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"Too Little, Too Late," by Marta Tandori

This suspenseful thriller is highly praised by its readers, has a 4.7-star rating, and is a good deal today at $2.99.

"From 1945 Poland and the horrors of the war, through 2011 Too Little, Too Late follows young Katarina Holberg through her life as she tries to put the pieces back together after the war. She discovers truths about her family that completely change how she sees herself as a human being, a daughter and a sister. This dark secret about her family, and especially her father, haunts her throughout her childhood, scars her in young adulthood and very nearly kills her, her daughter and granddaughter. I am very happy, as an avid reader of mysteries to have found this author!" -- Amazon reviewer

TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE, by Marta Tandori

A young runaway takes refuge in a makeshift shack under the Hollywood Freeway, forcing the autistic woman in it to find milk for her sickly newborn – a search that ultimately ends in tragedy when the woman is run down by a hit-and-run driver after a violent confrontation with several teenagers. When one of those teenagers, seventeen-year-old Karen Devane, is implicated in the woman’s homicide, the tabloids are quick to exploit the tragedy, thanks to Karen’s recent antics as a spoiled Tinseltown “celebrat” riding on the coattails of her famous grandmother, the legendary Kate Stanton. Complicating matters is the dead woman’s daughter, who’s determined that Karen be held accountable for her mother’s death, even after the charges against Karen are dropped. With tensions between Karen and her family near breaking point and the paparazzi relentlessly hounding her every move, Karen makes a startling discovery which finally puts her on the road to redemption – and links the dead woman to her beloved grandmother.

Karen’s discovery raises a host of troubling questions for Kate, forcing her to revisit the horrors of her past in search of answers. But Kate soon realizes that some questions are better left unasked after a seemingly random shooting leaves her granddaughter fighting for her life and Kate scrambling to stay one step ahead of a killer who’s determined to end her life in order to save his own.

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Meet the Author

Marta Tandori was born in the former Yugoslavia, but moved to Canada at a young age. By the time she reached fifth grade, she was an avid reader and writer with a stack of short stories collecting dust in a box under her bed but it wasn't until she began studying acting in her early twenties at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York that Marta realized acting wasn't really her passion - writing fiction was.

At some point after getting married, having two children and working in a busy, downtown Toronto law firm, Marta found the time to take several writing workshops as well as correspondence courses through the Institute of Children's Literature in Connecticut. She credits the award winning author, Troon Harrison, as the instructor who helped her find her literary voice. Marta's first work of juvenile fiction, BEING SAM, NO MATTER WHAT was published in 2005, followed by EVERY WHICH WAY BUT KUKU! in 2006. With her more recent endeavors, Marta has shifted her writing focus to "women's suspense", a genre she fondly describes as stories having "strong female protagonists with lots of skeletons hidden in their closets and the odd murder or two to complicate their already complicated lives".

Marta lives in a suburb of Toronto, Canada with her husband, one grown child and a menagerie of faithful family pets where she is currently at work on a new book.

More from this Author

Free and bargain Kindle books! (Thursday Feb 28)

Here is today's selection of free and bargain Kindle books!

Origin, by J.A. Konrath. (Still free?)

Let's start today off with a bang: an exciting technothriller from best-selling author J.A. Konrath. Over 170 five-star reviews, and free today!

"Intriguing idea, plus action! A monster that looks like the devil is found in 1906 and awakens now. The scientists in a bunker try to communicate with it, and quickly find that it out-thinks them as it tries to escape. I'm no fan of horror, but I thought that was only a small part here. Really, a fun techno-thriller. I've ordered some others of his, which I am anxious to try. Good fun." -- Amazon reviewer

Thriller writer J.A. Konrath, author of the Lt. Jack Daniels series, digs into the vaults and unearths a technohorror tale from the depths of hell...

1906 - Something is discovered by workers digging the Panama Canal. Something dormant. Sinister. Very much alive.

2009 - Project Samhain. A secret underground government installation begun 103 years ago in New Mexico. The best minds in the world have been recruited to study the most amazing discovery in the history of mankind. But the century of peaceful research is about to end.

Because it just woke up.

Book Description

When linguist Andrew Dennison is yanked from his bed by the Secret Service and taken to a top secret facility in the desert , he has no idea he's been brought there to translate the words of an ancient demon.

He joins pretty but cold veterinarian Sun Jones, eccentric molecular biologist Dr. Frank Belgium, and a hodge-podge of religious, military, and science personnel to try and figure out if the creature is, indeed, Satan.

But things quickly go bad, and very soon Andy isn't just fighting for his life, but the lives of everyone on earth...

ORIGIN by J.A. Konrath
All hell is about to break loose. For real.

ORIGIN is approximately 76,000 words long, and is specifically formatted for Kindle, with an active table of contents.

About the Author

JA Konrath is the author of eight novels in the Jack Daniels thriller series. They do not have to be read in chronological order to be enjoyed, but for those who want to know it is: Whiskey Sour, Bloody Mary, Rusty Nail, Dirty Martini, Fuzzy Navel, Cherry Bomb, Shaken, and Stirred.

Jack also appears in the novels Shot of Tequila, Flee, Spree, Three, Timecaster Supersymmetry, Banana Hammock, and Serial Killers Uncut, as well as the short story collection Jack Daniels Stories, and the novellas Floaters and Burners.

Last Call, the ninth Jack Daniels novel, will be available in spring of 2013.

