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Free and bargain Kindle books! (Friday Jan 4)

Free and bargain Kindle books! You asked for more children's books, so we've worked a few into our selection today - suitable for young children as well as tweens. 

Johnny B. Fast: The Super Spy 1, by Tom Doganoglu. (Still free?)

A young super-sleuth uses technology and gadgets to outwit his rivals... and finds himself transformed in the process. Teens and tweens will enjoy this mystery, which has over 30 five-star reviews!

"There are enough twists and turns to keep kids entertained the entire way through! Lots of fun technology and gadgets." -- Kurt Zimmerman, Amazon reviewer

"I downloaded this title for my 11 year old nephew who is an avid reader. He expressed that he enjoyed reading it and then told me every single detail of the story. Will definitely get him Part 2." -- The Writer, Amazon reviewer

"My two sons ages 12 and 8 love this book and I am being begged to get the rest of them. I love to watch my sons read something that they love, not something I have to force them to read. This is a great book for children." -- Lindsay, Amazon reviewer

Over 120,000 readers and counting!

Johnny Clunker was an awkward and shy kid who kept mostly to himself. But when the school day ended he became Johnny B. Fast, a super spy.

Utilizing super technology so advanced that it seems like magic, Johnny and his friends battle the United Order, a ruthless organization trying to acquire the Super Chip - a computer processor so powerful it can virtually hold the world's technology hostage.

But when one of his fellow classmates, Nancy Korrins, is also revealed to be a spy kid who was trained by the world's most deadly and advanced agent, Johnny has his hands full trying to figure out if he can trust her to help him capture the Super Chip, or if he has to fight her as his greatest rival.

Don't miss the other books in the Johnny B. Fast: The Super Spy series:
Johnny B. Fast: The Super Spy 2 - Available Now!
Johnny B. Fast: The Super Spy 3 - Available Now!
Johnny B. Fast 4: Origins Of The Widow - Currently being edited - coming early 2013

106 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 49 reviews.

Little Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood from Newfangled Fairy Tales, by Bruce Lansky. (Still free?)

A new spin on an ancient tale. Free today! Great for children ages 8 and up... and their parents, too!

"Here is a new generation of fairy tales to make children laugh, not hide under the covers." --Stephen Mooser, author of Young Marion's Adventures in Sherwood Forest

"Recommended." --Publishers Weekly

"The dialogue is cool, the farce is wild, and kids will appreciate how the damsels in distress make their own happy endings." -- Booklist

The Big Bad Wolf is running a successful scam on Little Red's Grandma until Little Red catches him in the act.

If you like this sample story, look for The Newfangled Fairy Tales series. Each fairy tale in the series puts a delightful new spin on classic stories and themes. King Midas is a workaholic banker who would rather play with his money than attend his son's Little League baseball games. The Three Bears invade Goldy's house because their forest home is being stripped to build a super highway. A Prince refuses to marry any of the grumpy princesses who lost sleep because there were peas under their mattresses. A clever princess pays a dragon to lose a fight so she can marry the man she loves. The twenty short stories in this series are lots of fun.

112 pages, with a 4-star rating from 130 reviews.

FOUR, by Elmo Adams. (Still free?)

Here's some highly-rated junior Sci-Fi. Free today!

"A book written with young adults in mind, I found this to be one of those books that makes even adults think "What if?". I would highly rate this book in more ways than one. I plan on giving it to my grandchildren to read. A great way to open conversations with teenagers, and we all know that is not easy. Well written, well thought out and the added attraction of entertainment value. Highly recommended as a gift for all young adults. -- Laura, Amazon reviewer

Have aliens visited Earth? Do they continue to do so?

I am sorry to say I don’t know. Many people say they have and continue to do so.

FOUR is a story about two middle school students and two of their teachers. These four are rather “normal” citizens of Central Florida. They do not live far from the premier Fantasy Vacation World on Earth, but their lives are not screen plays. They are normal.

Until that all changes. A violent Florida afternoon thunderstorm causes the change when it cripples the vehicle of a spaceman.

The FOUR meet the man from space, and there is no going back to the world of normal.

208 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 8 reviews.

eBully, by Dave Conifer. (Still free?)

