Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"A Private Little War," by Jason Sheehan

In this thriller from Jason Sheehan, a team of aviator mercenaries has been hired to help a corporation illegally obtain land on a planet for its raw materials.

A Private Little War, by Jason Sheehan

"I liked this novel because it is a gritty look at the mercenary's world. The political situation is realistic--even though this book is fiction. The story is told through message texts and from several characters' point of view. The effects of sustained combat operations on the participants is vividly described. How the mercenary corporation bent the rules was fun to read--and reminded me of real-world mercenary operations." -- Amazon reviewer

He felt something in his belly twist up like cold fingers curling into a fist. This is it, he’d thought. This is when it all goes bad…
Private “security” firm Flyboy, Inc., landed on the alien planet of Iaxo with a mission: In one year, they must quash an insurrection; exploit the ancient enmities of an indigenous, tribal society; and kill the hell out of one group of natives to facilitate negotiations with the surviving group—all over 110 million acres of mixed terrain.
At first, the double-hush, back-burner project seemed to be going well. With all the advantages they had going for them—a ten-century technological lead on the locals, the logistical support of a shadowy and powerful private military company, and aid from similar outfits already on the ground—a quick combat victory seemed reasonable. An easy-in, easy-out mission that would make them very, very rich.
But the ancient tribal natives of Iaxo refuse to roll over and give up their planet. What was once a strategic coup has become a quagmire of cost over-runs and blown deadlines, leaving the pilots of Flyboy, Inc., on an embattled distant planet, waiting for support and a ride home that may never come….
The debut novel from acclaimed, James Beard Award–winning food critic Jason Sheehan, A Private Little War is the dark tale of a deadly war being waged in secrecy—and the struggle to stay sane in a world that makes no sense.

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Jason Sheehan is a former dishwasher, fry-cook, saucier, chef, restaurant critic, food editor, reporter and porn store employee. He was born and raised in Rochester, New York and though he has since fled the rust belt repeatedly, he still harbors an intense fondness for brutal winters, Friday fish fries, Irish bars and urban decay. As a young nerd, he fell hard for Star Wars, Doctor Who, William Gibson, Roger Zelazny and the spaceships-and-rayguns novels his father would leave on his bedside table. He dreamed of someday befriending a robot, stealing a spaceship and wandering off across the stars in search of alien ladies and high adventure. Since that hasn't happened (yet...), he now writes about it instead--which is almost as good. And yet despite all this, his mother still kinda thinks he should've been an orthodontist.

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