Other novels include Disturb, The List, Shot of Tequila, and Serial Killers Uncut.

Konrath writes horror under the name Jack Kilborn, including the bestsellers Afraid, Trapped, and Endurance.

He has sold over a million ebooks.

306 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 352 reviews.

Gone For a Soldier (Gone For Soldiers - Volume 1), by Jeffry S. Hepple. (Still free?)

I have enjoyed reading Jeffry Hepple's works of historical fiction, so am excited to see this well-reviewed and absorbing work available free today! Hepple excels at taking great historical moments in our country, and depicting them in a personal way through the eyes of the participants.

"Think you know about the Founding Fathers? Wait until you read the real stories of the political intrigues and personality clashes surrounding the events leading up to the Declaration of Independence! Patriots, Loyalists, British and French officers, women of easy virtue, and spies of all persuasions figure in this story of the turbulent events surrounding the difficult birth of the United States of America. The research that went into this novel must have been mind boggling- a labor of love. This is a story well worth reading and the characters will stay with you long after you turn the final page." -- Amazon reviewer

Divided by loyalty to the King of England and the idea of democracy, the Van Buskirk family struggles from the Boston Tea Party to the Battle of Yorktown to preserve a way of life or forge a new nation.

This novel includes descriptions of major battles, transcriptions of letters from George Washington, John Adams, Benedict Arnold and many other prominent figures of the American Revolution as well as important documents such as the Declaration of Independence and articles by Thomas Paine.

804 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 30 reviews.

My Temporary Life (My Temporary Life Trilogy), by Martin Crosbie. (Still free?)

This romantic suspense has been downloaded over 100,000 times. With over 120 five-star reviews, this book is yours free today!

"There were moments of magic, scenes filled with foreboding, passages that were poetic and ruminative, others that were breathtaking. The masterful handling of Malcolm's mother, especially in "the car wash scene," was brilliant. There were many scenes, especially toward the end, that were fast-paced and made the book impossible to put down. It is a book you will not want to miss." -- Amazon reviewer

Book One in the MY TEMPORARY LIFE Trilogy

"It has everything, simply everything-a coming of age, a romance, and a thriller all rolled into one delightful read."

Malcolm Wilson learned that everything is always temporary. Growing up, he's raised by a promiscuous mother who can't stay out of trouble, his best friend is a thirteen-year-old alcoholic, and the masters at his tough Scottish school are always raising their canes in his direction. When he becomes an adult, he escapes, and chooses the safe route, watching the rest of the world from a distance. Everything changes the day he meets the beautiful, alluring, green-haired Heather, and when he learns of Heather's own abusive childhood and the horrific secret she's been carrying, Malcolm makes a decision-this time he's not backing down, whatever the cost.
The first book of the MY TEMPORARY LIFE Trilogy deals with friendship, love, and what it means to be a hero. A top-ten Amazon bestseller in all categories, the self-publishing journey the author undertook to publish this work has been documented in Publisher's Weekly, Forbes Online, Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper, as well as Amazon press releases.

333 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 177 reviews.

Here's a bargain Kindle book, available for 99 cents today!

Creepy 1: A Collection of Scary Stories (Creepy Collection Series), by Jeff Bennington. (Still $0.99?)

A spine-tingling collection of short stories - bargain-priced today at 99 cents!

"Creepy by Jeff Bennington is a collection of five spooky stories that are sure to leave shivers trailing down your spine. Three of these stories are Jeff's witness accounts of actual supernatural events and the other two stories are fictional works that are detailed and brilliant. After reading Creepy I find myself checking over my shoulder, looking into the corners and wondering what is lurking around me!" -- Amazon reviewer

The Creepy series is a one of a kind combination of true supernatural occurances, mixed with a variety of supernatural short stories. Creepy contains The Rumblin' and Murdoch's Eyes. Best of all, Creepy includes some of the author's real life supernatural experiences... absolutely true ghost stories.

Read Creepy 2 and Creepy 3 for ONLY 99 cents each!

"I was around ten years old when I had my first supernatural experience. Thirty years later, my ghosts have returned and they are creepier than ever. I've seen full-bodied apparations, felt a dark presence practically breathing down my neck, and everyday I work with a ghost who seems more curious than anything." ~ Jeff Bennington

The Rumblin'
The Shadow Man
Murdoch's Eyes
The Ghost Named Earl
Someone in the Basement
These ghostly experiences have influenced my writing and allowed me to truly capture the essence of fear and suspense that you'll discover in my fiction. If you enjoy creepy tales from Stephen King, you'll love my heart pounding, short stories too.

"With the author using horror as a psychological special effect, Murdoch's Eyes packs a fearsome punch. A killer of a short story thriller!" - Michele Tater, The Couch Tater Review

"Murdoch's Eyes is a wicked, twisted little tale. A thrilling paranormal both well written and with some truly freaky characters. I don't think I'll ever look at anyone with green eyes the same again." - Jen Wylie, Author of Sweet Light

"Reading the reviews of this book, I wondered if it was all it was hyped up to be. Reading it - I discovered it really was. The violence is beautifully executed, the plot is perfect in its speed and intensity and the characters are wonderfully written. Jeff Bennington has written a stunning story here. Ten out of ten." - Michael Wilson

72 pages, with a 3.8-star rating from 58 reviews.

Forsaken - A Novel of Art, Evil, and Insanity, by Andrew Van Wey. (Still free?)

