Thursday, June 6, 2013

"The Silver Falcon," by Katia Fox

This historical saga, set in medieval England, sweeps through fascinating family characters and provides wonderful depictions of swordsmithing, falconry, and other ancient skills.

The Silver Falcon, by Katia Fox

"Fantastic sequel! Her characters are well developed, you grow to like them or hate them depending on their personality, immediately. You find it easy to care about them and to cheer at their triumphs and weep along with them in their despair. This book also appears to have been well researched. If you love historical fiction, then give The Silver Falcon a try. I doubt you will be disappointed. This is not simply a historical romance. This story is so much more. This book has substance, purpose and a firm direction. I look forward to more offerings from Katia Fox." -- Amazon reviewer

Eleven-year-old William yearns for the life of a falconer—training the magnificent birds of prey for the favored sport of medieval England’s nobility. But in the boy’s clubfoot his mother sees a sign from the gods: like the legendary Hephaestus of ancient mythology, William is bound to wield a blacksmith’s hammer. So his future lies in the smoky foundries of a swordmaker rather than the rolling fields of a falcon master.

Then fate plays its hand: William rescues the wounded bird of King Henry himself, gains favor with the grateful monarch, and at last sees his deepest desire within reach. But with his new life as apprentice falconer at a nobleman’s castle begins a tumultuous coming-of-age. The years to come will bring triumph and tragedy, friendship and treachery, truest love and most brutal loss. Yet through it all, he will never stop battling—for justice, joy, and the chance to soar skyward in spirit beside his beloved falcons.

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Katia Fox was born 1964 and grew up in southern France and around Frankfurt, and she still lives in both places. She studied romance languages, worked as a real estate broker, and is the mother of three children. She is a passionate student of the middle ages, and her well-researched, deeply evocative trilogy of historical novels - "The Copper Sign," "The Silver Falcon," and "The Golden Throne" - is the fruit of that labor.

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