Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kindle Fire Free App of the Day (August 12, 2014): Hidden Garden Midnight & Bonus App!

Today's Free App of the Day is Hidden Garden Midnight
Originally $0.99

This is a so-so hidden object games. If you're a fan of the genre, it's probably worth downloading, but the issues many of the reviews bring up are correct--images are hard to discern against the background, impossible to find in some cases. Sometimes I clicked on something I thought was an object only to find it wasn't, but the actual object was close enough to where I tapped that it registered as a "find." Other reviewers mention the creepy music.

18 of 33 reviews are four stars and above.

So we have a bonus pick: Hidden Object - Puss in Boots.

Many hidden object games are only samples, requiring one to buy the full game. Here's one that isn't, and while quirky, isn't quite as "different" as the ones by Pig Out Productuions (Maker of the FAOTD). There are other free HO games by this maker, too, if you enjoyed it.

344 of 506 reviews are four stars and above.

These apps are compatible with the original Fire and with my Fire HDX. To tell if an app works for your Fire HD or other Android device registered to your Amazon account, click on the above link and look on the right side of the web page.  Amazon will tell you if it will work with your registered device.

Have fun!

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