This intelligent blend of ghost story, supernatural thriller, and mystery is enthusiastically praised by readers... and is free today!

"Intricate, disturbing, unexpected, and scary! I can honestly say that I haven't read something like this in a long time. I would highly recommend this book for all lovers of the paranormal and horror genres." --Autumn @ Open Book Society

"I cannot recommend Andrew Van Wey's Forsaken highly enough. Not only is it one of the best electronic reads I've come across yet, but it's the kind of highly polished, well-written story that I only wish I could have on my shelf as a hardcover first edition. Yes, it's really that good!" --Sally @ Bibrary Book Lust

"The story itself is amazing. I was completely drawn in almost immediately. There is believability to these characters that I really liked; they could easily be that family that lives down the street. So many super creepy parts that I did not want to read this book before I went to bed." -- Jenn @ Completely Booksessed


A beautiful house, a loving wife. Two kids, a dog, and a professorship teaching art restoration at the local university. Your name is Dan Rineheart. You've got it all.


On the cusp of autumn a mysterious painting arrives. No name. No date. No signature or frame. Only a note that reads: Here in art, denial. It's a disturbing work of grotesque perfection; two children with cruel eyes, a window onto an endless field, and a dying tree on top of a hill. A work of art... that changes with each viewing.


...Where wretched children crawl from a canvas prison to stalk the quiet halls of this happy home.

...Where painted clocks tick-tock away in the dark hours before dawn, and a missing dog whimpers from between the walls.

...Where all answers lead to a dark artist and an impossible creation, a cursed canvas with a twisted past...


FORSAKEN is an intelligent blend of ghost story, suburban supernatural thriller, haunted house, and mystery. Perfectly written for fans of early Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Peter Straub, it's a terrifying tale of secrets and lies, of nightmares made flesh; where the scariest stories are the ones that coldly whisper into your ear until madness and death are a welcome gift.
Lock your door.
Turn on the lights.
Do NOT read FORSAKEN late at night.

459 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 68 reviews.

Frame-Up, by Eric Christopherson. (Still free?)

This legal thriller has non-stop action - check out the enthusiastic praise from some of Amazon's top reviewers! Free today.

"Frame-Up is every bit the equal of "Crack-Up" for ratcheting up the tension as the reader wonders if Will Pruett will really be executed for a murder for which he framed himself. Will Pruett is cool as a cucumber as he goes through the arrest process, but he never bargained on the dangers waiting for him at the jail on Rykers Island. Samantha Ortiz is a spicy enchilada of a detective who's going to prosecute Pruett all the way to the death chamber, and it appears that she's succeeding." -- Amazon reviewer

Book of the Year Award winner,

"An original premise and a well-told crime novel with strong, compelling themes. Clearly
there is quite a bit of talent here." -- John Schoenfelder, Senior Editor, Mulholland Books

Will Pruett is a young magazine journalist with a father who sits on death row, claiming innocence. While his father's execution date looms, capital punishment is under consideration for abolishment by the state government of New York. Will seeks to influence the debate and to speed the abolishment along by framing himself for a murder he had nothing to do with--demonstrating how a simple coincidence or two can cost an innocent man his neck. With assistance from his publisher and a defense attorney, Will succeeds in getting himself arrested for the murder before realizing the actual murderer has arranged for him to take the fall for real . . .

NYPD Homicide detective Samantha "Sam" Ortiz conducts an investigation complicated by a city on edge due to racial tensions inflamed by the murder, by a district attorney anxious to capitalize on the case in time for his reelection, by a thirst for revenge within her own police department, and by the man she'd put behind bars who belatedly insists he'd incriminated himself on purpose.

Sam must not only determine whether Will is telling the truth but also follow unexpected investigative leads involving Nazi-stolen artwork missing since WW II and illicit high-tech genetic engineering. Will she crack the case? Or will there be a family reunion on death row?

357 pages, with a 3.9-star rating from 24 reviews.

The Magic In The Receiver, by Paul Dillon. (Still free?)

This work of literary fiction has earned warm reviews for its lyrical writing. Free today!

"The story has two main timelines - one is the "earthquake" timeline and the other one is set in the present day as Elena comes to Kefalonia with her father to commemorate the events of the past. The backdrop for the novel is gorgeous, as it should be, being a Mediterranean island during the warm season. This is a literary-style novel with elaborate writing and beautiful turns of phrase. Recommended." -- Amazon reviewer

Set on the enchanting Greek island of Kefalonia, THE MAGIC IN THE RECEIVER is both a moving family saga and modern romance exploring the timeless enigma of love.

"If you liked Captain Corelli's Mandolin, you'll surely enjoy THE MAGIC IN THE RECEIVER ..."
-Maria Karamitsos, The Greek Star - Summer Book Review 2012

Kefalonia Island, Greece: 1953
Tragedy strikes the Katros family following the Great Ionian Earthquake and nine-year-old Ioannis joins thousands in a mass-evacuation of the Greek island.

Sixty years later, accompanied by his American daughter Elena, Ioannis returns to attend a mysterious mountain festival and lay his ghosts to rest. Embracing her Kefalonian roots, Elena extends her stay on the island, despite the protests of her jealous fiancé. A chance encounter leads to a night of passion with the wealthy and enigmatic Ben, who soon sees lust turn to love - or is it a dangerous obsession...

"The Magic in the Receiver is a paradise retreat for the senses..."

