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Free and bargain Kindle books! (Sunday Jan 13)

Here is today's selection of free and bargain Kindle books!

Fair Maiden, by Cheri Schmidt. (Still free?)

This highly-rated historical fantasy romance is full of sweet romance, and is free today!

"I have to say I was hooked from the teaser. This is a ghost story that will send you to the past. I loved all the twist and turns that Cheri created throughout this tale. This story not only has a ghost but, a witch, magic, a really bad guy and a totally great earl. This is an enchanting ghost story with a intriguing adventure. I highly recommend this book." -- Tifferz, Amazon reviewer

It's the Victorian era in England, but Tessa is from the medieval past. She awakens within a castle she has never seen before. Knowledge of her name also evades her. However, even worse than not knowing who or where she is, she cannot recall how she died or why she is dressed as a bride.

Along with Christian, the earl of the castle she haunts, Tessa tries to discover who she is and break the spell holding her in a prison of death. They never imagined the curse keeping them apart is the only thing protecting her, until it's too late.

315 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 20 reviews.

The Leaving, by Gabriella West. (Still free?)

This deeply-felt work of literary fiction explores a complex coming-of-age story for a fifteen-year-old Irish girl. Free today!

"Absorbing is the word that comes to mind to sum up this novel. It is written in first person and has a distinct narrative voice. It is not light fare - it is a deep and insightful look at the character's coming of age, coming to terms, and coming to acceptance. -- Kate Genet

"I love reading books that feel like they are told from the heart. "The Leaving" gives me that feeling. -- Alle's Five-Star Reviews

"West is especially adept at capturing the complex, difficult and sometimes challenging choices facing a teenager in life. -- BooksReview4U blog

At 15, Cathy Quinn is a complex teen living in 1980s Ireland. As the book opens she discovers to her shock that her charming older brother Stevie, who's gay, is falling in love with the one boy in school whom she likes. This will mean a weakening of the close friendship that she and her brother have, which she feels is the only thing keeping her going.

But this is just the start of more serious challenges ahead for Cathy. Over her last two years of school, this tough but emotionally sensitive character will struggle with her dysfunctional family, come to terms with an overpowering attraction to her best friend, Jeanette, and face the momentous decision to leave Ireland for an uncertain future.

As Railroad Man author Alle Wells puts it: "The Leaving shares an insightful look into a young woman's quest for true love."

232 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 9 reviews.

Here's a bargain Kindle book, available for 99 cents today!

Creepy 1: A Collection of Scary Stories (Creepy Collection Series), by Jeff Bennington. (Still $0.99?)

Over 20 five-star reviews for today's bargain book! A set of creepy short stories from Jeff Bennington.

"Creepy by Jeff Bennington is a collection of five spooky stories that are sure to leave shivers trailing down your spine. Three of these stories are Jeff's witness accounts of actual supernatural events and the other two stories are fictional works that are detailed and brilliant." -- Kimi, Amazon reviewer

"That was fascinating, Jeff. An interesting story, well told. Thanks for sharing." ~ Matthew McNash

The Creepy series is a one of a kind combination of true supernatural occurances, mixed with a variety of supernatural short stories. Creepy contains The Rumblin' and Murdoch's Eyes. Best of all, Creepy includes some of the author's real life supernatural experiences... absolutely true ghost stories.

"I was around ten years old when I had my first supernatural experience. Thirty years later, my ghosts have returned and they are creepier than ever. I've seen full-bodied apparations, felt a dark presence practically breathing down my neck, and everyday I work with a ghost who seems more curious than anything." ~ Jeff Bennington

The following true stories are all inside CREEPY:

The Shadow Man
The Ghost Named Earl
Someone in the Basement

These ghostly experiences have influenced my writing and allowed me to truly capture the essence of fear and suspense that you'll discover in my fiction. If you enjoy creepy tales from Stephen King, you'll love my heart pounding, short stories too.

"With the author using horror as a psychological special effect, Murdoch's Eyes packs a fearsome punch. A killer of a short story thriller!" - Michele Tater, The Couch Tater Review

"Murdoch's Eyes is a wicked, twisted little tale. A thrilling paranormal both well written and with some truly freaky characters. I don't think I'll ever look at anyone with green eyes the same again." - Jen Wylie, Author of Sweet Light

"Reading the reviews of this book, I wondered if it was all it was hyped up to be. Reading it - I discovered it really was. The violence is beautifully executed, the plot is perfect in its speed and intensity and the characters are wonderfully written. Jeff Bennington has written a stunning story here. Ten out of ten." - Michael Wilson

You can follow Jeff on Twitter @TweetTheBook and his blog, The Writing Bomb. Write a review and then look him up online. He'd love to meet you!

