Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Listen to Your Heart," by Margaret Lake

The prolific Margaret Lake spins a tale of a World War I widow, swept into a triangle of feelings towards her church's pastor and a powerful, wealthy disabled man. Save $3 today and get this historical romance for 99 cents.

I enjoyed this book. It's an easy-going read. Liked the characters. I think it's supposed to be based back in the 20's - 40' know the era is of days-gone-by, but I couldn't really identify the time frame. Some of the story line is kind of week, but I was able to get past it because I always wanted to know what happened next. The entire story reflects a simpler time, although the plot is about the main character (a young, widowed mother) is torn between two very different men - a modest pastor and a rich cripple (who is also a morphine addict...but she doesn't know that). Cute story. -- Amazon reviewer

Listen To Your Heart, by Margaret Lake

When Lena Manning finds herself widowed after World War I, she must build a new life for herself and her infant daughter. With the help of her church, she finds stability and contentment until the arrival of a new pastor turns her quiet life upside down.

Turned out of her job at the church, Lena is offered employment and a home with a wealthy family. When the son of the house pursues her, she is drawn into the seductive world of wealth and power. Can she survive the secrets of that world, or will fear drive her back to her church where she can no longer be sure of her welcome?

Print length: 190 pages

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Meet the Author

Margaret Lake was born in New Jersey, but moved to Florida in her early teens and has lived there ever since.

Reading has been her favorite activity since she was ten years old. Even after purchasing a Kindle, she still has seven large bookcases filled with paper books.Her other passion is history, especially English History, dating from when she first read "Catherine" by Anya Seton.

When the inspiration came to write her first novel, Ariana's Pride, she naturally gravitated to the Wars of the Roses because of that book.Her favorite author is Susan Howatch, her favorite book is "Outlander" and her favorite series is Harry Potter. She leads a Harry Potter book club at the elementary school and helps with the chess club.Margaret recently rescued a nine-year old Jack Russell Terrier named Angelo.

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