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Free and bargain Kindle books! (Thursday Jan 31)

Here is today's selection of free and bargain Kindle books!

The Insiders, by Craig Hickman. (Still free?)

Let's start off today with a highly-rated thriller - with over 50 five-star reviews, and from NYT bestseller Craig Hickman. Enter the deceitful world of the rich, famous, and powerful - free today!

"Congrats to Chicago author Craig Hickman, finalist in the mystery/suspense/thriller category of the 2009 Indie Book Awards for his new novel, The Insiders--being adapted for a Hollywood film." --Chicago Sun-Times

"There's plenty of real-life fodder to write exciting non-fiction -- think Lehman Brothers, AIG, and Bernie Madoff -- but those scandals only skim the surface of how manipulation takes place. The Insiders captures the corporate world." --Crain's Business

"A great thriller! As good as anything on the market today." --Rick Kogan, WGN/Chicago Tribune 

Thrill, suspense, conspiracy, mystery, corporate corruption, and more clash in this new brand of thriller by New York Times bestselling author Craig Hickman. Untainted by political, journalistic, or legal manipulation and uncorrupted by fear or threat of retribution, The Insiders enthralls you with an alarming tale of how corrupt CEOs, secret societies, corporate deceit, domestic espionage, murder for hire, and cunning manipulation are destroying the American dream, influencing our daily lives, and reshaping global society.

Wilson's father, Charles Fielder, one of the richest men in the world, has just murdered two women and tried to kill himself. Or did he' Lying in a coma, Charles cannot help his only son understand the mysteries of his life nor his role in founding an exclusive club of the world's most powerful CEOs--the ultimate insiders club with unparalleled perks. Wilson must face this cutthroat world of concealed machinations, corporate espionage, international finance, and economic conspiracy on his own--in order to uncover his father's real agenda, expose the secret society of insiders, and fight to change the face of capitalism. That is, if he can stay alive.

Take a plunge into this dangerous and deceitful world of the rich, the famous, and the powerful. Witness the unholy alliances between business and government and the real forces behind our recent financial crisis. The Insiders is a heart-pounding tale full of twists and turns and eye-opening revelations that will make your adrenaline rush last until the very end.

Sometimes, the truth can only be told through fiction...

572 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 87 reviews.

This Tangled Thing Called Love: A Contemporary Romance Novel, by Marie Astor. (Still free?)

This contemporary is earning praise in its Amazon reviews. Over 250 pages, it's from accomplished author Marie Astor. 

"This book had me hooked from the very first page: Claire is woken up by loud music early on a Saturday morning and in fury of irritation rushes to chide the culprit - a sexy new neighbor who had just moved into her building - and this is only the beginning. What follows next is Claire's search to find her true self and her true partner - the man she had been dreaming about her whole life, but was too afraid to look for. Will she find him? You'll have to read the book to find out - I'm glad I did." -- Amazon reviewer

Claire Chatfield has everything a girl could possibly wish for: looks, a promising career, and an engagement ring from one of New York's most eligible heir-bachelors! Life should be a dream and yet, it does not feel like one... When an enigmatic new neighbor, Alec Brunell, moves into an apartment above from Claire's, Claire is surprised to find herself wondering whether the choices she has made in her life are worth following through.

In order to secure his place as his father's successor, David Lawson must settle down with a wife befitting the future head of Lawson Enterprises - and who could fit the prerequisite better than lovely Claire Chatfield' There is just one glitch - David Lawson is in love with another woman.

Alec Brunell has never lacked for women's attention, but he finds himself at a loss when faced with his downstairs neighbor, Claire Chatfield. Still, her iciness only adds fuel to his fire, as Alec is determined to change Claire's view of him.

This Tangled Thing Called Love follows the story of four people searching for love - will they have the courage to find it?

What the Readers are Saying:

Marie Astor's This Tangled Thing Called Love is smart, clever, moving, and surprising at every turn. Funny and wise, this is a tale of looking for that perfect partner in the modern-day world.

This Tangled Thing Called Love is full of passion, excitement, despair, lies, painful choices, and glorious new beginnings that will make you smile as the characters realize that love always triumphs if you allow it to!

