Monday, June 24, 2013

'Your Story Matters... Tell It," by Linda Bunker

A memoir that details the long love and friendship of two women.

Your Story Matters... Tell It, by Linda Bunker

"This is a heartfelt very moving book by a natural story teller. Linda Bunker, now in her early 70s, recalls with sensitivity and humor her life with her partner, Nan. The two women met in the nineteen-fifties when they began a passionate love affair in secret. They stayed together, they prospered, but the years of necessary secrecy were not easy nor without considerable pain. As "Your Story Matters" proceeds decade by decade the reader comes to admire and love these two intelligent and funny and brave characters." -- Amazon reviewer

In 1958 a girl of sixteen met a woman of twenty-four. Against all odds and self-inflicted restraints, they selfishly allowed themselves to fall passionately in love. Fifty-five years later they find themselves still sharing this “secret” love. They decide now is time to come “out of the closet.”

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Meet the Author

Linda Bunker was born in 1941 in Connecticut. At the age of sixteen she embraced a lesbian lifestyle after meeting a woman of twenty-four years. Fifty-six years later they are still enjoying their loving relationship, and only came "out of the closet" in 2012. Her first book, YOUR STORY MATTERS (TELL IT), is a memoir of their fifty-five years.

Linda writes a monthly column for a local newspaper relating events pertinent to the retirement community in which they live.

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