"...a love story with poetic obsession."

229 pages, with a 4-star rating from 13 reviews.

Here's a bargain Kindle book, available for 99 cents today!

HELP ME Eliminate My Pain Doc!, by . (Still $0.99?)

This short guide provides 9 steps to relieving back pain, from sports injury specialist Dr. Jerry Dreessen. 99 cents today.

"If you have been living a life in pain then you owe it to yourself to get this book! A must read for anyone living in pain or trying to rehabilitate themselves out of pain!" -- Amazon reviewer

Are you a person stuck in a "pain rut"? Are you dealing with pain every single day of your life, wondering when it will go away? Do you live your life day-to-day taking pain meds that are loosing their effectiveness, or causing you other symptoms? Or are you experiencing pain from a recent injury and are looking for ways to heal faster and stronger?
This is a book about where pain and inflammation comes from, and how to treat it. The core problem to treating anything is just figuring out what it is. In this book, you'll work your way through 9 proven steps, gaining knowledge and taking action steps that can give you the peace of mind you've been looking for.
Combining his treatment protocols over the last 26 years of family practice, as well as information from his lecture series, Dr. Dreessen lays out an easy to follow format using the nine steps to eliminate pain.

48 pages, with a 5-star rating from 1 reviews.

For even more free books, browse through the Quick Pick table below!

Freebie Quick Picks!
Deadlocked, by A.R. WiseDavid was caught in the middle of the city when the zombie outbreak started. His wife and daughters were at home, stranded on the roof as zombies waited below. He would have to fight through hordes of...
Excuse Me, My Brains Have Stepped Out, by Pandora Poikilos
Anya Michaels is having the time of her life. She has the man of her dreams by her side. She has graduated at the top of her class. She has the job others were lining up for. Between late night d...
Redesigning Emma, by Diane Owens PrettymanRedesigning Emma transports us to the turn of the last century, when Five Points gang leader Paul Kelly held sway with the criminal element, Emily Post hosted the absurdly wealthy, and the mentally il...
It Started with a Whisper, by A.W. HartoinWishes are powerful things, if you belong to the MacClarity clan. You can ask Ernest for anything and he’ll make it come true, even though he’s been dead for nearly a hundred years. Puppy MacClari...
Vile Blood, by Max Wilde"Nasty. Can't wait for the sequel." - JACK KETCHUM 4 X Bram Stoker Award-winning author

Perfect Me (Perfection Labs), by Jason Z. ChristieFunny sci-fi in the vein of Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".

Five year-old Prail Abraxis of Praxis has a boring job taking care of the three suns that orbit Earth 2.0, so...
Vestige (Book #1), by Deb HanrahanIn the Midwestern suburb of LaGrange, something is amiss. Over a twenty-four-hour period, all the children under the age of thirteen along with many adults have disappeared without explanation. ...
Phil, the Fly Rider - An Adventure for Children ages 7,8,9,10,11,12, by Amabel Pearl"Phil, the Fly Rider" An adventure for kids - Genre: Adventure / Fantasy - Age Level: 7-12 year

To his sister, Phil is a disgusting boy, who only likes the most horrible thi...

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Kindle Daily Deals--a court thriller, a romance collection of short stories, a sci-fi series and a teen deal!

Today's Daily Deals--get 'em while they're hot!

Here's today's Kindle Daily Deal, available for $1.99 today!

Guilt by Degrees (A Rachel Knight Novel), by Marcia Clark.

Someone has been watching D.A. Rachel Knight--someone who's Rachel's equal in brains, but with more malicious intentions. It began when a near-impossible case fell into Rachel's lap, the suspectless homicide of a homeless man. In the face of courthouse backbiting and a gauzy web of clues, Rachel is determined to deliver justice. She's got back-up: tough-as-nails Detective Bailey Keller. As Rachel and Bailey stir things up, they're shocked to uncover a connection with the vicious murder of an LAPD cop a year earlier. Something tells Rachel someone knows the truth, someone who'd kill to keep it secret.

Harrowing, smart, and riotously entertaining, GUILT BY DEGREES is a thrilling ride through the world of LA courts with the unforgettable Rachel Knight.

449 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 39 reviews. X-Ray, enabled. Whispersync for Voice audiobook available for $6.49 if you purchase this book.

Here's today's Daily Romance Deal, available for $1.99 today!

Falling in Love...Again: TruLove Collection, by Anonymous.

Whether you're heartbroken or have sworn off love forever; it's perfectly timed or when you least expect it, this collection of fourteen inspirational stories will convince you that there's always a chance you'll...fall in love again. It's hard to imagine that out of the depths of despair can eventually come a new opportunity for love, but in these tales you'll meet a jilted bride, a single mom, a 9/11 widow, and a bitter city girl who all get a second chance at loving happily ever after.

241 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 6 reviews. Text to Speech, X-Ray, enabled.

Here's today's Daily Science Fiction/Fantasy Deal, available for $0.99 today!

Wormhole (The Rho Agenda), by Richard Phillips.

Book Three in the Rho Agenda trilogy

When the Rho Project’s lead scientist, Dr. Donald Stephenson, is imprisoned for his crimes against humanity, the world dares to hope the threat posed by the Rho Project’s alien technologies is finally over.

The world is wrong.

In Switzerland, scientists working on the Large Hadron Collider have discovered a new threat, a scientific anomaly capable of destroying the earth—and only Rho Project technology can stop it. In exchange for a full pardon, Dr. Stephenson agrees to create a wormhole that will send the anomaly into deep space. But his promise masks the alien agenda that brought the Rho Ship to earth.

Now a trio of altered humans, Heather McFarland and Mark and Jennifer Smythe, must infiltrate Stephenson’s wormhole project and stop it, no matter the cost. The ultimate battle has begun and, this time, mankind cannot afford to lose. The final installment to Richard Phillips’s Rho Agenda trilogy brings the epic tale to an explosive conclusion that will echo long past the final page.

539 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 450 reviews. Kindle Owner's Lending Library, Text to Speech, X-Ray, Lending enabled. Whispersync for Voice audiobook available for $1.99 if you purchase this book.

Here's today's Kindle Daily Deal, available for $2.99 today!

Wintergirls, by Laurie Halse Anderson.

The New York Times bestselling story of a friendship frozen between life and death

Lia and Cassie are best friends, wintergirls frozen in fragile bodies, competitors in a deadly contest to see who can be the thinnest. But then Cassie suffers the ultimate loss-her life-and Lia is left behind, haunted by her friend's memory and racked with guilt for not being able to help save her. In her most powerfully moving novel since Speak, award-winning author Laurie Halse Anderson explores Lia's struggle, her painful path to recovery, and her desperate attempts to hold on to the most important thing of all: hope.

300 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 203 reviews. Text to Speech, X-Ray, enabled. Whispersync for Voice audiobook available for $4.95 if you purchase this book.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kindle Fire Free App of the DayP Project Downforce

Today's Free App of the Day is Project Downforce
Originally $0.99

This is a Grand Prix racing game. I downloaded it and haven't tried it yet. The one review at this point, a three-star, mentions the controls not working well. If any of you has an alternate app recommendation, let us know!

0 of 1 reviews are four stars and above.

These apps are compatible with the original Fire and with my Fire HD 8.9" 4G. To tell if an app works for your Fire HD or other Android device registered to your Amazon account, click on the above link and look on the right side of the web page.  Amazon will tell you if it will work with your registered device.

Have fun!

Also check out the other digital deals from Amazon, including great deals on MP3s and videos:

"Chameleon," by Cidney Swanson

This highly-praised follow-up to "Rippler" has over 40 five-star reviews... and is free today!

"This sequel to Rippler was just as strong as the first in the series. This trilogy is full of realistic and lovable characters, beautiful settings, and a TON of awesome history. Everything in the book is presented in a way that makes the outlandish seems believable, and that's a sign of a great writer. I love that this is a young adult book with fantastical aspects that doesn't exactly edge over into the paranormal world of things that go bump in the night-- it's a really refreshing change and I haven't read any other books in this age group that tackle such an interesting topic." -- Amazon reviewer

Chameleon (The Ripple Trilogy-2), by Cidney Swanson

**2/25-2/28, Get All 3 Ripple Series Books For Just $4.99**
Rippler: (or B0052ZLUQQ) FREE
Chameleon: (or
Unfurl: (or
B006Q5TTNC) Just 4.99


Sixteen-year-old Samantha Ruiz has a lot on her mind. The crush who kissed her but changed his mind. The BFF who thinks Sam is in an abusive relationship. The Nazi-geneticist who wanted Sam dead but now wants her ALIVE. All this, and she's still dealing with a tendency to disappear into thin air. When Sam learns of her nemesis Helmann's Nazi-like plan to re-establish a Thousand-Year Reign, she's determined to fight him. Along with Will and Mickie, Sam flees to France to meet Sir Walter--their best hope for stopping Helmann's brave new world. Unfortunately, Sam isn't any safer in France. Someone invisible is following her, and now Sam must figure out how to hide from an enemy she can't even see.

Get this KB Spotlight book!

Customer Reviews

Get this KB Spotlight book!

Meet the Author

Hi Everyone! My name is Cidney and I'm a full time writer of young adult science fiction and fantasy novels. (That is, when I can persuade my cat to move off the keyboard.) I'm easily distracted by shiny things such as new book covers, direct sunlight, and Mars set against an inky night sky. My year so far has included learning to milk goats, baking thirteen pies for friends who wanted Wedding Pie instead of cake, and trying to tan my pasty-white Oregon skin. (That last isn't going too well.) If you'd like to visit, I hang out at where I natter on about this and that, assuming I haven't been distracted by something shiny. I live in Oregon's Willamette Valley with my husband, three kids, a dog, and two cats and entirely too much rain.

More from this Author

"Paying the Piper," by Simon Wood

This novel is one of the top thrillers in the Kindle Store. Over 50 five-star reviews and just $2.99 today!

"Wood, in his sophomore effort (following Accidents Waiting to Happen), keeps the pages flying even as his plot gets more and more complex, accelerating nicely toward an elegant climax." -- Publisher's Weekly

Paying The Piper, by Simon Wood

For years, the serial kidnapper known as the Piper got rich by abducting children from San Francisco’s wealthiest families.
When crime reporter Scott Fleetwood gets a call from a man identifying himself as the Piper and offers an exclusive interview, Fleetwood jumps at the chance. But the caller turns out to be a fake, and the rash decision costs the life of the real Piper’s latest victim.

For eight long years, Fleetwood has lived with unbearable guilt—and the enduring disdain of the entire Bay area. Now he hears from the real Piper—and it’s not for an interview. The kidnapper has the reporter’s son. But he doesn’t want money…he wants blood. And he’s going to use Fleetwood to get it.

