Friday, November 11, 2016

Audiobook Spotlight: Patchwork Man: Patchwork People, Volume 1

Looking for an audiobook? Try D.B. Martin's "Patchwork Man", a psychological thriller narrated by Rob Groves.

Patchwork Man: Patchwork People, Volume 1, by D.B. Martin, narrated by Rob Groves
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9 hours and 34 minutes

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Years spent hiding from his past. Today it finds him; a gripping psychological novel for fans of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train.
Renowned British barrister, Lawrence Juste, is a man with a past so cleverly stitched together he thought it could never come unraveled - until now. Two things are about to pick it apart, piece by sordid piece: a child, and a blackmail note from a woman hiding as many secrets as he. As the past unravels, his carefully ordered world falls apart in a twisting spiral of taboo, passion, lies and revelations, with potentially tragic consequences. For Lawrence Juste, the future suddenly looks as dangerous as it is uncontrollable.
This is the hidden history of not just one man, but a whole family battling deceit, intrigue and conspiracy on the road to a unique form of atonement.
Patchwork Man is the winner of a BRAG Medallion Award.

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