72 pages, with a 3.9-star rating from 43 reviews.

THE GOLDEN LEAF, by Sara Rayan. (Still free?)

Free today, this SciFi fantasy is a quick read and praised for its crisp writing.

"The Golden Leaf is a book that is a lot of fun to read through in an afternoon when you have a little bit of time to yourself. What I found really cool about the book is that it is told in the first person through the eyes of the main character, Paige. The Golden Leaf has good characters and character development for a novelette. It starts off a little bit slow, but it gets really good pretty fast and really keeps you guessing where it is going right up until the very end." -- J. Boxer, Amazon reviewer

Paige Adams is finally on her long-awaited vacation in Northern Canada with her best friend Amy! Forrestraville is everything Paige had ever dreamt about, from the thick dense woods behind the villa to the rainbow coloured stream. However things are not always the way they seem as Paige discovered.

A deep mystery awaits her in the woods and the presence of Zen, the green eyed boy who follows Paige everywhere only complicates the matter more….
An aura of deep mystery and a sinister surprise awaits Paige as she dares to uncover her past in the ancient woods.

Paige can feel it in her bones that something in Forrestraville is different………….very different.

A Mysterious Fantasy that wil keep you guessing tilll the End!

4.5-star rating from 10 reviews.

StreetCreds, by Zach Fortier. (Still free?)

True crime stories, free today! Author Zach Fortier has experience as a military policeman, deputy sheriff, and police officer.

"StreetCreds is a fictionalization of Zach's real-life experiences while assigned to the gang task force. Zach not only takes on gang bangers and thugs, but battles office politics as well and comes out unscathed in the end...or does he? Zach's accounts will put you right there in the mix and leave you with the feeling that Zach's experiences are your own. This book is gritty, raw, and as real as it gets." -- Officer C, Amazon reviewer

StreetCreds is a look inside the world of street gangs and the cops that work them. Filled with drive by shootings, back-stabbing detectives, ruthless gang members, killers, and un-believable gang on gang violence. It is all there. StreetCreds takes you inside the Gang Task Force. Hold on for a reality check!

263 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 30 reviews.

Thirty Something (Nothing's How We Dreamed It Would Be), by Filipa Fonseca Silva. (Still free?)

This work of contemporary women's fiction is free today!

"Seemingly light, Thirty Something (Nothing's How We Dreamed It Would Be) has a philosophical aftertaste that will making you wonder about your own life and experiences. A delightful book, brilliantly written, that you'll devour like ice-cream on the beach. " -- Clara Tehrani, Amazon reviewer

Joana is a conservative, controlling woman who expected much more from marriage; Maria is trying to get back on her feet after being dumped just before her wedding; Filipe hides his broken heart in failed relationships. Is this as good as it gets when you're thirty something' That's what these three friends from college times will find out during a dysfunctional dinner party. Because life is not always how we dreamed it would be.
Considered by some 'The Big Chill' of the 21st century, this debut novel is all about the end of innocence. Funny, clever and real.

120 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 16 reviews.

Dining With The Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook, by Chris-Rachael Oseland. (Still free?)

Great food, influenced by the cult hit Dr. Who. Free today!

"Now, I'm a Who fan, but I'm nothing compared to Chris-Rachael Oseland! She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of these programs; but, she also is a very creative culinary crafts-person. Some of the recipes are in the "funny decorated snack" vein; for example a banana which is carved and tarted up to look like a Dalek. Others are what I would consider to be "real" recipes, like the "Satellite 5 Mystery Takeout Noodles," which I would I wouldn't mind trying out right now. Each recipe has a name, the episode to which it is tied, a picture, the ingredients, and a long narrative which gives the instructions interspersed with clever discussion of the episode, how she came to decide on this recipe, and how best (or not) to present the finished product. The writing is brisk, breezy, and enjoyable." -- Banjoist, Amazon reviewer

Hello, sweetie.

Your taste buds are about to take a wibbly wobbly, timey wimey adventure through the 2005 Doctor Who reboot. Megafan and food writer Chris-Rachael Oseland spent a year rewatching all of series one through six and experimenting in her kitchen to bring you a fresh recipe for every single episode.

