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"The Thunderchild Fables," by Roger Emile Stouff and Kenneth R. Brown

This book is six stories in one, woven through the fabric of the crash of the first manned expedition to Mars. Rescue is on the way, but oxygen is short, and worse, they are faced with a mystery...something that should not have been possible, but could not be denied. The commander orders the survivors to tell stories, explanations for the quandary they have been thrust into, and the fables are born.


The café was mostly featureless, almost barren. A few booths remained, and a couple of barstools, but Jacobs had the impression the place was long closed when it was--? Whatever. All the light fixtures were missing, and a few windows shattered.

He noticed Luka, staring at papers on a wall. "Captain. Look at this." Jacobs went to her. It was a calendar. The picture was of a pretty girl on the hood of a Mustang, and she held up a hourglass-shaped bottle of black liquid. The caption read, Enjoy Coca-Cola!

"Look at the date," Luka pointed to the top of the calendar.

June, 1968.

"Something's wrong here, Myles," she whispered over the com link, her voice tight as the bun of her hair. He thought he heard the slightest tremble.

"Something's very wrong."


"Excellent story. This is the second book I have read by these authors and was not disappointed. The first was Firekill. Well formatted for the Kindle Fire, great editing, great flow, and a good ending. Very interesting sci-fi with flights of fantasy. I will read another by these authors. -- Soldner, Amazon reviewer

The Thunderchild Fables, by Roger Emile Stouff and Kenneth R. Brown

They carried the dreams of a nation.

But the Thunderchild lay in wreckage.

Rescue is coming, but oxygen is running out.

In a dust-reddened cafe millions of miles from where it should be, the stranded crew compose their fables.

Something is listening.

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Meet the Author

Roger Emile Stouff is the son of Nicholas Leonard Stouff Jr., last chief of the Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana, and Lydia Marie Gaudet Stouff, daughter of a Cajun farmer. He has been a journalist for more than thirty years and writer of the award-winning column "From the Other Side" in the St. Mary and Franklin Banner-Tribune. He was featured on the television show "Fly Fishing America" in 2006, and was writer and narrator of the documentary "Native Waters: A Chitimacha Recollection" on Louisiana Public Broadcasting in 2010. Based on his two memoirs, "Native Waters" and "The Great Sadness," the show is now showing on public broadcasting stations nationwide, was nominated for an Emmy and was recipient of a Bronze Telly Award. He writes extensively about his Native American ancestry in autobiography, fiction and short stories, including the connection the Chitimacha, "people of the many waters" hold to the ancestral waters of the Atchafalaya Basin. With co-author Kenneth Brown he has also authored science-fiction and epic fantasy novels, including the first two books of the series "The Allidian Saga."

Kenneth R. Brown began writing poetry while in high school having been influenced by Stephen Crane's style of free verse poetry. During this time he also began working for his school newspaper and became the Senior Editor winning an award for best editor of a school paper in the Fort Worth area. Following high school he continued to write poetry, as well as writing for a couple of newspapers and a national magazine. In the 1980's he met Roger Stouff and began exploring the world of fiction and co-wrote four science fiction / fantasy novels to include the first two books of "The Allidian Saga" series . Since then he has released a book of poetry, "Approaching the Divine" as well as a devotional guide to Psalm 105, "Follow the Leader". He and his daughter Christina have also completed a movie script and are working on having it produced. In addition to his writing endeavors Kenneth is an accomplished magician, and mentalist, and loves playing bass guitar and the drums. He has been a key note speaker in England and throughout the United States. His goal in everything he does is to strive for excellence, enjoy the humor of life, and exalt the Lord Jesus Christ.

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