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Bargain Kindle books! (Friday Jun 21)

Off The Record, by Sawyer Bennett. (Still 0.99?)

What's the #1 99-cent book on Amazon right now? Why, it's this one! Over 65 five-star reviews for this coming-of-age romance. Says one reviewer: "A great reading experience!"

""Off The Record is rich with romance, heartache, hot sex, and characters you can root for." -- NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author Lauren Blakely

 "Sawyer provides great reading experiences. Her writing is so spot-on that I connect with her characters and get lost in the story. With every story I find connections to some part of my own life. Isn't that what makes reading meaningful? The Off Series is one that I will happily come back to again and again. It just doesn't get any better than this." - A Tale of Many Reviews

"Full of emotion, heart warming romance and steamy sex, Off The Record is an absolute must read! " - Globug and Hootie Need a Book

Ever Montgomery suffered the ultimate betrayal by the one man who she should have been able to count on for anything. It has left her hurt, jaded and incapable of forming relationships, but it also means that she can spot a liar a mile away. These traits are earning her a reputation as a reporter with a keen nose for a good story and a complete understanding of the extreme power of the written word.

Lincoln Caldwell, is the hot goalie for the New York Rangers. At twenty-four and a rising star, he works hard and he plays even harder. He’s gorgeous and carefree—the ultimate charmer. Ladies fall at his feet and the single life has never been lived the way Linc Caldwell does it.

When Ever publishes an article about Linc containing information that she received off the record, she finds herself on the receiving end of the athelete’s fury. Rather than basking in the glory of exposing Linc as a shameless user of women, she finds herself at his mercy when he demands and receives retribution. Required by her editor to trail Linc for six weeks, Ever is forced to look at the real Linc Caldwell.

And she just might find that she has misjudged him.

** This book can be read as a stand alone, as can any book in the Off Series.

236 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 87 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

Buckshot (Ned Cody Series), by L. J. Martin. (Still 0.99?)

From the popular Ned Cody series, this western suspense novel from L. J. Martin is just 99 cents today!

" I tell all of my friends that are reading the Louis L'Amour books that L.J.Martin IS the new Louis L'Amour. Every one of them is hooked on Martin's Westerns now. The Ned Cody series is great, but I think Buckshot is the best so far. Can't wait to see where he goes next!" -- Amazon reviewer

John Tenkiller got his name in the usual way...from his father. What was unusual was how seriously he took it. This is a classic western filled with suspense, and an underlying romance. In the Louis L'Amour tradition.

163 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 34 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

KLAN: Killing America, by Ken Rossignol. (Still 1.99?)

From journalist Ken Rossignol, this book details one of the ugliest periods of American history, in the hopes that the more we understand our history, the better prepared we are to never allow such events to reoccur.

"Ken Rossignol is a journalist by trade with the unique ability to bring yesterday's news to today's readers! The Ku Klux Klan came about shortly after the Civil War ended. The Klan's hatred and dastardly deeds terrorized our nation for many decades. There have been many books written about this subject, but none from the perspective of a reporter. Rossignol has done a superb job!" -- Bruce M. Caplan,

The strife and horrors of the Civil War in America were raw with the wounds of the war lasting for decades; and affecting those who lived in both the North and the South. As the nation struggled to find unity, the forces of darkness and of those who wished to rule through intimidation and terror, spread their wicked ways under the cover of white sheets.
This is the story of the Ku Klux Klan and their chief brand: Lynchings, as told in the original newspaper stories from journals across the nation. Some are brief, telling only of a single attack while others are more comprehensive and detailed, telling the story with the inclusion of complex and emotional occurrences. 

The attempt of the KKK to cloak the power of control over others with fear and violence is explained in some of these news stories. The chief advocate and leader of the Klan was interviewed by reporters and allowed fair access to give his side of the story. The heroism of various groups such as the NAACP and others who risked their lives standing up to thugs and criminals is also noted, as well as the words of those individuals and leaders who fought to eliminate the influence of the Ku Klux Klan.

While the KKK had as much right as any group to demonstrate and articulate their cause, the deceits and criminal actions employed by them separated their group from the legal actions of others.

For readers in the 21st Century who know little of the life and death of the KKK, the admonition to understand and know history in order to avoid repeating it, should be considered. Therefore, it is in that hope that this book has been prepared. WARNING: Authentic descriptions are vivid and brutal and the racially charged language of this historic news reports and commentary has not been modified. This material is for adults and parental guidance is appropriate.

290 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 3 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

From Continue (The Teller of Destiny Series), by A. H. De Carrasco. (Still 2.99?)

In this intelligent dark fantasy, author De Carrasco follows young Raphere, who tries to cast off the shadow of her evil sorceress mother. A well-written and professionally-edited fantasy novel.

"From Continue is what I'd call a classic fantasy with romantic elements--and one of the best I've read in years. While the storyline is complex, you don't realize it until much later due to the engaging literary style and execution of the plot/subplots. There's a lot going on, all of it very interesting and imaginative, and laced with a medieval feel, that stimulates the senses. Characterization is well thought out and robust, each one. The main character, Raphere, is relatable and especially endearing, from her strengths to her quirks. From Continue strikes me as one that would appeal to both female and male readers. Creative and intelligent, it's a read I highly recommend." -- T. Stockton

“I saw the dead king…burn,” Raphere whispered to the voices. She lifted her chin. “Why would I see such a thing, if not to prevent it?”

“There are many kings in the land, and all kings die eventually. You are more important than any.”

Did they think to keep her here, forever? In the Pikestan? But she was not safe. And she could do nothing for anyone. But as a wanderer…

Ever since spilling her blood before the Teller of Destiny, Raphere has spent her life trying to prove she is not like her mother, a dark sorceress. And though she yearns to be, she is not a white wanderer either. She is the Jivasivar, the first grey soul born into the land since sin and the Changing. Some call her savior; others, assassin. One thing is clear: everyone has a plan for Raphere. Few seem to care about what is best for her--only what she might gain or cost them.

To the visitors in the Pikestan, she is a target for their cruelty. To the voices of the weald, she is a precious angel and a last chance at life. To the Dark Lord Verisa, she is a spoiled girl and an unwanted burden.To the mercenary Rant Pae, she is a comely maiden and a promised bounty. To the Highland witch Rumara, she is a puzzle to decipher from afar. To the Teller of Destiny, which revealed the grey of Raphere's soul, she is the Great All's long awaited Sword and Shield. Amidst such judgment, can a young woman with young girl's dreams choose her own path correctly?

Searching for her purpose Raphere embarks upon a journey to find the white wanderer Tranquia and the Jivan Tome--the Divine Poem which promised Raphere's emergence, centuries ago. She must discern friend from foe as all strive to manipulate her for their own designs. Does she have the conviction to be the Jivasivar or is she merely a pawn in a fight for the survival of both ancients and kings? With the Jivan Tome out of reach, and her destiny as clouded as her grey blood, will she bend to the manipulations of others and take a path that leads to the destruction of all?

readers age 15+

The Teller of Destiny Series:
Read the books. Play trivia. Unlock extras.

253 pages, with a 5-star rating from 3 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

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