Friday, January 4, 2013

"Fugue State," by Steffan Piper - a highly-praised spotlight book!

A wayward teenager embarks on an unexpected journey that opens his eyes to things he has never seen - within himself and the world around him.

"Powerful, intimate story well worth the read. The book's painfully intimate. Sometimes, I feel a bit guilty like I've stolen Steffan's diary out of his sock drawer. Other times, I want to put that diary back, not turn another page, but curiosity and well-paced writing always make me turn that next page. "Fugue State" has true-to-life characters and situations that are painfully real. If you read "Greyhound" and liked it, like me, you'll want to find out what happened to the kid stuck on a cross-country bus by himself. If you didn't, it's not necessary to read "Greyhound" first, but that book's quite good as well." -- R. Kyle, Amazon Top 500 reviewer

"Steffan writes with an honesty and intimacy that really draws you into the book. You actually care about Sebastian, through all the ups and downs of the story. That kind of connection as a reader, to me, is what makes truly great books. The language and prose are well-crafted and effortless, while still being real and honest. Overall, a real pleasure to read." -- Brentman, Amazon reviewer

Fugue State, by Steffan Piper

Nineteen-year-old Sebastien Ranes spends his days knocking around Eagle River, Alaska, and his nights working as a janitor. His girlfriend’s father hates him and his own parents’ opinion of him isn’t much better.

Broke and down on his luck, Sebastien robs a grocery store, making off with nearly $4,000. His image is all over the television within hours, but before Sebastien can be arrested, a drunk driver smashes into his Jeep in the middle of town. Things couldn’t get much worse until a Marine recruiter who witnesses the accident gives Sebastien a ride home…and a way out.

Embarking on an unexpected journey, the Marine Corps shows Sebastien another world—of abuse and authority, of war and compassion, of lust and consequences—and by the time he returns home, he’ll be forever changed.

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Meet the Author

Born in Pennsylvania in 1971 and raised in England and various parts of Alaska. Attended school at the University of Alaska, Anchorage and the University of Los Angeles, California.

Once a resident of Alaska, the Mayor of Nome, John Handelin, asked him to 'leave and never return,' due to a minor misunderstanding.

Steffan Piper currently lives on the outskirts of Los Angeles with his family. Most of his writing occurs in the dead of night unlike the bulk of his contemporaries.

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