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When Angels Dare: Playing Cupid, by Angelin Sydney. (Still free?)

"There's always something right with a good love story. It doesn't always need to be fancy, but a story well told is enough to get me hooked to it as a reader. As I picked up 'When Angel's dare', I had a good feeling about it. But often these romantic novels go down the same path and fail to excite me. However, I found Angelin's novel quite different from the rest, and it definitely lived up to my expectations. " -- Amazon Reviewer

What happens when Angels play cupid?

This touching and humorous version of Sleepless in Seattle may only be 8,000 words, yet it delivers beautifully.

Daniel is a doctor in one of the busiest public hospitals in Sydney. Guin is a kindergarten teacher in another part of the City. Their paths have never crossed, nor could it ever. Not without help.
So, their Guardian Angels hatched a plan.
Will it work?

Find out what the Angels got up to. Get your copy of When Angels Dare Right Now.

210 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 3 reviews.


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Because of Lucy: 2016 Revised Edition (Butterfly Days), by Lisa Swallow. (Still free?)

"I read this super-fast! Couldn't put it down. It was a smart, sexy and touching romance. The question of 'who is Lucy?' kept me guessing for a good part of the book! This turned out to be a gorgeous romance between developed characters, with the realism and sexiness of all this author's books. I particularly loved how the prickliness of Ness starts to soften, and the smooth hottie Evan has to actually work for something for a change. Definitely recommended for lovers of a well-written contemporary romance." -- Amazon Reviewer

Ness's parents have planned her life, but Ness is determined to control her own future. She turns down her place at medical school and moves to Leeds with her best friend, Abby.

Ness meets Evan and watches girls fall over themselves for his attention but has no interest in the hot English student who includes poetry in his seduction techniques.

Evan is amused by the uptight girl who refuses to fall for his charms and engages in a battle of wits to win her over. 

Evan is struggling to escape too and throws himself into the student lifestyle to hide from the past following him. In Ness, Evan finds somebody who shares the need to walk away from what people expect him to be.

But Evan can't hide from his past forever and when Lucy appears she threatens his new relationship with Ness. Ness is unsure she can deal with the effect Lucy has on Evan and makes a new decision about her future.

When Ness discovers why Evan is hiding, everything changes. Ness and Evan are both faced with difficult choices. All because of Lucy.

Because of Lucy is an emotional New Adult romance set in England.

Because of Lucy was originally published as a novella in 2013. 
This is a NEW EDITION that has been REVISED AND EXPANDED into a novel length book. 
The original novella has a different cover and is now no longer available in ebook.

*This book is written in British English and includes British spelling and idiom*

222 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 47 reviews.


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The Shop on Main: Small Town Romance (Comfort Crossing Book 1), by Kay Correll. (Still free?)

"The story is reminiscent of classic movies, with a gentle romance and friends who stand by you, no matter what happens. It's the kind of story you curl up with while enjoying a cup of tea, and there are other books in the series to enjoy after this one. " -- Amazon Reviewer

Sometimes, doing the right thing backfires…
Bella Amaud is desperate when she learns her business and the home she lives in with her two boys are about to be whisked out from under her. As she scrambles to maintain her fragile financial security and independence, she fears she may lose more than just The Shop on Main and her home.

Nothing is working out like Bella planned—she finds out the man she is falling for, Owen Campbell, is the businessman at the center of all her problems.

Owen has secretly longed to belong—somewhere—anywhere—his whole life. When he decides to give his long-lost brother, Jake, back his birthright, he unknowingly thwarts his briefly held hope of a place where he can put down roots and a family he longs for.

Nothing is working out like Owen planned—neither Bella nor Jake wants anything to do with him.

How can a man who is used to being in control and a woman determined to make it all on her own find a way to happiness?

The Shop on Main is Book One of this sweet romance series. Bella and her best friends, Jenny and Becky Lee, navigate the heartaches and triumphs of love and life in the small Southern town of Comfort Crossing, Mississippi. The series is the continuing saga of the three friends, their families, and the people of Comfort Crossing.

209 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 371 reviews.


Thorns of Rosewood: Book 1 (Rosewood Series), by G. M. Barlean. (Still 1.99?)

"The Thorns' story will resonate with anyone who has dealt with overinflated egos and cruelty that power can create whether in small town America or the boardrooms of Chicago. This story is a page turner which sends you from laughter to gut wrenching rage with a turn of the page. Thank you, Ms. Barlean, for the emotional ride. " -- Amazon Reviewer

Gloria Larsen knows only three things about her birth mother: she was over forty, she lived in Rosewood, Nebraska, and she was accused of murder in 1974.

When Gloria is offered a job as newspaper editor in the small town, she jumps at the opportunity to discover the identity of her birth mother. Digging into the past, she finds a story of the disappearance of a judge's wife and four friends accused of murder. Gloria tracks the now-elderly women to an assisted-living facility. This is Gloria’s chance to write the story of a lifetime and finally know her heritage. Even if she can't learn the truth of her origins, she must find out what really happened to Naomi Waterman Talbot.

326 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 315 reviews.


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