In the tradition of Harlan Coben and Gregg Hurwitz, Simon Wood weaves a plot thick with suspense and heavy with action. Paying the Piper grabs hold from page one and doesn’t let go until new debts are paid and old scores settled.

Get this KB Spotlight book!

Customer Reviews

Online Sample

Get this KB Spotlight book!

Meet the Author

Simon Wood is a California transplant from England. He's a former competitive racecar driver, a licensed pilot and an occasional PI.

He shares his world with his American wife, Julie. Their lives are dominated by a longhaired dachshund and four cats.

He's the Anthony Award winning author of Working Stiffs, Accidents Waiting to Happen, Paying the Piper, Terminated, Asking For Trouble and We All Fall Down. His latest thrillers are The Fall Guy and Did Not Finish. He also write horror under the pen name of Simon Janus.

Curious people can learn more at

More from this Author

Free and bargain Kindle books! (Wednesday Feb 27)

Here is today's selection of free and bargain Kindle books!

Lethal Circuit: Explosive Spy Action for Mystery Thriller Fans (#1), by Lars Guignard. (Still free?)

This Top 100 techno-thriller is a full-length, action-packed spy novel as backpacker Michael Chase gets pulled into a dangerous race for his life after he goes to China in search of his missing father. Free today!

"This is thriller entertainment par excellence!" -- Jeffrey Vanke -- author of the Berlin Deception - 5 stars

"Rockin' fast-paced thriller!!! Strap yourself in for a wild ride as backpacker Michael Chase gets caught up in the world of spies and secret agents." -- Connaisseur -- 5 Stars

"A Pulse Racing Thriller!" -- Soundograph -- 5 Stars

"A high-octane spy thriller with a great twist ending." -- E.J. Whalen -- 5 Stars

WARNING: "You will not be able to let it go until you read to the very last page."

From Bestselling Amazon Author, Lars Guignard, comes the #1 turbo-charged, Action Spy Thriller, Lethal Circuit.

A Chinese satellite is on a crash course with Earth. 

It contains enough plutonium to irradiate a large city. 

And that's the good news...

Michael Chase is a twenty-six year old backpacker, a recent college graduate, an amateur. He flew to Hong Kong to find his missing father. Four hours later, he's running for his life. The Chinese Secret Police want him dead. The Conspiracy wants him dead. And the one person who he thinks is on his side, may want him dead too. If Michael is going to live, he'll need to find a hidden piece of Nazi technology lost since World War II. And he'll have to do it before anyone else. Because if he doesn't, a little plutonium is going to be the least of his problems.

Can Michael Chase team up with a beautiful but deadly MI6 agent to locate a lethal piece of Nazi technology that will save the world?

342 pages, with a 3.8-star rating from 117 reviews.

A Chance for Charity (The Immortal Ones - A Paranormal Romance), by S.L. Baum. (Still free?)

This award-winning paranormal romance is free today!

"I really enjoyed this story of love, truth and the supernatural. The writer reminds me of Stephenie Meyer in both her straight forward writing style and her desire to keep the story appropriate for the intended audience. As a mother of tweens and a teacher to teens, I am so happy to find stories that are fun, interesting and still respectable. When you start the story, you will wonder if you are getting entangled in yet another vampire story. But I can assure you it is not! Almost immediately you find there to be mystery and twists that are so much fun. I cannot wait to read the next book and continue the journey with these characters." -- Amazon reviewer

If you live long enough... love (and danger) will find you.

Seventeen-year-old Charity regularly changes her town and her name, with hopes to begin a new life. But it's impossible to fly under the radar in tiny Telluride, Colorado. When fellow newcomer Link enters her life, her plan to start over with a clean slate unravels. Charity soon realizes that you can never truly leave your past behind, while Link discovers that mortals are not the only beings to walk this earth.

Winner of the 2012 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer's Choice Award for BEST YA SERIES.

260 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 121 reviews.

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The Spirit Clearing, by Mark Tufo. (Still $0.99?)

Today you can get this romantic horror from master-of-the-genre Mark Tufo, for the bargain price of 99 cents!

"I fell into this story almost immediately and was completely taken by it. It feels so genuine as if the lead is baring his soul to me. I found myself at times with tears flowing freely as I read The Spirit Clearing and at several times laughing out loud. All of what I loved about the Zombie Fallout series is still present in The Spirit Clearing (except zombies). It has that dark supernatural flavor that Tufo envelopes the reader with so well." -- Amazon reviewer

After a horrific accident Mike wakes to find himself blind in one eye. He now sees things that others can't and nobody will listen to him.

That is until he meets Jandilyn Hollow. Will she be able to pull him out of the depths of his despair?

Can love transcend even death?

372 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 85 reviews.

A FASHION TO KILL, by Mickey Wyte. (Still free?)

Here's a highly-rated novel from the Manhattan series, for you lovers of hard-boiled mysteries. Free today!

"It's the perfect blend of interesting characters, an intriguing plot, and a big city backdrop. Mickey Wyte skillfully combines these elements to produce a mystery that had me guessing till the end." -- Amazon reviewer

Imagine an ex-combat soldier; Medal of Honor winner. A self-made millionaire up from the streets of Brooklyn. Never married and the only two women he loves are his widowed sister and the niece he raised as his own child. But tonight, Jack Centaur stands over his beloved niece's corpse--the victim of a serial killer. A camera flashes and he knows his niece's body is destined to sprawl across the front page of the New York Journal. The same as the three previous victims. All aspiring fashion models. All murdered and posed for a cover shoot. Jack Centaur's instincts he thought long buried surface with only one craving: someone will pay!

