -- Amazon reviewer

After seven years searching the galaxy, Keirth Transman has caught up to the Duke of Risciter, the man who raped and murdered his mother. Nothing's stopping his revenge, so when the duke's fiancĂ©, Miss Ariana Gilit, allows the duke to escape, he's got no choice but take her ship and blast off in hot pursuit—even if she's still on board.

Wanting rid of the prissy noblewoman, Keirth plans to dump her at the first port he can. Then he can focus his attention on what’s important. Killing the duke. But things get complicated when Keith realizes that the duke has focused his malevolent interest on Ariana. She is in mortal danger.

Keirth’s no angel, but he's not a man who'll let an innocent woman be terrorized. He'll do whatever he can to keep Ariana safe from the duke. No matter how annoying she is.

249 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 5 reviews.

Treespeaker, by Katie W. Stewart. (Still $3.99?)

A "different, subtle" work of fantasy - $3.99 today!

"Treespeaker is an intricately woven book that reads like an old oral history. It flows beautifully; with the story so deeply rooted in nature, the writing seemed to take on a life of its own and bloom in its own right." -- Sift Book Reviews

A Treespeaker is one with his forest, moving with its spirit, inseparably bound to it.

Terrifying visions warn Jakan that a visitor to his tribe is not who he claims to be. As the villagers fall under the spell of the stranger’s mind-bending sorcery, Jakan grows desperate to be rid of him. Events take a sinister turn when he accuses the stranger of sacrilege — and it is Jakan, not the outsider, who is expelled from the forest.

Join Jakan on his perilous journey across a blighted land as he searches for the secret that will save his people — and himself.

256 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 15 reviews.

Memory's Wake, by Selina Fenech. (Still $4.99?)

Lost in a world full of monstrous fairies, a troubled sixteen year old has to find out who she is and why her memories were stolen before she is found by those who want her dead. $4.99 and over 25 five-star reviews.

"This story was riveting, well written, with beautiful illustrations. Ms. Fenech is very talented and I plan on reading more of her work." -- Amazon reviewer

Lost in a world of magic and monstrous fairies, a troubled sixteen-year-old with no memories must discover who she is, before she is discovered by those who want her dead.

Memory's Wake contains 44 black and white illustrations by the author and artist. Approx. 80,000 words or 320 pages in paperback.

328 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 39 reviews.

A Storm in Tormay: The Complete Tormay Trilogy, by Christopher Bunn. (Still $4.99?)

Over 700 pages of epic fantasy, this box set is the complete Tormay Trilogy by Christopher Bunn. $4.99.

" I read this series as individual books and absolutely loved them. Mr. Bunn's world is engaging, his characters are cleverly written, and more than once, I found myself unable to put the books down before sleep overwhelmed me. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an outstanding writing style (including grammar), well-written characters, and an expansive world. This trilogy left me wanting to experience more in the world of Tormay." -- Amazon reviewer

The Epic Adventure Begins... In the land of Tormay, a young thief named Jute robs the house of a wizard one night. Soon, he finds himself running for his life as he seeks to understand what he stole and why so many people suddenly want him dead.

Ancient secrets and curses come alive around Jute as he journeys to freedom in the north, accompanied by a talking hawk, a guilt-ridden assassin, and a forgetful ghost. But, as they seek to save themselves, the little company realizes that much more is at stake than their own lives.

A storm has come to Tormay, and, in the shadows of the night, the Dark walks. It will do anything to destroy the land. It cares nothing for the armies and might of men. Only one thing stands between the Dark and its wicked dreams: a thief named Jute.

A Storm in Tormay is the complete collection of The Tormay Trilogy. It contains The Hawk and His Boy, The Shadow at the Gate, and The Wicked Day. The story is about 390,000 words long, which equates to over 1,000 pages.

748 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 16 reviews.

Never Smile at Strangers (Grand Trespass Series, #1), by Jennifer Minar-Jaynes. (Still $0.99?)

WHEN TEENAGE GIRLS VANISH in what was once considered a safe Louisiana bayou town, the lives of four desperate young locals take unexpected turns, begging the question: Do you ever truly know those closest to you?

This one's not a fantasy, but we wanted to bring the one-day sale for this suspenseful thriller to your attention. 99 cents, and over 250 five-star reviews.

"Jennifer Minar-Jaynes' debut novel Never Smile at Strangers is a gritty, atmospheric Southern thriller that keeps the heat and the tension cranked high right to the end. Small town secrets, fully-realized characters, and a truly twisted killer keep you turning the pages. Minar-Jaynes has an unerring instinct for the perfect detail that draws you in and won't turn you loose." -- J.D. Rhoades, Shamus nominee & author of The Devil’s Right Hand

“Never Smile at Strangers is an irresistible debut packed with surprises. Her set-up is riveting, the plot loaded with twists and turns that leads into an effective and logical conclusion. Add this to prose that is fresh, interesting, and innovative, and you have one of the best debut novels that's sure to please readers for years to come.” -- Michael Laimo, author of Dead Souls


- Mystery, Thriller and Suspense

Please note that "Ugly Young Thing," the second book in the GRAND TRESPASS SERIES will be released on April 2013. If you would like to be notified once it launches, please go to and hit "Like" or email Jennifer at

WHEN TEENAGE GIRLS VANISH in what was once considered a safe Louisiana bayou town, the lives of four desperate young locals take unexpected turns, begging the question: Do you ever truly know those closest to you'

When nineteen-year-old Tiffany Perron vanishes from rural Grand Trespass, Louisiana, best friend HALEY LANDRY's relationship with her boyfriend becomes increasingly strained. To make matters worse, her impressionable younger sister BECKY has begun idolizing an impetuous, seductive 15-year- old who's encouraging her to do dangerous things.

Meanwhile, ERICA DUVALL, a reclusive 19-year-old aspiring writer, befriends Haley. Ten years earlier, Erica’s mother abandoned her, leaving her with the womanizing used car salesman father she loathes. She’s decided to write a novel based on Tiffany’s disappearance; a novel that she hopes will lead to a reunion with her estranged novelist mother.

RACHEL ANDERSON, a 36-year-old mother of two, is having trouble coming to terms with her husband's affair with the missing girl—a relationship that supposedly ended shortly before Tiffany’s disappearance. What’s more, she comes to the realization that someone is watching her family through the large back windows of her house.

A DISTURBED MAN also lives in the area. Ever since his mother’s murder four years earlier, he’s been raising his insolent teenage sister, ALLIE, who sleeps with truck drivers for money. He considers women to be dangerous—and his world revolves around his fear and hatred for them. He’s terrified of his sister, knowing she’s intent on pushing him over the edge.


“Solid, effective throughout. Dark emotions ranging from grief and loneliness to insanity are vividly brought to life with entirely believable insight… immediately sucks us in, sustains the suspense and keepers the reader involved. . .”

— Reader from Atchity Entertainment International

“Combines the best elements of mystery and suspense—intriguing characters, compulsive plotting, first-rate storytelling. A terrifically impressive debut.”

—David Angsten, author of Dark Gold and Night of the Furies

"Jennifer Minar-Jaynes is a welcome addition to the family of thriller writers."

—Robert S. Levinson, bestselling author of Where the Lies Begin, Ask A Dead Man, Hot Paint

- Mystery, Thriller and Suspense
- Mystery and Thrillers
- Suspense Thrillers and Mysteries
- Thrillers
- Suspense
- Serial Killer Fiction
- Louisiana Mysteries

332 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 442 reviews.

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