Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Colder than Hell (Dead Man #16)," by Anthony Neil Smith

The Dead Man series is a gripping set of horror thrillers, and with this one Anthony Neil Smith brings a compelling in-car setting to a zombie crisis. Get this spotlight book today for $2.99!

The series was created by Lee Goldberg (a two-time Edgar and Shamus Award finalist and producer of the television series Diagnosis Murder, SeaQuest, Hunter, Martial Law, Monk, and The Glades) and William Rabkin (a two-time Edgar Award nominee who writes the Psych series of novels and is the author of Writing the Pilot).

Colder than Hell (Dead Man #16), by Anthony Neil Smith

On the road to Fargo, North Dakota, Matt Cahill is trapped in a hellacious blizzard on a frozen, traffic-choked interstate. He's stalked by an escaped murderer and the guards who were transporting him--all of them seemingly possessed by a mutant virus that spreads quickly among the others trapped in their cars, turning everyone into crazed zombies. Matt struggles with a small band of survivors to find the source of the horrific plague before it claims them all. The odds are against any of them surviving the night....and that includes Mr. Dark.

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Get this KB Spotlight book!

Meet the Author

I write crime novels. Well, I call them that, but there's a lot of other stuff going on in them, too. PSYCHOSOMATIC, THE DRUMMER, YELLOW MEDICINE, and HOGDOGGIN'.

My e-original CHOKE ON YOUR LIES was published in January 2011. ALL THE YOUNG WARRIORS from Blasted Heath Press was published on Nov. 1st, '11.

My entry in Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin's DEAD MAN series, COLDER THAN HELL, will be published by 47North in January, '13.

I publish the online noir zine PLOTS WITH GUNS (, currently edited by Sean O'Kane. I'm the Chair of the English Department at Southwest Minnesota State University. I'm hungry a lot. I like tacos. I like steaks. I like red wine. Usually cheap red wine.

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