This book is a treat for any Whovian who wants to offer more than a plate of fish fingers and a bowl of custard at your next viewing party. Want to host an elegant dinner party to show off your new Tardis corset' Start the evening with a Two Streams Garden Cocktail followed by Baked Hath, Marble Cucumber Circuits with Vesuvian Fire Dipping Sauce, Professor Yana’s Gluten Neutrino Map Binder, Slitheen Eggs, and some of Kazran’s Night Sky Fog Cups for dessert.

If you’re just getting a few friends together to watch the latest episode, why not offer them an Ood Mezze Plate to munch on as stragglers wander in followed by some quick and easy Fish Custard Tacos, Open Faced Dalek Ironsides, Sontaran Soldiers, and a Cinnamon Pull Apart Crack in the Wall. They can wash it all down with a cup of the Pond’s Wedding Punch.

Lets be honest. No Whovian gathering is complete without them, so you also get an entire bonus chapter dedicated to interesting alternative takes on fish fingers and custard.

This comprehensive cookbook includes eighteen adult beverages, more than two dozen recipes for vegetarians, twenty that are safe for people with wheat allergies, and ten for the low carb dieters. You’ll be prepared for every possible guest.

The ebook also includes over 50 full color photos, a linked table of contents for easy navigation, and a useful appendix.

Put on your fez and straighten your bow tie. You own a cookbook now. Cookbooks are cool.


Brought to you by the author of such geektastic wonders as:
Counting With Tesla
SteamDrunks: 101 Steampunk Cocktails and Mixed Drinks

103 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 13 reviews.

Brewing Beer (4 Simple Steps To Your First Home Brew - With 40 Easy Peasy Recipes), by Homebrew Hendricks. (Still free?)

This highly-recommended book is a primer for making your own home brew. All you need to know about this increasingly popular home hobby that so many are passionate about.

"If you are a fond of beer drinking do-it-yourselfer, you will absolutely love this great book: all is explained in simple steps and the recipes are easy to follow, too. Newbie friendly." -- Eden Challenge, Amazon reviewer

Brewing beer is “so easy a cave man could do it.” Well, we don't know if beer making goes back quite that far. But people have been home brewing beer for thousands of years.

The aim of this book is to guarantee that you have a lot of fun the very first time you brew beer, and that all your future homebrews will be rousing successes as well. I promise, when you finish reading this book, you'll be able to brew a great tasting 5-gallon batch of beer in four simple steps. Brewing beer at home should take you a total of about three hours of actual work, and very roughly about 6 weeks for fermentation, clearing, and conditioning, or aging, of your brew.

In this book you'll discover:
* The 4 fully-explained secrets to how to brew beer at home, and produce an awesome beer the very first time!
* A bare-bones, step-by-step check-list of directions for quick reference while you're brewing.
* 40 easy peasy home brew beer recipes for mouthwatering brews.
* The crucial information you need to know about brewing beer at home without landing in jail!
* All the essential details about beer brewing equipment and the ingredients of world class beer.
* A complete check-list to take with you when equipment shopping.
* Simple methods for cleaning and sanitizing your equipment for health, safety and superlative home brewed beer.
* An extensive glossary of beer brewing terms.
* A directory of almost 200 highly recommended sources for home brew beer supplies, and their contact info.

In 'Brewing Beer", I go into depth, and explain many topics in detail, so I've also included a boiled down, “bare-bones” check-list of directions. It's quick and easy to refer to, while you are in the midst of brewing.

I will also give you suggestions for how to experiment with your methods and ingredients, to improve your brews to match your own specific tastes, when you brew beer at home. Soon you'll be producing fantastic home brew beer of equal or better quality and flavor than the best commercial beers you've ever tasted.

Check out these other books in Homebrew Hendricks' hit Brewing Beer Series:
"Brewing Beer: Problems" is a troubleshooting guide for when your brews don't quite measure up to expectations.
"Brewing Beer: Tips" is a collection of little gems of advice: the clever innovations and the sometimes-painful lessons that are usually learned the hard way.

255 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 42 reviews.

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The Traveller, by Garrett AddisonSometimes to get the measure of your life you just need a break from being yourself.

A family man struggling in his pursuit of a work/life balance embark...
A DIFFERENCE OF PURPOSE: A Novel Of The American Civil War, by Terry SoileauA DIFFERENCE OF PURPOSE is a civil war novel that tells the story of 12 year old Jonathan Berkeley, a Confederate drummer boy serving with the famous Orphan Brigade, and his uncle and Godfather, Alexa...

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