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Always Know What To Say - Easy Ways To Approach And Talk To Anyone, by Peter W. Murphy. (Still free?)

"If you are a shy person who finds it difficult to communicate with new people then this book will be helpful. Peter Murphy presents conversation starters, explains body language and teaches you what to ask people when you first meet. This book contains simple strategies for entertaining conversations." -- Amazon reviewer

Want to know the easy way to approach and make conversation with new people? In this book you`ll discover simple ways to ensure you always have something interesting to talk about.

Find out how popular people make it look so easy and how you can do the same.

This short 17 page book covers the following strategies:

- How to Approach Someone to Start a Conversation
- 9 Great Ways to Confidently Approach Anyone
- How to Stop Feeling Nervous When Meeting New People
- What to Say When Introducing Yourself to New People
- 6 Easy Ways to Avoid Getting Stuck for Words
- 10 Interesting Topics of Conversation for Every Occasion
- The Best Questions to Keep a Conversation Going
- How to Shine in Conversation with Listening Skills
- How to Use Body Language to Read People Like a Book
- Show People You Like Them and Make Friends with Ease

Start reading this book right away and you`ll enjoy better conversation skills and have much more fun talking to the people in your day to day life

86 pages, with a 3.6-star rating from 788 reviews.

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GETTING UNSTUCK, Moving Beyond What's Holding You Back:: (Identify the negative patterns that ruin your life), by Lilliet Garrison. (Still free?)

"Helpful. I liked the clear uncluttered explanations, would recommend this to anyone who is clouded in their journey. young or old alike." -- Amazon reviewer

If you're not living the life you've always dreamed of, perhaps it's because you've picked up negative thinking and behaviors that are keeping you from enjoying your life. Many of us know when we're not happy or fulfilled, but we may not know the reasons. Discover what's holding you back and develop the positive traits that will bring you what you were designed to receive. Discover for yourself the secrets to living a blessed life -- the life you've yearned a lifetime for, but may not have known how to develop.

62 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 35 reviews.

The Healthy Habit Revolution: Create Better Habits in 5 Minutes a Day, by Derek Doepker. (Still 0.99?)

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"For anyone out there that is trying to make a habit stick READ THIS BOOK -- it is a life changer! I love how REAL you were in your writing, it was like having a conversation with a friend! Thanks again!" -- Amazon reviewer

Learn How to Create Habits That Stick In Just 5 Minutes A Day

Is there something you know would change your life for the better, but you're missing out because you can't get motivated to do it consistently?

Do you ever find even if you have temporary success making good choices, you fail to make lasting change and eventually go back to your old ways?

The problem isn’t that you’re weak-willed. The real problem is you’re taking the wrong approach. You’re not utilizing the proven scientific insights discovered in modern psychological research that show how you can transform your habits in the shortest amount of time possible and get a truly lasting change.

"The Healthy Habit Revolution" takes cutting-edge research from behavioral, cognitive, and human needs psychology and puts it into a simple daily step-by-step blueprint for creating better habits.

Even if you only have five minutes a day, you can add these steps to your daily routine to almost effortlessly change your life.

I’ve applied these tactics to develop a daily meditation habit, a morning routine, and skyrocket my productivity as a writer – things I used to constantly struggle with.

You’ll be given step-by-step program that will show you…

Day 1: The #1 thing that will sabotage any chance of lasting success if you don’t address it first.

Day 3: How 6 human needs drive all of your habits, and why they’re the keys to reprogramming your behavior.

Day 5: Why trying to get motivated first often doesn’t work, and a simple “can’t fail” alternative that automatically generates motivation as a side effect.

Day 7: How the wrong type of reward actually prevents you from developing permanent habits.

Day 9: Why changing a single word in one’s vocabulary took success in making a healthier choice from 39% to 64% in a research study, and how to get even better results using this principle.

Day 11: How the force stronger than willpower determines how far you can take your healthy habits.

Day 16: 3 magic words to effortlessly overcome overwhelm and annihilate procrastination.

Day 18: A hidden psychological barrier most people never even think about that puts the brakes on creating better habits, and a quick and easy process to conquer it.

Day 21: What to do when need to create major transformations fast to virtually guarantee your success.

The Ultimate Secret Lesson Most Habit Books Never Talk About… Why even the best habits can be incredibly destructive if you don’t have one thing to keep them in check.

146 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 17 reviews.

New Mom, New Woman: Creating Your Smart Motherhood Plan, by Rachel Egan. (Still 0.99?)

"As a young working mom, I counted the hours I spent with my daughter, looking for a formula of good parenting. What I wouldn't have given for this book to talk some sense into me. Down-to-earth, honest, bursting with helpfulness, and so very loving, this is the book I will give at every baby shower I attend. I wish every new mother had a copy." -- Jennifer Louden, best-selling author, retreat leader, internationally renowned coach

New Mom, New Woman provides you with skills and strategies to become more competent, decisive, and empowered. You will develop a broader perspective of your new life, a deeper awareness of your needs and desires, and a keen understanding that a life you love won’t happen miraculously; it needs to be consciously defined and deliberately designed.

Rachel Egan, MBA, is a certified life coach and President of Maternity Transitions®—a national coaching service provider. She is the author of Life after ‘I Do!’ and lives in Massachusetts with her husband and four children.

137 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 8 reviews.

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