Friday, November 11, 2016

Free and bargain Kindle books! (Friday, November 11)

Here is today's selection of bargain Kindle books!

Sealed Up: The Course of Fate -- Book One, by Steve Dunn Hanson. (Still 0.99?)

"This page turner with its plots and subplots holds together because of Hanson’s substantial research, his word-smithing facility, and his feel for just the right phrase and pacing. He is an accomplished story teller who gives us rich, but not burdensome, detail about the setting’s geography, folklore, languages, religions and cultures. You’ll love the ending! FIVE STARS!" -- Amazon Reviewer

The Da Vinci Code unsettles. SEALED UP shakes to the core!

#1 in Kindle Store . . . Action & Adventure SUSPENSE
#1 in Kindle Store . . . Action & Adventure THRILLER
UCLA anthropologist Nathan Hill, in a funk since his young wife’s death, learns of staggering millennia-old chronicles sealed up somewhere in a Mesoamerica cliff. This bombshell rocks him out of his gloom, and he leads a clandestine expedition to uncover them. What are they? Who put them there? No one knows. But, self-absorbed televangelist Brother Luke, who funds the expedition, thinks he does. If he’s right, his power-hunger will have off-the-charts gratification.
Striking Audra Chang joins Nathan in his pursuit and brings her own shocking secret. As they struggle through a literal jungle of puzzles and dead ends, she finds herself falling in love with Nathan. Her secret, though, may make that a non-starter.
When a shaman with a thirst for human sacrifice, and a murderous Mexican drug lord with a mysterious connection to Brother Luke emerge, the expedition appears doomed. Yet Nathan is convinced that fate—or something—demands these inscrutable chronicles be unearthed.
And if they are . . . what shattering disruption will they unleash?
Intricately layered and remarkably researched, this enthralling suspense-driven and thought provoking tour de force begs a startling question: Could it happen?

Click the “Look Inside” feature on the top left hand side of the page to begin the gripping action adventure SEALED UP promises.

402 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 102 reviews.


Fading Past, by Mary Kathleen Mehuron. (Still 3.99?)

"Mehuron captures the mood and angst of her generation starting with her childhood in the turbulent and sometimes chaotic 60's and reaching across the millennial divide to present day in a thoughtful, intimate, funny and sometimes painful way. This story comes from the pen of a keen observer of life caught up in the winds of change that blew her from coast to coast and brought us from Assassinations and disillusionment, through the 911 dividing line into the life changing impact social media has had upon us all. Through it all we get to know, cheer for and eventually love Kathleen and Belinda as they navigate a sometimes troubled and uncertain world. There is fire and loss here, but this is the way a child becomes a person. Not without tears and scars - but not without laughter, hope and redemption as well. This is a powerful first outing from a very promising new author and I highly recommend it!"-- Amazon Reviewer

As America exploded into the swinging sixties, nine-year-old Mary Patricia's parents fled their old melting pot neighborhood to join the upwardly mobile members of the cocktail generation. Abandoned at seventeen when her family moves yet again, Mary Patricia is left to ride out a tsunami of struggle, including lying about her age in order to land a job working for the Chicago Mafia. Gut instinct tells her that she is in imminent danger and she escapes, to the counterculture of Southern California in the early 1970s and then a jubilant Bicentennial Manhattan. Her tenacious pursuit of a college degree takes her north to Vermont, where she hopes for a stable life when she marries and has three sons. It’s a Pyrrhic victory as she confronts a string of calamities, including divorce, catastrophic illness and her parents' deaths after 9/11. Rising from the ashes, she and her husband reunite and Mary Patricia finally gets what she so richly deserves: The time of her life.

“Spanning fifty years, Fading Past is by turns funny, poignant, and heart-rending—a tale of two centuries as eloquent as it is finely wrought.”
Bestselling author James M. Tabor author of The Deep Zone and Forever on the Mountain.

