Friday, August 29, 2014

Book Discovery! (Friday Aug 29)

In today's Book Discovery selection, we bring you some newly-published and overlooked books, and also some best-sellers that you may have missed. Browse and enjoy!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
The Magick of Dark Root (Daughters of Dark Root Book 2), by April Aasheim
“There are rules that must be followed, Maggie.”
“Even in witchcraft?”
“Especially in witchcraft. What someone puts into the world comes back to them.”
“You mean karma?”
“Like karma, yes. But for a witch it comes back threefold. Never forget that.”
“That doesn’t seem fair.”
“Who said life was fair?”

In the second installment of The Daughters of Dark Root series, Maggie Maddock and her sisters are back, training under their coven-leading mother Miss Sasha Shantay to take over as the new leaders of The Council. But life isn’t as smooth as Maggie had hoped it would be. Harvest Home’s taxes have come due, and her mother’s illness has returned, stronger than eve...
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Alyssa and Dalton, by Laurel Veil
Rain begin to fall. Good, she thought, now no one would be able to see my tears.

Love and loss culminate with a devastating discovery in Laurel Veil’s complex young adult novel, Alyssa and Dalton.

Alyssa is not your average teenager. Abandoned by her friends when her mother gets sick, she spends all of her time acting as caregiver.

Adding to Alyssa’s resentment is that fact that her older sister, Rose, abandoned the family just when she was needed the most. Her mother is heartbroken and Alyssa has no idea when—or if—Rose will return.

But then Alyssa meets Dalton at her mother’s funeral and everything changes. Their blossoming romance h...
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The Ruins on Stone Hill (Heroes of Ravenford Book 1), by F P Spirit
Magic is Easy or so Glolindir thought, until he came face to face with his first live monster. Casting spells was not so simple with death breathing down his neck. His story might have ended there if not for three gifted youths: Seth, the mysterious halfling with the moves of an assassin; Lloyd, the spiritblade whose fiery swords are whirlwind-fast; and Aksel, the gnome whose very touch can heal.

Yet that was just the beginning of their adventures, for dark shadows loom over the little town of Ravenford. The townsfolk quickly turn to these newcomers, who may indeed be their only hope. From the old ruined keep southwest of town to hidden caves in the western hills, through dark tunnels, secret passages, concealed rooms and mag...
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Stone and Silt, by Harvey Chute
A ruthless murder and a stolen shipment of gold.

At school, sixteen-year-old Nikaia Wales endures the taunts of bullies who call her a “half-breed.” At home, she worries about how her family will react if she reveals her growing feelings for the quiet boy next door.

Those are soon the least of her troubles. Nikaia discovers a hidden cache of gold, and when police find a corpse nearby, her father becomes a suspect. Worse, Elias Doyle is circling, hungry to avenge his brother’s death.

Nikaia desperately searches for clues to save her father. In her quest to find the killer, she learns about the power of family, friendship, and young love.
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Out of Time: A Time Travel Mystery (Out of Time #1), by Monique Martin
Professor Simon Cross has spent his life searching for evidence of vampires and avoiding emotional entanglements. When a mysterious accident transports Simon and his assistant, Elizabeth West, back in time, Simon finally finds both the proof that he's been looking for, and the romance that he hasn't.

Simon and Elizabeth's developing relationship is tested by demons real and imagined. In 1920s Manhattan, there are more than mobsters vying for power in the city's speakeasies. When the local kingpin with a dark secret sets his sights on Elizabeth, day to day struggles become a fight for their very lives....
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A Taste of Tomorrow - The Dystopian Boxed Set (11 Book Collection), by Hugh Howey, Joe Nobody, and more
A Taste of Tomorrow - The Dystopian Boxed set includes 11 books from some of the biggest names in dystopian literature in a single collection. Each story contains a brand new foreword by its author.

Note to readers: Some stories of the collection are the first book in a series, and others are standalone novels. Page count numbers are listed next to each book for reference.


Sand: Part 1 - The Belt of the Buried Gods by Hugh Howey (40 Pages)

Yesterday’s Gone: Season One by Sean Platt and David Wright (503 pages)

Apocalypse Drift by Joe Nobody (314 pages)

Contamination Zero by T.W. Piperbrook (95 pages)

Artificial Evil by Colin F. Barne...
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The Arrangement, by H.M. Ward

Volume 1 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement Serials

FML is becoming Avery's motto. Just when she doesn't think things could get any worse, they do. When her car stalls out at a busy intersection and she gets out to check under the hood, a guy steals her car. Armed with a dress and a pair of Chucks, Avery runs after the thief. When a hot stranger offers to help, she can't say no. That's how Avery mets Sean Ferro, the totally sexy, totally damaged guy with more secrets than she has time for.

Avery doesn't have time for anything anymore. Her is life falling apart and it's not just the car. It's ...
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Just One Night: Part 1, by Elle Casey
NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR, ELLE CASEY, presents the contemporary romance serial novel, JUST ONE NIGHT.

Jennifer is sexually frustrated and disillusioned with love, a very dangerous combination. Convinced there's no such thing as Prince Charming, and against her best friend's better judgment, she places a personal ad seeking a one-night stand. No strings, no commitments, no second dates. Her goal? To restore her faith in men by setting up a single night of fantasy that can never be tainted by reality.

William is a busy executive, newly arrived in the United States from England. Life for him is all about minimizing complications. He doesn't have the time no...
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