Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holiday Drops! (Match 3 game for Kindle Fire)

We got such a good response to this festive Match 3 game that we're posting it again today.

If you missed it last time, download Holiday Drops today for just $0.99. 

With a 4.9 rating out of 35 reviews, this Kindle Fire game is getting great feedback from customers on its smooth gameplay and crisp graphics.
We purchased the game last week and tested it on our Kindle Fire HD. As with other "Match 3" games, a tiled board appears in a variety of patterns, and you swap adjacent tiles to line up 3 or more of the same holiday figures in a row. Matches of 3 or more vertical or horizontal tiles disappear, and more tiles drop in from above.

The five modes of difficulty include a "relaxed" mode, which has no timer. The more difficult modes are time-limited and have higher point thresholds to meet before moving on to the next level. Within each mode are multiple levels of gameboard patterns. No less than 300 levels are provided, so this game will keep you entertained for a good long while.

And, to keep things interesting, there are obstacles and power-ups to deal with. Obstacles are images that can't be swapped. They can only removed by clearing an adjacent string of images, or triggering a power-up. Power-ups are created when a string of 4 or more images are matched.

It's another nicely-designed game from Bullbitz. The levels are nicely graduated, so things don't get too difficult too soon. As you progress from one level to another, a scoreboard appears showing the points you earned for each preceding level. It's a smoothly-flowing, diverting game that's a pleasure to play.

Click on the screenshots below for larger views of the gameplay.

"A festive game with great graphics and sounds. Don't start this before bedtime. Once you start it's hard to stop."

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Screenshots (click to enlarge)

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Bargain Kindle books! (Saturday Nov 30)

Until the End of the World, by Sarah Lyons Fleming. (Still 0.99?)

"Incredible. I rarely write reviews...but I had to, if only to thank the author for the gift that this book was to me. I hope she reads this. I started this book one long sunny afternoon outside, where the pacing, details, and characters drew me in, and I finished it that evening inside, sobbing like I haven't in...I can't remember the last time. If you are looking for a great, fast-paced read and are a fan of truly believable post-apocalyptic books that manage to place incredibly believable characters in convincingly unbelievable circumstances, then this book will more than deliver for you. If you also appreciate a writer's ability to address and comment on the human experience in a way that is completely believable, never condescending or trite, and profoundly and shatteringly beautiful, then you can also thank the author after you've read this book." -- Amazon reviewer

On sale at 99 cents for a limited time!

Cassie Forrest isn't surprised to learn that the day she’s decided to get her life together is also the day the world ends. After all, she’s been on a self-imposed losing streak since her survivalist parents died: she’s stopped painting, broken off her engagement to Adrian and dated a real jerk. Rectifying her mistakes has to wait, however, because Cassie and her friends have just enough time to escape Brooklyn for her parents’ cabin before Bornavirus LX turns them into zombies, too.

This is difficult enough, but Cassie’s tag along ex-boyfriend and her friend’s bratty sister have a knack for making everything, even the apocalypse, more unpleasant. When the two attract a threat as deadly as the undead to their safe haven, Cassie’s forced to see how far she’ll go to protect those she loves. And it’s a lot farther than she’d anticipated. This, coupled with Adrian’s distant voice on Safe Zone Radio and, of course, the living dead, threaten to put Cassie right back into the funk she just dragged herself out of.

Survival’s great and all, especially when you have leather armor, good friends and home-brewed beer, but there’s something Cassie must do besides survive: tell Adrian she still loves him. And to do that, Cassie has to find faith that she’s stronger than she thinks, she’s still a crack shot and true love never dies.

401 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 168 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

The Undertaker: A Suspense Thriller, by William F. Brown. (Still 0.99?)

Get this highly rated (70 five-star reviews) thriller while it's on a Kindle Countdown price of 99 cents!

"If you like suspense, action and are into conspiracy theories, I recommend this book. The story line was the first thing to grab me. Here is a man who lost his wife and everything he stood for and now someone is not only using his name but his dead wife's name to bury mysterious people. Not once, but several times! Having nothing else to lose, Pete travels around trying to find out not only who is doing this but why, while trying to get killed for nosing around. The main character here, Pete, is likable. A bit dense sometimes, I end up rooting for him and worrying for him when he continues to put himself in danger with questionable men. I have to admire his persistence at finding out what people are getting out of this whole plot, yet at the same time I want to scream at him that he is way over his head and to just walk away. William Brown did an excellent job in pulling me in and keeping my attention throughout the book. There wasn't a rest in the plot and more importantly, no down times. It was constant action and suspense." -- Amazon reviewer

