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Bargain Kindle books! (Tuesday Dec 17)

Text Me (8 Novels of First Love), by Shana Norris. (Still 0.99?)

This fresh box-set collection features eight light-hearted teen novels, at an unbeatable price!

"Rarely have I enjoyed a book as much as this one. This story about a teenaged witch with a talent for brewing potions will have you chuckling all the way from beginning to end. Poor Zoe, in addition to coping with average teenage challenges, must deal with her divorced parents, a best friend who isn't always friendly, and a boy who may or may not still be attached to previously mentioned best friend. While ordinarily I don't consider young adult novels to be my cup of tea (with occasional exceptions such as The Hunger Games trilogy), I highly recommend this book for all age groups. Ms. Alexander obviously has a great sense of humor along with an admirable imagination and the ability to write an enthralling book. Kudos to Ms. Alexander!" -- Amazon reviewer

TEXT ME is a fun, fresh collection featuring light-hearted teen novels from eight bestselling authors with more than 300 combined reviews and an average 4.3 star rating on Amazon!

Discover a new favorite or a new series with this box set of contemporary and paranormal first love stories with sassy heroines that will have you crushing, swooning, or laughing out loud.

Purchased separately these eight novels would cost more than $20.00, so you can get a whole bundle of great reads for a great price!

(Best for readers 12 and up)

Like Mermaids' Surfacing by Shana Norris
Mara Westray has just lost her mother, and being shipped off to live with the father she doesn't know is not how she imagined grieving. But from the moment she steps off the ferry, nothing is as ordinary as it looks. As she tries to unravel the events that led to her mom fleeing the island sixteen years ago, Mara finds that the biggest secret of all is only the beginning.

Like Mysteries' Codename: Dancer by Amanda Brice
Bombs, poisoning, arson… Will aspiring ballerina Dani Spevak’s 15 minutes of fame on the hit TV show Teen Celebrity Dance-Off be over before she reaches age 15' Dani and her friends are suddenly at the center of some serious sabotage. And if she doesn’t find out who is behind it, her next pirouette could be her last.

Like Angels' Winging It! by Shel Delisle
Angel in Training Grace Lightbourne wants to earn her wings fast, so she skips school in Heaven, heading straight to Earth on a Mission as an apprentice Guardian Angel. But, she'd better watch out -- she's flying by the seat of her pants.

Like Time Travel' Like Clockwork by Elle Strauss
When Adeline travels back in time to 1955's Hollywood, she meets a James Dean-esque type hottie.
But can bad boys from the past be trusted'?

Like Witches' Stirring Up Trouble by Juli Alexander
Zoe Miller is a 15-year-old witch with a talent for potions. Then there's all the so-called normal stuff. Like high school, her annoyingly selfish "friend" Anya, and her crush on Anya's ex-boyfriend Jake. Now, Zoe's dad is dating Jake's mom, and things are getting more and more complicated. Zoe's tired of fate interfering so cruelly in her life. Can you really blame her for putting her potions to not-so-good use and stirring up trouble'

Like Sweet Entertainment' Confessions of a 16-Year-Old Virgin Lips by Cindy M. Hogan
VL. Virgin Lips. You may not have heard of it, but where I live, it's a thing with a card, even if it is a figurative card. Maybe that's a bit strange. I mean, what teenage girl isn't interested in kissing' Locking lips definitely interested me, but the drama that came with it didn't. No kissing, no drama. Simple.

Like Fairy Tales' The Curse Girl by Kate Avery Ellison
When Bee is imprisoned in a magical, cursed house because of her father's selfish choices, she has just one plan ... escape! But she must solve a riddle and help her fellow prisoners break the curse that binds them all before she can leave, and that is proving more difficult than she originally thought thanks to the bitter young master of the house, Will.
Will wants nothing to do with Bee or her help (and he certainly isn't planning on falling in love with her), but he might have underestimated just how determined and clever – and irresistible – she can be.

