Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Stealing Sky," by Kara Ashley Dey

This Sci-Fi adventure / romance is highly-rated for its vivid action and steamy romantic scenes. $2.99 today!

Fantastic action, hot sex, strong language - this is an adventure for readers who want heart-pounding action, in and out of bed. Cassie transforms from a spoiled debutant into a strong and sympathetic character on a mission, and she takes no prisoners except in love. I really enjoyed Skai and Cassie's wild ride. It was tough and tender, sometimes violent, but always honorable, just like Skai. Totally recommended! -- Cat Lady, Amazon reviewer

Stealing Sky, by Kara Ashley Dey

When the powerful conquer weaker worlds, all that's left is stealing sky.

CASSIE BRINTMAN: Duke’s embarrassingly spoiled daughter to some, soiled scandalous socialite to others, Cassie is set on proving all opinions about her wrong. She only has to escape punishment on her Gran’s swamp planet and find a suitable husband on her own. But plots and plans which take advantage of the sweetest of farm folk are destined to go awry, and Cassie finds there are worse prison wardens in space.

SKAI WESTFORD: Returning home from his last tour of duty in the Duke’s Red Flag Squadron, Skai settles back to life with his father and brother on NuTierra Ba. The last thing he wants is feminine drama, but it seems his boss’s granddaughter has no concern for his wants or his family’s well being. When he takes a stand against Cassie's manipulative flirtations with his brother, Skai finds himself far from home and S.O.L.

Captain Alexxus: More than money drives this captain and her crew aboard Heaven’s Hand. None but those closest to her know the secret to her quest–a secret linked to the black eye-patch she rubs--her only tell to the horrors she has seen. She has a secret agenda that could destroy all of them.

Vixen: Captain Alexxus’s first mate, she will follow her beloved captain to the Eternal Tree of Eden or to the depths of hell.

Edmund Greene: The Duke’s Arrow. An assassin with a special interest in chasing down Heaven’s Hand, he’s intent on revenge and revisiting old addictions.

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I'm a writer and an interviewer. I love to write fantasy, speculative and paranormal fiction with strong romantic elements. I also like interviewing multi-talented artists and writers to find out what 'makes them tick.'

My ultimate dream is to one day create a retreat where young and old artists can join in community and encourage each other. Another dream I have is to start a college scholarship fund in my mother's name. She loved teaching.

 To read some interesting interviews I've conducted with several talented artists and to learn a little more about me, stop by my website

-Kara :)

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