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"Perfectible Animals," a post-apocalyptic technothriller by Thomas Norwood

One man's attempt to help his sick wife turns into a thrill-ride of secrets, new age religion, genetics, and bio-terrorism... not to mention love and accountability.

Perfectible Animals: A Post Apocalyptic Technothriller (EidoGenesis Book 1), by Thomas Norwood
Price: $3.99 $2.99
324 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 22 reviews

"Perfectible Animals by Thomas Norwood is a unique combination; a scientific thriller in a dystopian world with an ethical conscience." - Goodreads

"This was a riveting book and I found myself reading late into the night, and then getting up an hour before I usually start working just to finish it. With an explosion of post-apocalyptic fiction out there it should be easy to find something good to read-- but a lot of books I've read lately don't deliver in the end. This is definitely not true for "Perfectible Animals"." S.G. Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer 

"...questions of what it is to be a scientist and what it is to be human are posed, but left for the reader to answer. And all that between the lines of a fast-paced, plot-driven thriller. A very quick read, but one that will leave you thinking." - Allan Dyen-Shapiro (Critique partner from OWW writing workshop, science fiction author, Ph.D. Biochemistry, Author of 23 papers in the scientific literature.)


It's 2065. Environmental and social chaos are poised to disrupt all life on Earth.

Michael Khan, a geneticist struggling to save his wife from a deadly virus, is recruited by a secret organization to engineer the next stage in human evolution - making us immune to disease and highly cooperative.

When the military learns of Michael's research, he is hired to create genetic resistance to a weaponized form of E
bola being used against their troops. However, the military has its own agenda, and Michael soon learns that nobody, not even his own government, can be trusted.

Perfectible Animals is a unique blend of science fiction and thriller. If you like books by Michael Crichton or Kim Stanley Robinson, combining complex plots, compelling characters, and scientific details, then you'll love Perfectible Animals.

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Meet the Author

Thomas Norwood grew up in Melbourne, Australia. He spent most of his twenties traveling the world and trying not to take things too seriously, and most of his thirties trying to make up for lost time by taking everything way too seriously. As he approaches forty, he hopes he can find a happy balance.

Thomas currently lives in the Yarra Valley with his wife and two cats along with a large assortment of native animals. His house runs on solar power and rainwater, and his vegetable garden is slowly improving. Although he's not actively preparing for an apocalypse, he thinks you can never be too careful!

You can visit his website at

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