Like Cute Crushes' Chasing Puberty by Kat Brookes
Puberty has left high school freshman Logan Stanley behind. Join her on her journey as she discovers that being a true 'It' girl is only a state of mind -- you just have to believe!

pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 5 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

GARGOYLE KNIGHT, by William Massa. (Still 0.99?)

"The author weaves a tight plot, the book is fast paced, and drew me in from the beginning and kept me there. I was hooked from the first sentence. It’s a story where characters transcend time and the ages, with sacrifice, envy, a hunger for power, with romance and a bit of the the dark super-hero. Put it all together and you have a book which keeps one reading to see what happens on the next page. The book unfolds like a movie in the reader’s imagination. The author is able to find the right balance between dark and light, the present and the past, myth and history. Somehow there is a something in the book to attract readers of most genres and all ages. For those readers, like me, who are particular about editing, this book will be a joy to read. Kudos to the editor and the proof-reader. For those readers who are conscious of the price of books, the launch price is right too." -- Amazon reviewer

When his kingdom is threatened by an ancient evil, a king is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice. If he is to defeat an army of monsters, he must become one himself! His victory carries a terrible price… An eternity frozen in stone.

Fifteen centuries later, the Celtic warrior is awakened when the world needs him most. A stranger in a strange land with his only guide a beautiful archeology student, he must battle his old adversary once again, all while struggling with his own darkness. For he is by day a man, by night cursed to become… The GARGOYLE!


162 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 6 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

Pabby's Score (Prairie Winds Golf Course), by James Ross. (Still 1.99?)

Save on this Kindle Countdown Deal!

"The author continues to develop honest and unusual characters and universal human pitfalls and challenges in his fifth book Pabby’s Score. Again, the backdrop and point of overlap for multiple story lines and characters is a suburban public golf club. Like real life, the web of people and issues and conflicts is initially confusing, sometimes seedy and off-color, often downright amusing but ultimately results in a coherent lesson in how self-serving corruption both small and large has a social and personal impact in seemingly unrelated ways. Never let a lot of fun stand in the way of some thought provoking satire and subtle social commentary. Good book for those who recognize there are many routes to a destination. Also, of course, a great book for those who love golf and hate corrupt lawyers." -- Amazon reviewer

Pabby and Shae, teens with special needs hoping to expand their experience outside Footprints of Hope Foster Care Center, arrive at Prairie Winds Golf Course on the east side of St. Louis.

Innocence and youthful enthusiasm get caught in an undercurrent of sinister events.
Civil injustice prompted by an unethical attorney arrives in the form of a bogus insurance claim. Alcohol and greed taint a dishonest judge. An Internet dating site feeds an affair. Shady police work attempts to stain the reputation of head pro, J Dub Schroeder. As the court spins out of control an ethics board investigation and an edgy game of instant messaging tempt the hands of fate.

Savant-like tendencies, Dementia and flying falcons intertwine with Native American customs, thoroughbred racing and a trip up the river road to Lighthouse Point.

A retired barrister hints about a corrupt underground society. Can revealing a dark secret settle PABBY'S SCORE?

446 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 10 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

City of the Fallen (Dark Tides, Book One), by Diana Bocco. (Still 2.99?)

"Think Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets The Walking Dead meets Twilight" - James Noel from Quality Reads UK Book Club

"4 Solid Sexy Stars! Completely Mesmerizing and Seductive! So Glad I Read This One!" - Hazel G. from Craves the Angst Reviews

Five years ago, vampires came out of hiding and took over the world. It was meant to be a quick enslavement but it turned into a bloody battle that brought humanity to the brink of extinction.

Isabelle Bryant is one of the "lucky" survivors, now living in hiding, scavenging for food through deserted towns.

And she's tired of it.

So she's devised a plan: find the king of the vampires and drive a stake through his heart.

Except that wickedly sensual king Marcus is nothing like the monster she expected. And while landing on his bed was part of the plan all along, discovering that he might hold the key to humanity's survival certainly wasn't. The catch' Saving humanity also means ensuring vampire survival. It means giving up hope for a return to a human-ruled world.

As sparks fly and hate becomes heat, Isabelle must pick a side -- before the darkness devours them all.

191 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 50 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

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