Friday, March 28, 2014

"Origins: Psychic Unleashed," by Eric Drouant

Don't miss this opener to a new thriller series from Eric Drouant!

Origins: Psychic Unleashed (Remote Psychic Thriller Series), by Eric Drouant
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265 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 13 reviews

"A top-notch thriller with all of the requisites for a fast-paced read: ruthless and determined government officials, likeable protagonists in danger, and a well-developed sense of tension throughout." -Erica Lucas

"Origins is a great kickstart to a fantastic high concept thriller series." - Alex Prosper

The Cold War is raging beneath the surface. The US government needs an edge. They find it with Cassie Reynold and Ronnie Gilmore, two unsuspecting kids with uncanny psychic ability. What the agents assigned to harness this ability don't know is that Cassie Reynold won't go easily.

The battle for their freedom and their power will bring death and destruction. For the government it's a fight for power. For Cassie and Ronnie it means life or death.

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Meet the Author

Notes on "Origins: Remote Series Book 1" - The path this one took surprised me. It was originally intended to feature the male character. His girlfriend Cassie was slated to be a bit character. But she had a different idea. Within a very short time she she simply stepped in and took over without any conscious effort on my part. From there I simply bowed to the inevitable and she became the driving force in the work. She is already in firm control of Book 2 and I see no hope of wresting the thing away from her.


Notes About Me

I began writing in a roundabout way. I was 44 years old and had just sold a business. Being unemployed I spent a lot of time piddling around with this or that. One night I sat down and wrote up a quick little piece on my involvement with Little League Baseball with my kids. On a whim I sent it off to the local paper and forgot about it.

About a week later the editor called me up and asked if I was applying for the part-time sports reporters job. I wasn't, but he asked me to give it a try. Man, that was a fun job. Paid next to nothing but I had a great time with it. The sports editor was also brand new and we became friends. I not only did games but feature pieces and eventually turned out a weekly column that a lot of fun to write. I was pretty much given a free hand and each week became a challenge to write the goofiest things I could think up.

From there the sports editor and I began writing for websites as a team, providing news and preseason reports on sports teams, concert reviews, and other such stuff. That work has continued on a limited basis over the last few years as I've deployed overseas to do work for a defense company.

The short stories I write I see as a training ground as I prepare myself for a longer work sometime in the future. What form it will take I have no clue and very little concern. I think things just come to you. When I begin a short story I usually just have a picture in my mind of a scene and the question becomes "How did this scene come to be?" or "Where does this go from here?" Then it's off to the races.While I eventually would like to do a full length book, and I will, right now I'm having fun with the short stories. But stay tuned because this scene could very well lead to something unexpected.

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