Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Author profile: Vicki Hopkins, writer of historical fiction and romance

In today's author profile, we feature writer Vicki Hopkins, whose works cross several genres. Read on!

Vicki Hopkins believes it’s never too late to pursue your dreams when it comes to penning a book. She always possessed the drive to write and became an award winner in fifth grade for a poem entitled, “The Day.” In her early teenage years, she probably became the first to dabble in fan fiction with her best friend, as then penned stories about the Beatles in the 1960s.

However, life would prove a challenge in the years ahead. Periodically, Vicki would write articles and eventually embarked on her first attempt to write a book. Her unpublished writing ended up in a box that she moved from state to state--Michigan, Virginia, Oregon, California, and back again to Oregon.

Finally, after much prodding and encouragement from friends to follow her dreams, at 58 years old she dusted off the box and began to write. After taking an online course on how to write fiction, she felt prepared to at least give it a try. Four years later, she has released five fiction novels. Three are historical fiction, with romantic elements, and one is a true historical romance. Recently, she crossed genres into adult contemporary romance releasing her fifth book, Conflicting Hearts, under the pen name of J .D. Burrows.

The old adage, “it’s never too late,” became a reality last week when Vicki was named as a finalist in the 9th Annual Best Book Awards Sponsored by USA Book News for her latest historical romance, Dark Persuasion. It won in the category Fiction: Romance, being chosen from 1,500 entries in all categories from mainstream and independent publishers.

Vicki lives in the rainy Pacific Northwest with her cat who refuses to let her sleep in every morning. She enjoys researching her English ancestry, traveling to England, and plotting obstacles to overcome for her imaginary characters in her next book.

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