Sunday, March 31, 2013

"There is No Otherwise," by Ardin Lalui

When's the last time you read a *really* good short story? Critics are raving about Ardin Lalui's exquisite, gritty writing in "There Is No Otherwise." Don't miss this gem! $2.99.

There is No Otherwise, by Ardin Lalui

"Short stories make a tough calling card when entering the field of literature, but in the case of author Ardin Lalui this story, THERE IS NO OTHERWISE, proves to be a seductive entry into a field that has heavy competition - stories about the Americana of the dry, desolate, has-been plains of Texas and New Mexico. So this young lad from Irish descent has a vision of life in the dust of Texas farmlands - and that vision happens to be so well defined that in one short story he stands like a man with a very promising future. The quality of prose paints places and people so well that he can be compared very comfortably to writers such as his inspired guide Cormac McCarthy, and Colm Tóibín and Carson McCullers. Writing like this doesn't come around often, and when it does, it demands our close attention. Ardin Lalui appears to have a very solid future. Watch him." -- Grady Harp, Amazon Top 50 reviewer

This is the critically acclaimed and emotionally charged story of JP McGrath, a young cowboy who at sixteen finds himself working on the Tobin Ranch east of El Paso. JP has been forced to grow up fast, life has been hard, but his biggest test is yet to come. On a night out drinking with friends, a chain of events is set in motion as violent as it is unstoppable.

Already, JP has been hailed as having entered the ranks of the most interesting, sympathetic and poignant characters to populate the lonesome, literary West. This beautifully designed series of stories, of which this is the first, is fast becoming one of the most anticipated western collections of recent years.

"Haunting in its sorrow and filled with humor, this is a remarkable debut from one of the country's most exciting new writers." —Expo77

"This one is weighty and so laden with honesty that it will leave you aching for more." —Guerilla Book Worm

"There is No Otherwise, proves to be a seductive entry into a field of... stories about the Americana of the dry, desolate, has-been plains of Texas and New Mexico." —Grady Harp

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Meet the Author

Ardin Lalui was born in Ireland in 1981. He later lived in Eastern Europe, Africa, South America and Canada. He received a law degree from the University of Aberdeen but gave up the law to live a life of adventure. He has been writing since 2007 and published his first story on Amazon Kindle in 2012. His biggest influences are Cormac McCarthy and the lyrics of Tom Waits.

Visit Ardin's website at

"Upload," by Collin Tobin

"A real page-turner!" "Fascinating read!" "Gripping!" So say readers of this tautly-written technothriller. Collin Tobin's writing style is captivating, and he moves a solid plot along at breakneck pace. Save $3! Reduced to $1.99 for today.

Upload, by Collin Tobin

" exciting, contemporary, clean mystery that you will not want to miss." - Laurie's Thoughts & Reviews

"While young adults will enjoy it, adults of any age will also find it engaging." - The Chaotic Reader

"A wonderful story about two teens learning about loss, love, courage, greed and everything else life throws at us. I highly recommend this read for anyone looking for great mystery, great character development, and just an overall great story." - Offbeat Vagabond

"A mix of technology, both real and slightly futuristic, but not so far into the future as to be unbelievable, some evil villains, and an ending that was a surprise on several levels, all kept the tension building to the end." - Big Al's Books & Pals

Someone’s always watching.

Jay Brooks’s life is in chaos. His mother’s sudden death has unhinged his father, making Jay a stranger in his own home. He seeks solace by spending his spare time with his best friend, Bennie, but matters are further complicated by his crush on Chloe, Bennie’s older sister.

A wheelchair-bound hacker, Bennie Welch practically lives in his basement computer lab. Longing to make genuine connections to the outside world, he secretly films people’s precious memories for later sale and surfs the crowds at rave parties, despite the danger to his frail body.

One night, Jay’s hobby of Wi-Fi hotspot hunting turns serious when he unwittingly blunders into the scene of a crime and downloads a mysterious transmission. When Jay brings Bennie the contents of the transfer, Bennie embraces the opportunity to use his skills to investigate.

As Jay and Bennie dig deeper into the world of electronic secrets, they find that the simple video has far-reaching implications that not only threaten their lives, but society as they know it. Tracing the mysterious coalition responsible leads them on an inexorable journey that will change them forever.

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Meet the Author

Collin Tobin lives in Massachusetts with his wife and two daughters. He holds a bachelor's in English and master's in Education. He has worked in the software industry for the past twelve years. He was the lucky recipient of the Mississippi Literary Festival's 1st place in poetry and has also published poems in "character i" and "The Drum".

When he's not writing, he enjoys re-reading Nabokov's fiction in chronological order, eating very hot salsa, and dreaming up inventions with neither the capital nor the initiative to see them through.

His greatest accomplishment is his wonderful family.

Bargain mystery books for your Kindle! (Sunday Mar 31)

Here is today's selection of bargain Kindle books!

The Last Plea Bargain, by Randy Singer. (Still on sale?)

Assistant DA Jamie Brock prosecutes a murder case where the defendant is a high-profile defense attorney... and has to re-evaluate her ethics in order to reach a conviction.

"What would happen to the legal system if suddenly every defendant demanded a trial by jury? With over 90% of cases settled by plea bargain agreements, if defendants were no longer willing to work out a deal, it would literally bring the legal system to a halt. This is the scenario Randy Singer presents in his latest legal thriller, The Last Plea Bargain. For those who enjoy legal thrillers, Randy Singer is the author to check out. His novels are fun, insightful, complex, intelligent stories which are meticulously researched and developed. After impatiently waiting 18 months to read The Last Plea Bargain, I was not disappointed!" -- Amazon reviewer

Plea bargains may grease the rails of justice, but for Jamie Brock, prosecuting criminals is not about cutting deals. In her three years as assistant DA, she’s never plea-bargained a case and vows she never will. But when a powerful defense attorney is indicted for murder and devises a way to bring the entire justice system to a screeching halt, Jamie finds herself at a crossroads. One by one, prisoners begin rejecting deals. Prosecutors are overwhelmed, and felons start walking free on technicalities. To break the logjam and convict her nemesis, Jamie must violate every principle that has guided her young career. But she has little choice. To convict the devil, sometimes you have to cut a deal with one of his demons.

