Saturday, March 16, 2013

"The Girl from Yesterday," by David L. Dawson

Just 99 cents today for this paranormal fantasy, that riffs in an original way on the legend of Sleeping Beauty.

"There were so many unique aspects of this book! The red net that cast a bloody hue over the city to protect the vampires from the UV rays was the coolest part of the book for me. I could image it clearly, and it explained how the vamps could be out during the day in a realistic way. I also liked the idea of the vampires hating technological advances. My favorite character, by far, was Catherine. She never did anything I expected! The Girl from Yesterday has great writing, with an ending you won't see coming!" -- Amazon reviewer

The Girl From Yesterday - The Blood Dynasty Chronicles Part 1, by David L Dawson

Romance, intrigue and adventure collide in "The Blood Dynasty Chronicles", a new serial for young adults based on the legend of Sleeping Beauty, only with added vampires and dystopian futures!

Ashlyn wakes up a thousand years in the future to a world run by vampires. She is sold into slavery and ends up falling for her master's son, the handsome Jensen, and becomes embroiled in the plans of Union Jack, a revolutionary who wants all vampires dead...

The first volume of "The Blood Dynasty Chronicles" lasts for six parts.

For a limited time only the first part of "Snow White and Trip" is free (after reading part one of "The Blood Dynasty Chronicles" just continue reading) when you buy "The Girl From Yesterday." So that's two books for the price of one!

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