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"Runaway Town," by Jay Stringer

Detective Eoin Miller takes on a case, trap a rapist targeting immigrant girls - but his client is looking for full-out vengeance, not mere justice. A top-rate thriller for $4.99.

Runaway Town, by Jay Stringer

"Jay Stringer's take on the Midlands region of the UK is fantastic and his treatment of characters -- those who have professional or familial relationships with the protagonist -- could be used as textbook chapters on how to write. This one is one of the rare books I've run across in the past few years that carries as much weight for writers as it does for readers -- and that's saying something. Because RUNAWAY TOWN is a remarkable story about characters you'll carry with you forever. This Eoin Miller series is one of those that ups the stakes with each outing. Each book seems both larger and more personal than the last. Just amazing, honestly. Fantastic feel of place and on-target characters wrapped up in a fast-paced adventure with depth." -- Amazon reviewer

After narrowly surviving a vicious knife attack, gangland detective Eoin Miller thinks he’s earned a break from hunting down thieves, runaways, and stolen drug money. But when crime boss Veronica Gaines tips him off to a particularly sensitive new case, his Romani blood won’t let him say no. A rapist is targeting immigrant girls, and the half-gypsy Eoin knows all too well just how little help an outsider can expect from the local police. Besides, his client isn’t looking for someone to arrest the bastard. He’s looking for someone to stop him—for good.
But the deeper Eoin digs, the more tangled he becomes in a web of corruption, racism, and revenge…especially once his troubled past threatens to derail the investigation by raising questions about his own loyalty and family ties. With his life teetering on the brink of disaster, Eoin realizes there is a fine line between justice and punishment. Now it’s up to him to decide just which side he’s on.

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Meet the Author

Jay Stringer was born in Walsall, West Midlands, in 1980. He would like everyone to know he's not dead yet. He's worked as a zoo keeper, a bookseller, a video editor and a call centre lackey.

His work is a mixture of crime, mystery and social fiction, and Jay coined the term "social pulp" to describe the mix. He likes to write about the difference between the 'haves' and the 'have nots,' and to show that violence and crime are sharp and brutal acts that are done for a reason, and by those who have reason to do them.

His first novel,Old Gold, is due from Thomas & Mercer in July 2012, and he blogs every thursday at DoSomeDamage.Com. You can also catch him at Twitter under his own name.

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