432 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 86 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

Bitter Nothings, by Vicki Tyley. (Still on sale?)

Dervla uncovers terrible secrets from the past after her step-family is killed and her father disappears.

"Vicki Tyley is the Australian P.D. James - a writer whose work is a can't miss read." -American Editor

"Tyley is a master at weaving a complex, multilayered plot." -BigAl's Books and Pals

Half her family have been murdered in their beds. Her father is the prime suspect. And things are about to get a whole lot worse...

Graphic designer Dervla Johns wakes one morning to the news that her father, Warren, is missing and her stepmother and step-siblings were found dead in their beds. While the police hunt for Warren, Dervla searches for answers. Could her father really be a killer? Refusing to be warned off by police threats, or intimidated by the reporter who appears to be following her, she delves into her family's past.

But as she uncovers one shocking secret after another, Dervla's world is rocked further by another murder - and she finds herself desperately trying to untangle a web of illicit love and betrayal. Soon, Dervla must face her greatest fear... or suffer the same deadly fate as her stepmother.

BITTER NOTHINGS is a thrilling page-turner that fans of Erica Spindler and Karin Slaughter will love.

"If you like mystery fiction with a psychological flair, Vicki Tyley will deliver. She understands that fiction is about real people, and that real people have their dangerous flaws." -Scott Nicholson, Bestselling author of Liquid Fear

233 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 14 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

Dying to Get Published (The Jennifer Marsh Mysteries), by Judy Fitzwater. (Still on sale?)

This "comic mystery tour de force," long out in paperback, is now available for your Kindle.

"I was captivated by the humorous and suspenseful story of Jennifer Marsh, a fictional aspiring mystery writer, and her ultimately deadly attempt to get published. The story simply leapt off the page, and I enthusiastically recommended it to my boss, who heads up Ballantine's mystery publishing program. I was very happy when he enjoyed it as well, and shortly afterward we acquired DYING TO GET PUBLISHED and two sequels from Judy Fitzwater. I hope that others will love the book as much as I did." -- Amazon reviewer

Judy Fitzwater's comic mystery tour de force, originally published by Ballantine Books, is finally available in electronic format.

Jennifer Marsh is a mystery writer with a stack of eight unpublished manuscripts and rejection letters to match filling her closet. She's sure that if she can just get famous for something, someone will have to publish her books. Why not murder'

She'll find a target so mean that she'd actually be doing the world a favor by bumping him or her off. And she knows just the person:
Penney Richmond, a high-powered literary agent who's made it her job to ruin people's lives. All Jennifer has to do is frame herself, do the deed, and come out with an iron-clad alibi, and she'll be well on her way to getting a three book deal. So what if she chickens out at the last minute' A vegetarian good girl who rescued a greyhound could never actually kill someone. But when Penney is found murdered and the police think Jennifer did it, she’d better find the real murderer before she goes away... for life.

Along with her eccentric writer's group, spunky old ladies with a nose for sleuthing, her neurotic greyhound, and a sexy, sarcastic reporter named Sam, Jennifer embarks on a journey filled with danger, deception, and disguises that could leave her Dying to Get Published...

“In a roller coaster of hilarity, Fitzwater has crafted three-dimensional characters with warmth, realism, and wickedness.”
-- The Snooper
"A sprightly novel, Dying to Get Published will entertain all writers...[It] offers a word to the wise: Never thwart a mystery writer, published or unpublished."
-- Carolyn G. Hart
“Enjoyable reading for writers hoping to break into the mystery field.”
-- Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine
“Jen’s a warm, intelligent character, and Fitzwater provides an entertaining (and for aspiring writers, frustratingly familiar) look at the world of writing and publishing.”
-- Publishers Weekly
“Judy Fitzwater has come up with a highly original motive... Fitzwater’s characters are...fascinating...she has created an ambitious woman with murderous intent, who is also lovable and sympathetic.”
-- The Mystery Review
“...funny, fast-paced...Jennifer is presented as intelligent and full of initiative...the supporting characters are a hoot. The plot has enough twists and turns to keep readers guessing.”
-- The Mystery Reader
“Fitzwater skewers everybody in the publishing business...and has fun doing it. The reader will enjoy the ride.”
–-Glynco Observer
“’s dynamite.”
–-Murder Most Cozy

240 pages, with a 3.6-star rating from 137 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

Petectives, by Robert J. Smith. (Still on sale?)

This charming mystery novella follows the exploits of Gatsby, the master feline sleuth.

"A very entertaining read without humanizing the acting animals too much. The plot is well invented, and has a typical animalistic outcome." -- Amazon reviewer

It's almost Halloween and freewheeling feline private eye Gatsby and his cerebral mentor Yoshi have decided to help a pretty young cat find her missing brother. What starts as a routine missing pet investigation soon pits them against both a gang of vicious criminal pit bulls as well as the neighborhood dog police, who are looking into rumors of dogfights. While Gatsby's up to his whiskers in danger and romance, Yoshi's putting together the pieces of a puzzle that could rock their community. Can the boys find a missing cat and shut down a dogfighting operation while staying two steps ahead of the local dog police? It's all in a night's work for the Petectives!
An 18,000 word mystery novella.

58 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 8 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil