Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"The Fort," by Aric Davis

Three young boys spot the man who's abducted a girl from their neighborhood. This well-reviewed thriller is also a 1980s coming-of-age story.

The Fort, by Aric Davis

Davis’ growing rep as a brawny, flinty mystery writer won’t be dampened by this straightforward but impressively dogged tale of abduction and lies. Three 12-year-old boys—Tim, Scott, and Luke—are watching the summer of 1987 die from their treehouse fort when they see something incredible: a missing teen girl being pushed through the forest at gunpoint. Grabbing the rifle that Scott lifted from his stepdad, Luke shoots the gunman in the leg. They run for the cops but are discounted as liars. Davis spreads the point of view across the boys, the detective on the case, and the kidnapper himself—a rattled Vietnam vet killing girls in search of a replacement for his long-lost sister. To clear their names, the boys determine to solve the mystery for themselves, and their brave investigation plugs into dark Bradburian nostalgia, complete with sneaking out of bedroom windows, secret codes, and the kind of blood-brother friendship that only exists before the capricious twists of manhood. Few surprises await here, but that’s okay—Davis makes the hard, fast journey a destination in itself. -- Booklist

During the waning summer days of 1987, a deranged Vietnam vet stalks Grand Rapids, Michigan, abducting and murdering nameless victims from the streets, leaving no leads for police. That is, until he picks up sixteen-year-old Molly. From their treehouse fort in the woods, three neightborhood boys spy the killer holding a gun to Molly’s back, they go to the police—only to have their story disregarded. But the boys know evil lives in their midst. A growing sense of honor and urgency forces the boys to take action—to find Molly, to protect themselves, to stand guard for the last long days of summer.
At turns heartbreaking and breathtakingly thrilling, The Fort perfectly renders a coming-of-age story in the 1980s, in those final days of childhood independence, discovery, and paradise lost.

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Meet the Author

Aric Davis is married with one daughter and lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he worked for sixteen years as a body piercer, he now writes full time. A punk rock aficionado, Davis does anything he can to increase awareness of a good band. He likes weather cold enough to need a sweatshirt but not a coat, and friends who wear their hearts on their sleeves. In addition to reading and writing, he also enjoy roller coasters, hockey, and a good cigar.

Aric is the author of 7 Books: From Ashes Rise: A Novel of Michigan, Nickel Plated, A Good and Useful Hurt, The Black Death: A Dead Man Novella, Rough Men, Breaking Point, and The Fort.

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