This Tangled Thing Called Love has all the components of the contemporary romance genre - thrilling characters, whirlwind romance, and intrigue - prepare to be swept off your feet!

281 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 18 reviews.

Here's a bargain Kindle book, available for 99 cents today!

2013: Beyond Armageddon, by Robert Ryan. (Still $0.99?)

Here's a dark fantasy that pits good against evil. Read the book description carefully. It's a bargain book, available at $0.99 today!

"Very interesting! Good vs. evil. No free will? Satan vs. The Creator! Mixing of the Bible ( Enoch and Eziekel, the Scribe of God and a human Prophet ), along with a mixing of the Big Bang Theory. Indiana Jones type guy digging in the Holy Lands. Dead Sea, southern end, True EVIL lurks. Old Testament Sodon and Gomarah..... Enough Said!" -- Ronald Campbell, Amazon reviewer

Read the shocker that quickly reached #1 in three categories: Horror/Occult, Horror/Dark Fantasy and Religious/Biblical Fiction.

WARNING: Please do not read this novel unless you have an open mind about about religion. Whatever your beliefs, it will challenge them.

Evil exists. Its name is Satan. Can he be stopped?
December 21, 2012. The world did not end. But it changed forever. For better or worse?

FACT: The alignment of the Earth, the Sun, and the galactic equator on the winter solstice of 2012 was one that occurs only once every 26,000 years. That made it the first such conjunction in the history of civilization. In a calendar that runs for five thousand years, the Mayans chose it as the end of days. They called it Creation Day. But creation of what? What lies beyond this cosmic threshold' Apocalypse or Salvation?

Find the stunning answer in 2013: Beyond Armageddon as it takes us on the ultimate archaeological dig: the dig for Hell.

October 1947. ? Two ancient scrolls are discovered that give proof:



Their war began in the untime. Long before the universe existed, ?God's beloved archangel and his legion rebelled and were cast into Hell. And Lucifer became Satan. Now the day of reckoning has come. Can the forces of Good defeat a seemingly unstoppable Evil'

2013: Beyond Armageddon takes Zeke Sloan on a demon-stalked quest to confront the root of all evil. From Satanic murders in Washington, D.C. to a necropolis deep beneath Jerusalem--where a man believing he is John the Baptist communes with God, and the dead await their Messiah. Then deeper, to the lowest point on earth: the Dead Sea. Then deeper still. For it is far below the mysterious body of water the Greeks called the Devil's Sea that the final battle will take place.



416 pages, with a 4-star rating from 54 reviews.

Fear The Dark, by Martin P Kerrigan. (Still free?)

This Highly-rated, award-winning work of horror is free today!

"Less than 10 pages in I was fully hooked. Death, sex, horror, suspense, drug use... and it's not just done for shock value. The writing is fantastic, the story is solid and the characters are brilliant! This actually could be the best horror I've ever read." -- Amazon reviewer

Winner of the Dream Realm Award for Horror.
AKA: Uluru Dreaming

From distant space the beyond gods of darkness have come.
To feed...
To destroy...
To crush the earth.

For in the darkness there are things.
Evil things.
Hateful things.
Hungry things.

And there are some people who eat darkness.

In a land you have never imagined.
In a place you have never been.
An old warrior and a young woman must find a way to
defeat the minions of the dark.
A powerful, shape changing monster created of earth ,
agony, death and blood.
And an enemy of savage depravity.
More than human...
And less.
Eaters of darkness.

There are many ways to die...
And the darkness knows them all.

If you have never been afraid of the dark...
You will be.

Fear The Dark!

484 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 26 reviews.

Here's a a bargain Kindle book, available for 99 cents today!

Rotten Apple (Suspense thriller), by Natasha A Salnikova. (Still $0.99?)

From suspense author Natasha Salnikova comes this highly-rated thriller. It's a bargain book at $0.99 today!

