Thursday, June 20, 2013

"A Dark Mind," by T. R. Ragan

Just released! This latest in the popular Lizzy Gardner mystery series will add thrills to your weekend reading.

A Dark Mind (The Lizzy Gardner Series #3), by T. R. Ragan

"Wow! This book is seriously scary. Lizzy Gardner is a private investigator who lives with an FBI agent. Her current cases are investigating routine worker's compensation cases. One of her clients, a couple Michael and Jennifer Dalton came in asking Lizzy in investigate a worker comp case and shortly thereafter Jennifer is found murdered in a bizarre and horrendous way. Her husband Michael is blamed but Lizzy cannot believe it since the last time she saw them together they were very affectionate and readying to celebrate an anniversary. Someone is kidnapping loving couples and murdering them. This killer is worse than Hannibal Lector. This book is bone chilling and impossible to put down. If it was not scary enough each chapter starts with a quote from an infamous serial killer. Well written and moves at a very quick pace. I will be buying more books from this author." -- Amazon reviewer

A serial killer is terrorizing Sacramento, preying on happily married couples and unleashing unspeakable cruelties upon his victims. The ordeal rekindles disturbing memories for private investigator Lizzy Gardner, who barely escaped a serial killer’s clutches only years ago. But while most Sacramento residents are hiding in the shadows, paralyzed by fear, Lizzy is compelled to go after the Lovebird Killer.
So it’s no surprise that, when a routine workers’ compensation case suddenly leads her and her two young assistants onto the killer’s trail, she welcomes the chase, determined to bring him to justice before he can claim another victim. She never imagines he could be two steps ahead, watching her every move and plotting his bloodiest, most triumphant conquest of all.

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Meet the Author

T. R. Ragan grew up in a family of five girls in Lafayette, California. An avid traveler, her wanderings have carried her to Ireland, the Netherlands, China, Thailand, and Nepal, where she narrowly survived being chased by a killer elephant. Before devoting herself to writing fiction, she worked as a legal secretary for a large corporation. She is the author of Abducted and Dead Weight, the first books in the Lizzy Gardner series. Writing under the name Theresa Ragan, she is also the author of Return of the Rose, A Knight in Central Park, Taming Mad Max, Finding Kate Huntley, and Having My Baby. She and her family live in Sacramento.

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