A bit more of an edge to this one, but it's an important subject. The cyber-bullying aspect of this could make for some productive discussions with your teens.

"This is another well written read by Dave Conifer. It's frightening in how topical it is. Cyber bullying is all too prevalent in today's society. It's easy to forget that people on the other side of the computer screen are just that: people. What starts out as 'kids just being kids' can really ruin lives and this book hits that nail right on the head." -- Matthew Schiariti, Amazon reviewer

Vice Principal Steve Lukather is desperate. Just like last year, an internet bully is terrorizing one of his students at Lakeland Middle School. Last time it ended badly when the victim was found with two slashed wrists after an attempted suicide. This year, after a series of nasty computer messages and an indiscreet photograph of Carly Gillette spread through the student body Lukather knows it's happening again. This time he's determined to stop the bully in his tracks before Gillette ends up reaching for a razor blade.

Thirteen-year-old Scott Halifax has a juvy rap sheet that could peel wallpaper but he's just what Lukather needs -- a street-smart, tech-savvy kid with no roots. Lukather makes a deal with Halifax: go undercover as a student at Lakeland and nail the bully in return for a ticket out of the County Detention Center and a clean slate.

Once he's in at Lakeland Halifax teams up with Tom Seidel, the nerdy kid that everyone loves to hate. It isn't long before Scott, Tom and Carly’s best friend Lisa are working together. It takes a lot of hard work, some sly computer sleuthing and a little dumb luck before they expose the bully. And it’s the last person that anybody would have suspected.

eBully draws on recent headlines about cyber-bullying, including the need to update harassment and stalking laws to reflect new technologies.

"I wish I could give this book more than five stars. This book was a page turner from page 1. I think it should be required reading for middle and high school aged children both. Things are so different now for our children than they were for us. I've allowed both my 17 and 13 year old children to read this story. It's opened up some great dialogue between us. Highly recommend, especially to parents of teenage children." -- Smashwords review

189 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 25 reviews.

We hope you enjoy the teen and children's books above! There are a couple more in the Quick Picks table at the end of this post.

Now, on to some more free and bargain Kindle books!

Weaver (The Weaver Saga), by John Abramowitz. (Still free?)

This well-rated fantasy thriller is free today!

"I absolutely adored this novel! The idea of a secret society, with offspring bred to have extraordinary powers, and blurred lines between good and evil make this one heck of a roller coaster ride." -- Amazon reviewer

Fifteen-year old Alex Cronlord just met the boy of her dreams. Literally. Unfortunately, the dream involved him killing her. When she encounters him at her school the next morning, Alex understandably freaks out-and her mother's bizarre behavior only makes it worse. What Alex doesn't realize is that she can see the future-which will get her into a whole lot of trouble.

Across town, FBI Agent Moira McBain and her partner Andy Hall investigate a series of house burnings in Dallas, Texas. When a clue leads them to the Cronlords, Moira discovers a disturbing link between Alex's family and her own-which opens an old wound Moira has spent years trying to ignore.

Something is rotten in Dallas, Texas-something involving a secret society, children with extraordinary powers, and human-looking creatures who might literally be out of this world....

Welcome to a different kind of world-wide web.

176 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 16 reviews.

Winter Shock (The Grimoire Chronicles), by Sally Dubats. (Still free?)

This YA paranormal fantasy is free today!

"A dip into the mythological, as well as a deeper understanding of Wiccan belief and ritual help round out this tale of trust, truth and passion. Throughout the story, the weaving of the multi-layered mystery of love, with its twists and turns, help us to understand that things aren't always as they seem." -- Gerald Andres, Amazon reviewer

“Trenton drugged and kidnapped me. I was powerless.”

Cassie’s neighbors have secrets, and she is one of them.

A Witch taken against her will to an isolated, frozen wilderness on an impossible quest, Cassie defends herself against Trenton who has gone over to the dark side. One minute he’s adorable and charming, and the next weird, uncaring, and hostile. And now, Cassie fears for her life.

Winter Solstice draws near, and Cassie performs magical spells to gain clarity. Instead she is shocked by visions and mind jumps into the lives of strangers on the brink of disaster.

