Monday, August 11, 2014

Today's Kindle Fire Free App of the Day (August 11, 2014): SyncSpace Shared Whiteboard

Today's Free App of the Day is SyncSpace Shared Whiteboard
Originally $1.00

This is a whiteboard app which allows you to create a document that can be shared with others through the SyncSpace website for viewing or collaborating. You can also share your whiteboards as graphic files using email, etc. Some reviewers thought they could use this as students to do sketches, etc, and then save them to Evernote. It seems to work well but a little more info within the app would be helpful. When the app opens (landscape mode only) you see a big plus sign; tapping that opens up a new whiteboard. There is a toolbar along the left with four icons at the top and a home button at the bottom. The available tools are a drawing tool, a text tool, an eraser and a "move" tool. A "home" icon is at the bottom of the toolbar but it does nothing until you have some items on the screen. It doesn't take you back to the "add a document" screen, which I thought it would. To do that, you need to pull out the Fire's side menu on the right and tap the back arrow. You can also access a whiteboard file management menu by tapping on the menu icon on the Fire's side menu bar. Tapping on any tool on the toolbar will reveal options for that tool. Kinda. If you tap on the drawing tool or the text tool, two bars appear at the bottom of the tool bar. Tapping on the solid bar pops up a second toolbar, allowing you to choose the color, width and appearance of the line you will draw with the tool bar. Doing the same thing for the text tool (T) pops up the same toolbar, but the only thing I've been able to change on text is the color--not the size or stroke. To use the text tool, you tap on the T, then tap and drag horizontally across your document for the desired width of the text field you want to create. A dotted blue line will follow your finger. When you release, a blinking cursor at the insertion point will appear. Tap the cursor again to bring up your onscreen keyboard. You can pinch or spread your fingers to zoom out or in on your whiteboard. You can also drag your whiteboard around within your window by using the move tool. Tapping on the eraser adds a trash can to the bottom of the toolbar and puts a yellow highlight around the whiteboard. This does not, as I first thought, allow you to clear the current whiteboard; it just lets you know you're in "delete" mode. To use the eraser, you tap and drag a selection box over the item or items you want to delete. This puts a solid red line around the selected item, which can be tough to discern if your text or lines are red. It does make the selection bolder if it red. There's no way to unselect individual items; you have to tap on a different tool and then reselect items if you accidentally selected something. Once you've selected your items, tap on the trash can to remove. The move tool (plus sign with arrow heads) allows you to drag your whiteboard to the side to get fresh space. The home button appears at the bottom of the toolbar. Using this will return your whiteboard to the original viewing space--shrinking your whiteboard to the original size, if you've zoomed in or out--and locating the original zero location in the upper left hand corner. This means if you've moved your whiteboard to reveal space left of the original starting point and added data, you won't be able to see that data in SyncSpaceunless you shrink or move the whiteboard. Tapping on the menu option in the Fire's side menu brings up document management options along the bottom. Documents lets you see thumbnails of the whiteboards you've created, so you can choose one to work on. Syncing allows you to start or stop syncing through the SyncSpace website. Once you've turned on syncing, you can then email a sync link or copy the link to post somewhere. Clicking on the link brings the recipient to the SyncSpace website, where he or she has the option of viewing the drawing in the browser or opening it in SyncSpace. You can only edit the document using the app (which is also available in the iTunes AppStore). You can require a password. Adding a password means that when someone clicks on the link and tries to view on the SyncSpace site, a popup will ask them to enter a username (this can be whatever the recipient chooses) and the password that you defined. Presumably the app does the same thing. EMail document lets you email the doc, or use any of the other sharing options available on your device, including Facebook, Twitter, add to Dropbox or add to Evernote. Finally, you can delete the document.

16 of 20 reviews are four stars and above.

These apps are compatible with the original Fire and with my Fire HD 8.9" 4G. To tell if an app works for your Fire HD or other Android device registered to your Amazon account, click on the above link and look on the right side of the web page.  Amazon will tell you if it will work with your registered device.

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