Sunday, March 16, 2014

Free Box Set! Post-Human Series, Books 1-4

Today's Box Set Bargain is a four-pack containing the first books of the "Post-Human" series from author David Simpson. This highly-praised sci-fi epic lays out in a thrilling pace the effects of sophisticated artificial intelligence on humankind. Download all four books for your Kindle today for free!Post-Human Series Books 1-4

Author: David Simpson

Genre: Science Fiction
Ave. Rating: 4.7 stars
Est. Pages: 806
Price: $0.00

**LAST DAY FOR FREE** Exclusive for those who download the books 1-4 edition today, is the raw version of Chapter 1 and the beginning of Chapter 2 of Inhuman (Book #5)! I'd like to say that I'm trying to satisfy your craving for more Post-Human action, but that would be a lie. I'm totally trying to tease you instead! Enjoy your sneak peek!

BOOK DESCRIPTION: This collection of the first 4 books of the Post-Human Series tells the epic and fast-paced story of the future of humanity and the extraordinary benefits--and profound dangers--of powerful artificial intelligence.
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"I read through the books, feeling a strong connection to the characters, wishing at times some of the tech were real, and at others being very thankful that humanity is not quite there." award winning website

"Post-Human, a noteworthy sci-fi novel."

"A thought-provoking, energetic sci-fi book, with a robust dose of high-octane exploits." -By A.F. Stewart, author of Chronicles of the Undead (Review for Trans-Human)

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