Why is she in a hostile, threatening wilderness? What is causing the horrific visions? Cassie discovers there is much more at stake than her own survival. To survive, she must overcome impossible odds.

4.9-star rating from 7 reviews.

Here's a bargain Kindle book, available for 99 cents today!

Sleeper, by Barry Friedman. (Still $0.99?)

A medical thriller, pulled from Dr. Friedman's real-life vignettes during his career as an orthopaedic surgeon. It's today's bargain book at $0.99!

"This is really a fast-paced book that keeps you guessing till the surprise ending. Dr Friedman has a wonderful command of the English language and it is a pleasure to read a book that flows so smoothly. He has inserted a wealth of medical knowledge which adds a lot to the enjoyment of the book." -- C. A. White, Amazon reviewer

When seven-year-old Angela Harris is rushed to a hospital emergency room in unexplained coma, Dr. Ben Allen, the young pediatrician assigned to her case, welcomes the diagnostic challenge. His enthusiasm turns to frustration when confronted with the child’s overbearing father, her phlegmatic mother, a knife-happy surgeon, and a hospital administrator who values fund-raising above patient care. Consumed by his efforts to save Angela before she falls victim to her mysterious illness, Allen must do so in the face of a series of events that threaten to end his budding career.

201 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 13 reviews.

Here's another bargain Kindle book, available for 99 cents today!

31 Brilliant Turkey Leg And Leftover Turkey Recipes, by Jenny Collins. (Still $0.99?)

I love turkey dinners! And I do enjoy the leftovers. Here are some ideas for making the best use of those festive dinner residuals.

"Enjoyed this book for its wide variety of recipes. At my house leftover turkey has always ended up in sandwiches, hot sandwiches or simply reheated. Loved the variety of recipes, and am looking forward to trying more of them this year. I am always buying new recipe books and most of them stay on the shelf. This is a keeper and one I'll be using often." -- Pat Cher, Amazon reviewer

After eating Turkey over Christmas and Thanksgiving you could be forgiven if you never wanted to see a slice, or leg of turkey ever again, but this book is packed full of tasty turkey recipes, whether it is turkey leftovers or the leg that normally gets left until last.

The majority of the recipes in this book can be prepared and cooked in well under one hour, recipes that include a curry, a stir fry, homemade spring rolls and homemade pasties. For the more adventurous ones amongst you try making the turkey, leek and asparagus terrine or the turkey chasseur. You will not be disappointed!

Here are some of the other delicious recipes included in this book:

Creamy Turkey, Leek and Ham Pies
Stuffed Turkey Legs Italian Style
Tasty Turkey Soup
Quick and Easy Leftover One Pot Turkey Stew
Turkey and Mozzarella Quesadillas
A Turkey and Mushroom Herby Rice
Turkey and Avocado Canap├ęs
Potato Salad with Turkey Anchovies and Olives
Farmhouse Style Turkey Pate

And many more!

77 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 8 reviews.

For even more free books, browse through the Quick Pick table below!

Freebie Quick Picks!

The Ugly Duckling (Illustrated), by Hans Christian AndersenA classic story by Hans Christian Andersen presented with modern illustrations. The story of how a little bird endures the abuses and miseries as he was growing up not realizing he would mature into a...
When Cows Fly, by Tom WatsonA fun story written in a rhyming, limerick style, "When Cows Fly" is aimed at the younger set. Illustrated with finely cut paper illustrations, the story revolves around a boy in the woods, his pet co...
India's Most Delicious Recipes (Chef Ban's International Recipe Series), by Chef BanGreetings to all the Adventurous Eaters out there!
Welcome to the world of Exotic Family Favorite Recipes from India!

This book contains most of the favorite recipes that...
Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media - A Beginner's Handbook (3rd Edition), by Dennis SmithPromote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media is a handbook for beginner's interested in using social media to grow a small business or take any cause to the internet. Learn how to create a blog, ...
Magic Rainbow Dragon (Zasper The Magic Rainbow Dragon), by Pam BrossmanZasper the Magic Rainbow Dragon is perfect for children 3-6 who love friendly dragons, fairies, pixies, magic and fairy tales.

The book is filled with lots of colours of the rainbow and fri...

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