Saturday, January 12, 2013

Author profile: C. E. Martin, creator of the "Mythical" series

C.E. Martin left the midwest in 1990, after joining the USAF. After serving two years in Germany and then two more in California, he returned to Indiana, settled down, got married and is now the proud father of two girls.

Toiling by day as a civil servant, C.E. enjoys the classic pulp novels and B Movies on his time- which has led to his writing contemporary, "New Pulp" adventures featuring supersoldiers vs the supernatural.

C.E.'s writing credits include several years blogging for a midwest opinion blog under the pseudonym "troglodad".

When not writing, C.E. can be found lurking around the internet, as @Troglodad or even on Xbox Live- when his kids let him have the TV.