"It seemed there was a new twist at every turn of the page. This is right up there with my favorites of 2012. I had no idea who was the good guy and who was not - everyone was suspect, and the author did not disappoint. You never know what's going on with Alexander, the main character. When you read a real suspense thriller, it's hard to read another book right away cause this one has to be digested thoroughly. I'll definitely be reading more by Ms. Salnikova." -- Ann Krihara, Amazon reviewer

Alexander Tallman enjoys life to the fullest. He has his own advertising company, a few girlfriends and a perfect wife, who is so na├»ve she doesn’t even notice her husband’s multiple affairs. But, one day, Alexander meets Karen. The woman is five years older than he and she wants to marry Alexander instead of letting him go, as others did. She doesn't want to give up; she wants Alexander to belong to her and only her. Alexander finds a reason for leaving that he thinks is good enough for Karen – his wife is pregnant. He obviously can’t leave her now (except she’s not). He hopes it will bring them to the finale of the relationship. He just doesn’t know how far a woman in love can go, a woman who was betrayed. When Karen finds out that Alexander wants to break off their relationship she doesn’t step back, but takes the reins of fate into her own hands. She decides to fight for her love no matter what the consequences. But everything turns out differently than she had expected and she becomes a marionette in somebody else’s game.

The book was originally published in Russian in 2011, becoming an instant hit. This is translated and adapted version for English speaking readers. Enjoy!

389 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 22 reviews.

Solomon's Porch, by Wid Bastian. (Still free?)

A work of Christian fiction, free today.

"Solomon's Porch brings home an important message to those led astray by the shallow materialism of contemporary society and is an accurate portrayal of life for those seeking Christ in American prisons." --David Patton MA., Mdiv., Publisher, Dynamis

"One would hope that many a sermon in our churches could be as powerful as this book and as fully consistent with Orthodox Christian teachings." --Elaine Vizard, Book Review Editor, The Bread of Life

We were created in the image and likeness of God. Our souls are eternal, but for a brief time the immortal is hidden within flesh, the timeless joined to the temporary. Trapped in this imperfect state, we strive to find ourselves and our Creator, our souls desperately seeking to become reunited with the Immortal One.

The characters in Solomon’s Porch struggle between the conflicting calls of world and spirit, they reach out for God’s mercy in the darkness. Through my imagination, they do battle with themselves and against evil, stumbling down the path of life making mistakes, sometimes horrific ones.

They ask, as we all do, why are we here? Is there a God and, if so, what does He want from us? What is our destiny? What is happiness? What is love? What is truth? Is it possible to make sense of a world that exalts the most violent, profane, and merciless among us?

The Son of God touched me, reached out to a very determined sinner and atheist, and by His grace is leading me toward salvation. While I by no means have all the answers, I no longer need them. Faith has replaced cynicism. Knowledge of Christ, who He is, and what He has called each of us to become, now lights my way as I patiently await the Lord’s mercy.

Let all who read Solomon’s Porch see if they can find their own road home through the One who assured us that He, and He alone, is “the way, the truth, and the life.”

452 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 27 reviews.

Bosom Bodies (Mina's Adventures), by Maria Grazia Swan. (Still free?)

Here's a mystery / thriller with a touch of romance - free today!

"Naive Mina, just helping out a friend, ends up in a mess of murder, smuggling, and deception. Man of few words, Diego, seems to show up at the most convenient times--is he part of the conspiracy or her rescuer? Not sure who to trust, Mina muddles her way through this puzzle, while barely managing to keep her pretty little neck intact. In this second of what I hope is a long series of Mina's adventures, Maria Swan carries us along for fun ride and a great read." -- Amazon reviewer

Italian-born Mina Calvi has a way of finding trouble, but when she offers to help a friend by moonlighting at Bosom Bodies restaurant, it’s trouble that finds her. The body of the restaurant manager is discovered on the beach, a hit and run victim, and Mina’s VW Bug is impounded as the vehicle used in the crime. Stunned beyond belief, Mina is suddenly up to her ears in assault, betrayal, smuggling and murder. Now the police are watching her. The mob is targeting her. And who comes riding to her rescue on a metal steed—none other than the cook at Bosom Bodies, the mysterious Diego. Is he more than a bad cook and a good lover' Is he protecting her, or setting her up' Scared, clueless and on her own, Mina struggles to reclaim her life and stay two steps ahead of those stalking her, but it’s a treacherous path and she’s losing ground fast.