In Mickey Wyte's hard-boiled mystery novel, A FASHION TO KILL, Jack Centaur uses his combat skills and plenty of money to rattle the platinum cribs of Manhattan's trust-fund brats, determined to find the serial killer eluding police.

211 pages, with a 4.9-star rating from 14 reviews.

Here's a a bargain Kindle book, available for 99 cents today!

Cursed!, by Scott Nicholson. (Still $0.99?)

Two talented suspense/horror authors combine their efforts to present this gripping thriller - bargain-priced today at 99 cents! This deal is part of a 3-day sale with Scott Nicholson, Mark Tufo and Jeff Bennington - check it out at!

"This poor overworked guy is minding his own business, trying to get something to eat on his short lunch break, when he is accosted by a very strange, creepy little old lady. Then he finds out his former girlfriend has been murdered and he is on the suspect list. And things go downhill from there. Somewhere along the way he teams up with the dead girl's sister to try and track down the real murderer, and escape the curse placed on him by the aforementioned "little old lady". Don't miss this suspenseful and quirky tale." -- Amazon reviewer

Albert Shipway is an ordinary guy, an insurance negotiator who likes booze and women and never having to say he’s sorry.

And he thinks this is just another day, another lunch, another order of kung pao chicken. Little does he know that he’s about to meet a little old lady who knows his greatest fear. A little old lady who knows what’s hiding in his heart. A little old lady who dishes up a big stew of supernatural revenge, with ingredients as follows: First you take one psychotic ex from a family of serial killers. Next add a pinch or two of an irrational childhood fear. Now thoroughly mix in an angry sister, a life-stealing great-granddad, and a notorious mass murderer—who happens to be dead but doesn’t know it. Let it stew and froth and bubble thoroughly....

In just a matter of minutes, Albert’s life turns upside down and he enters a world where magic and evil lurk beneath the fabric of Southern California. And all his choices have brewed a perfect storm of broken hearts, broken promises, shattered families, and a couple of tiny problems. Namely, killer mice and a baby.

Albert Shipway is finally getting a chance to right some wrongs.

That is, if it’s not too late.

**Acclaim for the novels of J.R. Rain and Scott Nicholson**

“Like Stephen King, Scott Nicholson knows how to summon serious scares.”
—BENTLEY LITTLE, international bestselling author of His Father’s Son and The Store

“Scott Nicholson is a writer who always surprises and always entertains.”
—JONATHAN MABERRY, bestselling author of Patient Zero and The Dragon Factory

“Powerful stuff!”
—AIDEN JAMES, author of Cades Cove and Deadly Night on J.R. Rain’s Arthur

236 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 24 reviews.

Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail, by Greg Kuhn. (Still free?)

Use new paradigms from quantum physics to "awaken your higher self." Free today!

"The title of this smart book may create an avoidance response from readers, afraid that they know so little about quantum physics that they just won't get it. Wrong! Greg Kuhn is not a physicist, he is a teacher and a motivator. What this book does is review the history of standard physics, show how that has lead to paradigms of planning our lives that have resulted in frustration and how switching our synapses to follow the new quantum physics theories can lead to improving our awakening of our higher selves. Sound simple? Well, reading the book takes some brain energy on the part of the reader, but Kuhn is such a fine teacher and writer and motivator that he makes it all as facile as possible." -- Amazon Top 50 reviewer

Have you been frustrated because you have a dream or desire you've been unable to achieve? Have you repeatedly tried to accomplish a dream or goal, such as financial abundance, improved health, or finding your soul mate, but been unsuccessful? Are you tired of feeling like a failure or wondering if there is simply something "wrong" with you?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, you're no different than millions of Americans who continually strive to achieve frustratingly unattainable goals. You're tired of finding yourself on the outside looking in, while those around you seemingly achieve their dreams with little effort.

The problem has been your reliance on old science. Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail will teach you to use amazing new paradigms from quantum physics that enable and facilitate not only an awakening of your higher self, but also teach you to powerfully manifest and create a personal reality more closely aligned with your desires.

Your natural power to create abundance and achieve your dreams is a birthright you shouldn't spend another moment denying yourself. Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail will teach you to simply and easily focus and harness your inherent power, infusing your creative abilities with rocket fuel. Using everyday language and "street-level" instructions, Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail will have you manifesting a vast array of personal dreams and goals much faster and more completely than you previously thought possible. The life you've dreamed of is just around the corner.

144 pages, with a 4.9-star rating from 29 reviews.

Here's a bargain Kindle book, available for 99 cents today!

Never Smile at Strangers (Grand Trespass Series, #1), by Jennifer Minar-Jaynes. (Still $0.99?)

Over 200 five-star reviews for this top-selling thriller! Bargain-priced at 99 cents.

