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"If Only I Could Sleep: A Survivor's Memoir," by Stephanie Henry

This memoir lifts the spirit with its tale of survival and courage in the face of unbearable odds.

If Only I Could Sleep: A Survivor's Memoir, by Stephanie Henry
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325 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 23 reviews

"Truly inspirational! Loved this book from beginning to end. The ups and downs that the author went through are more than any person should ever have to endure. The fact that she experienced what she did and ended up where she is is a testament to the human spirit and the power of positive thinking." -- Amazon reviewer

An astonishing journey of survival and courage told in the face of unthinkable odd

The heaviness of hurt. The lightness of humor. And, finally, a reason for hope and an opportunity to serve humanity.

Stephanie Henry’s childhood took an unexpected turn when her granduncle molested her. The soul-crushing experience was but the first in a series of sexual abuse perpetrated by family members and strangers that wrecked her self-esteem and left her feeling isolated, guilt-ridden, and confused. Out of necessity, Stephanie became an instant expert at survival and a student of spiritual endurance.

Desperate to regain some sense of control, she began an emotionally shattering struggle with bulimia and the curse of having “the look” men desire. After slipping through the education system, multiple suicide attempts, years of working as a stripper, losing custody of her daughter, battling drugs and alcohol, and enduring a string of ill-fated marriages, Stephanie put her life on course by reaching out to others and fighting for voiceless victims of exploitation around the world.

A testament to resilience and preservation, If Only I Could Sleep is a heartbreaking and riveting story of self-discovery, sacrifice, and overcoming the challenges that can make life seem unbearable.

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Meet the Author

Stephanie Henry (1964-present) was born in Blackwell Oklahoma. She has overcome decades of abuse and hardship that ultimately led her to discover her life's mission as an advocate for other victims. She is currently a leading voice in the mission to empower women and children who have suffered from similar forms of abuse.

Finding the courage to share her own story of abuse, Stephanie penned her first book "If Only I Could Sleep" A Survivor's Memoir, a poignant account of her childhood sexual molestation, her extraordinary fight for survival, and her lifelong mission to help others escape from abuse and embark on their paths towards healing.

Today Stephanie is an influential and inspirational speaker, author and advocate who draws from her humanitarian efforts and extraordinary personal journey to give audiences an up-close view of the devastating effects abuse as well as the opportunity for healing and recovery. Her powerful message is of perseverance and inner strength and her call to action will remain with you long after you read her story.

Stephanie currently lives in McKinney, Texas with her husband Ray and their six children.

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