246 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 11 reviews.

FIRST TIME KILLER, by Alan Orloff. (Still free?)

Another treat for mystery-lovers - free today!

"First Time Killer by Alan Orloff is about a radio talk show host who receives a call during his show stating the person is a first time caller - first time killer. He continues to taunt the radio station while killing people. The author has presented some very likeable characters; a terrific storyline and a well-written book. I was hooked from page 1. It's gripping and riveting. I look forward to reading more books by this author. Highly recommended." -- RJ Parker, Top 1000 Amazon reviewer

In shock radio, nothing is too far over-the-top in the pursuit of ratings.

Not even murder.

During his twenty-six-year career, D.C. radio talk show host Rick Jennings steered clear of outrageous radio. Wasn’t his thing. So when WTLK execs tap him for the Afternoon Circus to land a lucrative satellite deal, Rick struggles to maintain his standards—and his dignity. A chilling call (“I’m a long-time listener, first time KILLER.”) leads to the discovery of an intern’s arm in a trashcan. Rick spars with the “First Time” killer over the airwaves. The police are stymied. Ratings skyrocket. And First Time continues to knock off members of the Circus, phoning in to gloat afterward.

In a world of psychics and poseurs, crazy deejays and crazier callers, it’s up to Rick to bring First Time down before more people perish.


If you toss the movies Network, Play Misty for Me, and Talk Radio into a blender and add a liberal serving of Howard Stern, you’ll get the flavor of FIRST TIME KILLER (a full length suspense/thriller – 86K words, the equivalent of approximately 350 printed pages).

Zak Allen is the author of the ebook horror/thriller, THE TASTE.

Zak Allen also is the darker pseudonym of Alan Orloff, author of the Agatha Award finalist DIAMONDS FOR THE DEAD (2010) and the Last Laff Mystery series (KILLER ROUTINE (2011), DEADLY CAMPAIGN (2012)), from Midnight Ink.

286 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 4 reviews.

The Navajo with Jake & Rusty, by Jonathan Wyler. (Still free?)

"I found this to be a very entertaining story. It is set in the early 1940s and most of the story takes place on a train. It is obvious that the author put in some time doing research. The descriptions of the train and of California are accurate for the time period. The story moves quickly and you don't have to worry about getting bogged down in the characters background or page long descriptions. It is mostly action with just enough background to make the characters believable and real. The story is a combination mystery and spy story with a little romance thrown in. The story revolves around two soldiers who are making their way across the country. They are joined by a wanna-be Hollywood actress and a Midwestern girl. The story starts from their meeting on the train and the intrigue begins. " -- JBP, Amazon reviewer

THE NAVAJO, an action/romance/spy/buddy story wrapped up into a road trip. The setting is 1940 as Air Corps Sgt. Jake Vasquez and Marine Cpl. Rusty Henson are thrown together on a cross-country train trip in less than perfect surroundings. At their first meeting, Jake and Rusty almost get into a fight as they are two totally different personalities. Jake is young HIspanic working his way up in the Air Corps and wants to become a flight engineer. Rusty is a hot-headed redhead Marine from California whose Quaker parents have disowned him. Although they initially irritate each other, they soon learn to work togther for common purposes. They encounter Molly, a youngish Indiana country girl running from something, and Gabrielle, a fashionable New York model on her way to break into Hollywood. But something is wrong; someone wants something they may have. Follow their story in the best Agatha Christie Orient Express style. Follow Jake & Rusty from Chicago to California. Extensively researched for historical accuracy, it’s a great tale for train buffs, military WWII buffs and fans of romantic interaction. Although our heros are basically stright arrows, be advised there is one moderately intense homoerotic scene (although somewhat comedic). Romance or bromance, you decide. Come along for the ride. (BTW, The Navajo is the name of the train.)

69 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 6 reviews.

Around The World Travel (Travelogues and Travel Essays by a Budget Traveler), by Jeremiah Allen. (Still free?)

A 600-page travelogue, free today!