“Mary Kathleen Mehuron’s honest, memoir-like novel, Fading Past, tells the epic story of Mary Patricia Toohey, whose story bridges a half century of American history. It’s a clear-eyed yet kind-hearted examination of friendship, family ties, marriage, and courage, by a serious and thoughtful writer who knows whereof she speaks.”
Howard Frank Mosher, award winning and bestselling author of A Stranger in the Kingdom and Where the Rivers Flow North.

“Mehuron’s debut contains all of the elements that readers’ of women’s fiction look for - family entanglements, loves gained and lost, the search to recapture youth, and the rewards and forfeits of friendship."
Nanci Milone-Hill author of Reading Women: A Book Club Guide for Women’s Fiction.

“I couldn’t put it down. I read for hours, and when I finished, I wandered
around for a while, still living with Mary Patricia and her family. . . so well written and a truly interesting story.
Reeve Lindbergh author of Under a Wing and Forward From Here: Leaving Middle Age and Other Unexpected Adventures.

273 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 9 reviews.


Free today!

Dourado: A Dane Maddock Adventure (Dane Maddock Adventures Book 1), by David Wood. (Still free?)

"Wood keeps his characters in the forefront, and lets the relic and the mystery surrounding it take a back seat, which is really what fans of the action-thriller genre want. When he finally does pull back the curtain a little, the secret is a whopper. Dourado is a brisk read, reminiscent of early Cussler adventures, and perfect for an afternoon at the beach or a cross-country flight. You'll definitely want more of Maddock." -- Amazon Reviewer

A sunken treasure. An ancient Biblical artifact. A mystery as old as humankind. On January 25, 1829, the Portuguese brig Dourado sank off the coast of Indonesia, losing its cargo of priceless treasures from the Holy Land. One of these lost relics holds the key to an ancient mystery. But someone does not want this treasure to come to light. When her father is murdered while searching for the Dourado, Kaylin Maxwell hires treasure hunter and former Navy Seal Dane Maddock and his partner Uriah "Bones" Bonebrake, to locate the Dourado, and recover a lost Biblical artifact, the truth behind which could shake the foundations of the church, and call into question the fundamentally held truths of human existence. Join Dane and Bones on a perilous adventure that carries them from the depths of the Pacific to ancient cities of stone as they unravel the mystery of the Dourado.

"A fast-paced adventure with action to spare. Dane Maddock is a hero cut from the Dirk Pitt mold, and "Bones" Bonebrake is the best sidekick around. If you like your thrillers with a touch mystery and Biblical archaeology, Dourado is the book for you." -- Megalith Book Reviews

"Dourado is a brisk read, reminiscent of early Cussler adventures. You'll definitely want more of Maddock." -- Sean Ellis, author of Dark Trinity- Ascendant

230 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 238 reviews.


Fallout (The Incorruptibles Book 2), by S.D. Wasley. (Still 2.99?)

"I love the way the story, characters and plots developed in this book. A fast paced, easy read with a really catchy story. There were a few twists and turns which made the stort rwally come together. I can't wait to read what happens next with Cain, Frankie and the rest of the group. " -- Amazon Reviewer

Even when love seems unbreakable, it can still be battered, distorted—damaged beyond repair.

There’s only one thing Frankie yearns for these days, and that’s to share the gift that makes Cain so extraordinary. But no matter how inferior she feels, she’s determined to help the man she loves with his secret rescue work, hoping that one day she will access a higher power of her own.

The one thing she knows for sure is that nothing will ever come between her and Cain again.

Then a stranger arrives in their midst, disrupting the solid loyalties in Cain’s group. This man has the very thing Frankie needs to unlock her powers, but the price is higher than she could have dreamed.

Can Frankie and Cain’s love survive the fallout?

Fallout is book 2 in the new adult paranormal romance series, The Incorruptibles, by Amazon Bestselling author S.D. Wasley.

Downfall - Book 1: Available now.
Fallout - Book 2: Available now.
Unforgivable - Book 3: Available June 16, 2016 (preorder now)

306 pages, with a 4.9-star rating from 10 reviews.


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