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Kindle Daily Deal: Books by LL Bartlett, BV Larson, Natalie J. Damschroder, Rachel Cohn

Here is today's selection of free and bargain Kindle books!

Here's today's Kindle Daily Deal, available for $1.99 today!

Dead In Red (The Jeff Resnick Mysteries), by L.L. Bartlett.

This series is a favorite among KB members! And the first one, Murder on the Mind, is free right now.

"For all Jeff Resnick lovers and those yet to discover this unique sleuth, L.L. Bartlett's second suspense mystery, DEAD IN RED brings back a loved set of characters to a new mystery territory, closer to home yet one that takes them to the darker sides of society and the dark secrets of individuals nearby. The psychic sleuth gives a nice twist to the unfolding mystery, but this Jeff Resnick mystery also has an extra dimension as L.L. Bartlett peers deeper into the relationship and tensions between Jeff and his brother." -- D. Merriman Crawford

Sometimes it seems like murder and mayhem follow Jeff Resnick, challenging his psychic “sixth sense” to solve crimes. Since the vicious mugging that changed his life, he’s tried to keep his unwanted gift in check. But when a bartender at his favorite watering hole is murdered, visions of a sparkling red woman’s high-heeled shoe and a pair of bloody hands linger in his mind--and hit too close to home. When Jeff’s older brother, Richard, last helped him with an investigation, it nearly cost him his life. Still, Richard is determined to tag along as Jeff is drawn into the seamy world of fetishes and drag queens to find a murderer before another life is taken.

About the Author: L.L. Bartlett has done it all--from drilling holes for NASA to typing scripts in Hollywood. She writes the Jeff Resnick mysteries. Bartlett also writes traditional mysteries under the name Lorraine Bartlett (The Victoria Square Mysteries--A Crafty Killing) and the New York Times bestselling (and Agatha-nominated) Booktown Mysteries as Lorna Barrett.

Dead In Red was originally published by Five Star/Cengage in 2008.

# # #
The Jeff Resnick Mystery Novels:
Murder On The Mind
Dead In Red
Cheated By Death,
Bound By Suggestion

Other Jeff Resnick stories:
When The Spirit Moves You
Bah! Humbug
Cold Case

280 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 66 reviews.

Here's today's Romance Daily Deal, available for 99 cents today!

Under the Moon (Goddesses Rising), by Natalie J. Damschroder.

This book has action, romance, mystery, and a paranormal element. And reportedly is just steamy enough.

"This book was an awesome read. I was hooked from the moment I started reading. The feelings running rampant between Nick, Sam, and Quinn was palpable with every turn of the page. There were quite a few twists and very unexpected turns that lent even more flame to the fire already burning between the trio. Natalie did a brilliant job in establishing each character and the world they live in. The lore behind goddesses walking amongst us and gods being practically extinct was quite interesting. Enjoyed it immensely. I'm looking forward to reading more of this series soon. Truly recommend it." -- N. Medina

Their power gives them strength and makes them targets.

Quinn Caldwell is the epitome of a modern goddess. Her power source is the moon, her abilities restricted only by physical resources and lunar phase. She runs a consulting business and her father’s bar, serves on the board of the ancient Society for Goddess Education and Defense, and yearns for Nick Jarrett, professional goddess protector and the soul mate she can never have.

But someone has developed the rare and difficult ability to drain a goddess of her powers, and Quinn is a target. With the world thinking Nick has gone rogue (whatever that means) and that Quinn is influenced by "family ties" she didn’t know she had, keeping themselves safe while working to find the enemy proves harder each day.

But not as hard as denying their hearts.

352 pages, with a 3.9-star rating from 15 reviews.

Here's today's Sci Fi & Fantasy Daily Deal, available for $1.99 today!

Technomancer (Unspeakable Things: Book One), by B.V. Larson.

BV Larson is a long time member of KB. Congrats to BV on being part of the Kindle Daily Deal.

"This book is very suspenseful and will keep you reading to find out what is going to happen next. This is the first book I've read by Larson but it won't be the last. What a great writer he is as he really drew me into the life of Quentin Draith." -- G. Messersmith

A new kind of alien invasion…
When Quentin Draith wakes up in a private sanatorium, he has no memory of who he is or how he received the injuries riddling his body. All he knows is that he has to get out, away from the drugs being pumped into him and back to the real world to search for answers. His first question: How did his friend Tony’s internal organs fill with sand, killing him in a Las Vegas car crash'

After a narrow escape, he tracks down the basic facts: he is an investigator and blogger specializing in the supernatural—which is a good thing, because Quentin’s life is getting stranger by the minute. It seems he is one of a special breed, a person with unusual powers. He’s also the prime suspect in a string of murders linked by a series of seemingly mundane objects. The deeper he digs and the harder he works to clear his name, the more Quentin realizes that some truths are better off staying buried…

369 pages, with a 3.9-star rating from 47 reviews.

Here's today's teen daily deal, available for $2.99 today!

Beta, by Rachel Cohn.

This book, aimed at teens, is an exploration of what it means to be human.

"A provocative, intellectually stimulating and emotionally engaging tale of humanity, identity, ethics and free will, BETA is, in a word, fascinating. In this fun to read, absorbing and unique novel, Rachel Cohn addresses some interesting ethical issues about the pitfalls of cloning and bio-genetics. She introduces us to a great new heroine that, engineered to serve the wealthy residents of Demesne, is forced to either obediently follow all the rules or die. Disquieting, thrilling and haunting, BETA is the first book in what quickly became one of my new favourite YA dystopian series!" -- Evie Seo

Elysia was born without a soul, her only purpose to serve the wealthy inhabitants of Io, an island paradise. But sensations are clouding her mind...anger...loneliness...love. Before long, Elysia that she is a Defect. And If any human on the island discovers the truth, it will cost her her life.

336 pages, with a 3.7-star rating from 34 reviews.

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