"A very interesting and detailed account of a young american's travels through several countries in Africa and Asia. It reads almost as a personal diary and is written with frankness and in plain language. The author also reveals his various ordeals, adventures and his personal impressions experienced in the various countries that he visits. Namibia is his first encounter with Africa where he spends the longest time and as such he often uses this biased experience to establish a comparison with the other countries that he visits. I must say that I often had some difficulty in understanding this young american traveller's attitudes toward local persons and the way he presented and behaved himself but I guess that when you are a "traveller on a shoe string" anything is possible and you become a survivor doing what you have to do. As a young american, riding on the benefit of having an afro-american President (Barrack Obama), the author shrewdly often uses this to weave his way through a world where sometimes the anti-American sentiment can become a hinderance. A recommmended light leisure read but definetly a biased, personal account with plenty of generalized and stereotypical views." -- Alberto, Amazon reviewer

One Backpackers Epic Journey To Circle The Globe

Upon college graduation, at the age of 24, I freaked out. I had no desire to begin a career. I had no idea what my career even was. My two degrees were supposed to give me guidance. They were supposed to give me a life yet the passion for a career and everything society taught me about how to measure success was opposite of what I was feeling. I needed to break free. There was only one solution. I had to travel.

Over the next couple of years I embarked on an epic journey to live and travel completely around the world. I awarded myself with a self-imposed exile and it was marvelous. I was running away from everything I had known. Soon I was swept up in the adventure of a lifetime: The book recounts the odyssey across the world, hitchhiking through rural Africa, on endless train rides through bustling India, on foot through the Himalaya, traveling by rickshaw in Thailand, by boat in Laos, and ferries in Vietnam.

In the course of my epic and enlightening journey tramping the globe, I endured danger, delay, and dismaying circumstances. Setting out without a planned itinerary, I gauged human psyches by purposely placing myself in uncomfortable situations. Talking with local Africans, Indians, Nepalese, Thai, Laotians, and Vietnamese, as well as other travelers who are like me, I meticulously tell the tale of human psychology, history, politics, and beauty that exists in a developing world in the midst of globalization.

Around The World Travel is based on the series of the same name that is also available in Kindle format.

621 pages, with a 4-star rating from 3 reviews.

For even more free books, browse through the Quick Pick table below!

Freebie Quick Picks!
Darklandia, by T.S. WeltiManhattan, 2147: Seventeen-year-old Sera Fisk gleefully celebrates the death of her 114-year-old great-grandmother, the last Atraxian alive who still remembers what New York was like before Felicity.<...
Clean It! A to Z Guide of How To Clean Your Home : 667 Ideas For Cleaning Everything,The Quick & Easy Way (Gleam Guru), by Colette LeighLet’s face it: cleaning your home can be a major frustration. There are spills to clean up. Endless surfaces to dust. Rugs to vacuum. Add all this to the busy life you lead with work, family, and fr...
DRT (A Ghost Story), by Eric ThomasGreg, a reclusive overnight traffic reporter in Washington, DC, has spent his life in fear, avoiding anything that might shatter his tenuous grasp on normal. It turns out Greg has no idea what it real...
Harry Defeats Ick & The Evil Plaque Monsters, by Auntie KimHarry, a young boy who doesn’t brush his teeth every night was attacked by the evil group of bacteria, called the Evil Plaque Monsters. The Evil Plaque Monsters started doing evil stuff in his mouth...
Making a Masterpiece of Your Life: The Craftsman's Way of the Art & Science of Skillful Living (Akin to: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Tony Robbins, Oli Hille, Getting Things Done), by Charles CollinsYour Life is a Masterpiece for the Making
No mission is more important. No adventure, more rewarding.

Anyone can make a 'maste...
Stupid Jokes, Short Funny Jokes and Funny One Liners (Jokes for all Occasions), by Ricky GravitasThere is a time and place for every joke.
Just as there is a time and place for every person.
Even if that person is a waste of time and space.

At our last 25 year school reunion...
WordPress Security: Protection from Hackers and Crackers, by Lambert Klein Wordpress Security

Is your Wordpress website REALLY as safe as you think it is'...
Your Wordpress Website Might Be At Risk Of Being Hack...

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