"Fans of mystery novels and tension-filled psychological thrillers will genuinely enjoy reading "Never Smile at Strangers." Minar-Jaynes has combined everything I loved about the old "Fear Street" novels with everything truly scary that keeps me awake at night now. There is something chilling about the darker side of humanity, and Minar-Jaynes does an excellent job of reminding the reader of exactly why parents tell their children not to talk to strangers. The characters' fear is honest, and their pain and confusion can be felt in the writing. The suspense in this book is incredible, and the ending was like the explosive final scene of a movie that no one can stop talking about.This book that deserves front window-status in any bookstore." -- Amazon reviewer

Please note that "Ugly Young Thing," the second book in the GRAND TRESPASS SERIES will be released on April 2013. If you would like to be notified once it launches, please go to and hit "Like" or email Jennifer at

WHEN TEENAGE GIRLS VANISH in what was once considered a safe Louisiana bayou town, the lives of four desperate young locals take unexpected turns, begging the question: Do you ever truly know those closest to you?

When nineteen-year-old Tiffany Perron vanishes from rural Grand Trespass, Louisiana, best friend HALEY LANDRY's relationship with her boyfriend becomes increasingly strained. To make matters worse, her impressionable younger sister BECKY has begun idolizing an impetuous, seductive 15-year- old who's encouraging her to do dangerous things.

Meanwhile, ERICA DUVALL, a reclusive 19-year-old aspiring writer, befriends Haley. Ten years earlier, Erica’s mother abandoned her, leaving her with the womanizing used car salesman father she loathes. She’s decided to write a novel based on Tiffany’s disappearance; a novel that she hopes will lead to a reunion with her estranged novelist mother.

RACHEL ANDERSON, a 36-year-old mother of two, is having trouble coming to terms with her husband's affair with the missing girl—a relationship that supposedly ended shortly before Tiffany’s disappearance. What’s more, she comes to the realization that someone is watching her family through the large back windows of her house.

A DISTURBED MAN also lives in the area. Ever since his mother’s murder four years earlier, he’s been raising his insolent teenage sister, ALLIE, who sleeps with truck drivers for money. He considers women to be dangerous—and his world revolves around his fear and hatred for them. He’s terrified of his sister, knowing she’s intent on pushing him over the edge.

332 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 384 reviews.

The Eden Project: Humanity's Last Chance, by DP Fitzsimons. (Still free?)

A highly-praised Sci-Fi novel, available free today!

"Perhaps my best 99 cent purchase ever. What a thrilling story. The Eden Project entwined the innocence and angst of young love and the battle to preserve the human race. The vivid imagery throughout begs for the big screen. Ending in an epic action sequence that left me begging for more!" -- Amazon reviewer

There was only one rule: NEVER LEAVE THE DOME.

Inside the dome, 117 tube-born kids lived free of contamination. Trained since birth, they were almost ready to launch their ships and leave the dying planet behind. They were humanity's final hope to avoid extinction. Their mission would be to explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy seeking out a habitable world free of the C-1 virus.

They tried not to think of conditions outside the dome where the virus had driven the last of the uninfected into the ground, into dark bunkers where they waited to be rooted out by cannibalistic hordes. Streets had become boneyards. Weeds grew inside long-forgotten government buildings.

Fifteen-year-old Genevieve Fifthborn knew all this, she was fully aware that the world was coming to an end, but on the island of The Eden Project she had much bigger problems, boy problems. Only her first love might risk far more than a broken heart, it just might bring about the end of our species.

238 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 13 reviews.

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Beyond (Afterlife #1), by Willow Rose
- Willow Rose definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat. She balanced fantasy ...
Covert Dreams, by Michael Meyer
THIS INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED SUSPENSE THRILLER by Michael Meyer has been compared to Robert Ludlum's Bourne series, and the writing style has been compared to that of Dean ...
Summer Melody, by Toddie DownsIn a town called Daedalus Falls, it's easy for the weight of wings to overwhelm. But in the summer of 1992, three generations of women in the Stanton family realize untapped strengths that give them ...
Original Sin (a Peter Brichter mystery), by Mary Monica PulverKori Price Brichter planned on a wonderful Christmas. She and her police officer husband, Peter Brichter, had invited their friends, Frank and Mary Ryder and Gordon Ramsey, to spend the holiday with t...
Wild Desert Rose: A Hellbound Western Romance, by Van HoltOn Sale Now! Regularly $5.99. On Sale for $3.99. SAVE 33%
Wild Desert Rose
In the fall of 1874, a beautiful half-breed Indian girl named Rose Wilder shoots the most power...
Crimson Hit - The Bob Burton Series, by L. J. Martin"Bob Burton knows crime and how to write about won't put this one down." Elmore Leonard

Dev Shannon lives the good life, on a boat in Santa Barbara harbor, but he pays dearly from ...
Karl's Last Flight, by Basil SandsLuck is not always on your side.

Karl Alexander was an adrenaline junky. Whether flying Harriers in the Marines, piloting the shuttle for NASA, or as the chief astronaut for StrataCorp Spac...
A Little Magic, by Valerie GillenA Hidden Power: Stepdancer Siobhan Kelly didn't believe in magic - until the magic chose her.

A Promise Made: She's been warned magic is evil, but with her grandmother felled by a deadly c...
Shadow on the Rose, by Laura Jane LeighMarion is thrilled when she and her husband, James, buy a lovely, old mansion with a rose garden. After they move in, however, she falls ill and must stay at home to rest. Alone and depressed, she beg...
The 15-Minute Inbox: Control Email. Create Time. Lead Your Business., by Joost WoutersIn The 15-Minute Inbox, international business consultant Joost Wouters offers a solution to control your email, create time and spend it instead on activities that really matter.

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