Pete Talbott is a harried Boston computer wonk still grieving over the death of his wife when he finds himself at the wrong end of Gino Parini's .45 reading his own obituary, torn from the morning newspaper. Talbott figures it is all a big mistake, until Parini shows him his wife's obituary too; and this is a mystery that Talbott can't leave well-enough alone. Someone with a scalpel and an embalming table is planting bodies under other people's names. Sandy Kasmarek runs an art gallery on Chicago's stylish North Michigan Avenue, and it appears that her late-husband is also one of them. With a photographer's eye, the quick feet of a black belt, and fingers that can hot-wire a car in seconds, she has the skill set you wouldn't expect from a good Chicago catholic-school girl. Coupled with Pete in this political thriller, they bring enough action, romance, thrills, and stark terror that even the Undertaker might be in trouble. A Witness Protection shell game, more Mafia crime, or just another FBI murder mystery' From a funeral home in Indiana, to car chases on the Dan Ryan, snipers in Washington Square, sleazy lawyers, corrupt County sheriffs, a bloody Back Bay townhouse in Boston, the FBI, and Mafia hit men, the Undertaker is a non-stop suspense thriller, because if Pete and Sandy can't stop them, they know they will be next on the Undertaker's list.

342 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 147 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

Follow Titanic (Marsha & Danny Jones Thriller), by Ken Rossignol. (Still 0.99?)

If you buy (or already have) the printed book, this ebook is free through Amazon's Matchbook program.

"Follow Titanic is just the thing for a fast paced winter read that combines two things that I enjoy so much! The sea and political/criminal intrigue. Marsha and Danny of "Sea Empress" fame are the husband and wife team that just can't help but get sidetracked into top flight dangerous missions in their "second career" as securtiy consultants for one of the worlds largest cruise ship lines. Yes, their exploits in previous Rossignol "sea going" extravaganzas sets the stage for this kindred book...The Sea Empress and Return of the Sea Empress are great backgrounds in this continuing series! Rossignol's knowledge of proper nautical terms, his 20 years plus as an investigative reporter and Editor of a local Southern Maryland news paper, St. Mary's Today, give him the "crow's nest" viewpoint in lacing all of the political and criminal exploits together in an most believable spellbinding novel." -- Amazon reviewer

The Sea Empress sets sail from Southampton on a trans-Atlantic cruise and two large storms force the ship to divert to a northern crossing. The Joan of Arc has just left the port with a ship full of thrill-seekers who are following the voyage of the Titanic 100 years after that disaster.
On board the Sea Empress once again are Marsha and Danny Jones, husband and wife team providing executive protection to the ship and her passengers. What could go wrong'
The book weaves in a modern day thriller with one of the most chilling tales of the 20th century!

Included with the latest voyage of Marsha and Danny Jones are a Supreme Court nominee, a bomb and Mexican drug cartel killers! Lots of action packed in a quick read!

120 pages, with a 3.7-star rating from 7 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

Planetary Assault (Star Force Series), by B. V. Larson, Vaughn Heppner, and David VanDyke. (Still 0.99?)

If you buy (or already have) the printed book, this ebook is free through Amazon's Matchbook program.

"This is military science fiction at its finest. PLANETARY ASSAULT is a collection of three novellas of future combat in one volume by three masters of SF. Each tells the story of a planetary invasion by men on a do-or-die mission. "An Army of One" by B. V. Larson (a novella in the Star Force series) - One man attempts to stay neutral...and fails. The Macros are invading from the skies. The only nanotized man who isn't officially part of Star Force learns how hard it can be to avoid an interstellar war. "First Conquest" by David VanDyke (Book #1 of the Stellar Conquest series) - In 2115, EarthFleet sends its best warships and bravest Marines on a one-way trip to conquer an alien star system, to win or die trying. "Cyborgs!" by Vaughn Heppner (a novella set in the Doom Star series) - The Space Marines are in the Oort Cloud, racing in their insertion pods to the frozen planetoid of Tyche. Alone in the dark, outnumbered and outgunned by the cyborgs waiting for them on the methane-ice surface, the hour of desperation has arrived. Tight pacing and action-packed plots make this riveting reading. The battle against the cyborgs is some of the best battle action I've read. Battlestar Galactica on Meth. I highly enjoyed all three of these short novels and they could well become sci-fi classics in the fashion of Robert Heinlein or Ray Bradbury. Good stuff! Well edited and well written books that are easily worth 5 stars." -- Amazon reviewer

Sometimes defending those you love means risking everything and attempting the most dangerous task in the universe—making a planetary assault against a heavily entrenched enemy. It's grim and always ugly. But as long as men refuse to bow their heads to conquerors, they will take the fight to the enemy or die trying.

Three masters of military science fiction have come together to tell harrowing tales of high-tech mayhem. In BV Larson's "Army of One" the Macros of the Star Force series invade from the skies, forcing a nanotized assassin into a deadly decision. David VanDyke's "First Conquest" tells of a bitter battle as EarthFleet smashes into an alien star system in a desperate first strike to save humanity. Vaughn Heppner's Space Marines of the Doom Star series race to the Oort Cloud in "Cyborgs!" For them, the hour of desperation has arrived.

Planetary Assault drips of glorious victories and grim defeats as humanity forces its way into the galaxy through sheer fighting ability. Despite their opponents, mankind will not be denied.

319 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 28 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

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