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Free and bargain Kindle books! (Friday Feb 14)

Till Death And Beyond (Witch World), by Lyn C. Johanson. (Still 1.99?)

"If you are a fantasy lover, you'll love Till death and beyond. It has everything: a world ruled by gods and demons, witches, danger and romance. The author is building an intricate world. The stakes are high and the twists are unexpected. It's really a powerful story that questions how far can you go for someone you love. What are you willing to sacrifice?" -- Amazon reviewer

In her paranormal romance debut, Lyn C. Johanson introduces a new and intriguing Witch World, torn apart by witch hunts and dark powers.
Till Death and Beyond is a sizzling tale of two souls bound by destiny in a cruel plot to separate them forever...

Amira is the strongest witch on the face of the earth, with psychic abilities no others possess. And yet, she is but a slave to the whims of the gods. Forced to be born anew every time she fails in fulfilling an ancient prophecy, Amira is desperate to break the vicious cycle.

Plagued by the memories and guilt over his family’s demise, Raven lives for the sole reason of restoring his younger brother. And kidnapping a witch is only the beginning—for he intends to right the wrongs of his past by any means necessary.

While the gods might have planned for her to be captured, surrender is not something that comes easy to Amira. Yet one glance into her captor’s eyes, and she is swept away by emotions long ago denied to her. She decides to play along. For a while.
Despite the hatred Raven harbors for their kind, he is intrigued by the witch. One taste of her lips, and she becomes his obsession. Soon, he discovers that fighting against the passion they ignite in one another is futile. But as they strip each other’s secrets, a powerful force threatens to destroy them both.
For in this game of gods nothing is simple—the whole universe seems to conspire against them. And no matter how fiercely they fight, or what they are willing to endure to save each other ... the path they travel is paved with loss.
Will they survive the ultimate test, if even their determination—to fight till death—might not be enough'

Paranormal Romance Book Categories:
> Psychics
> Witches & Wizards

321 pages, with a 5-star rating from 3 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

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The Mystery Box: The Mystery Book Collection, by Eva Pohler. (Still free?)

"This is a fast-paced read with unique characters and plenty of twists and turns. Yvette is a woman we can all relate to. I was drawn into her dilemma, intrigued by conflict, and applauded her strength. I'd recommend it. " -- Amazon reviewer

Soccer mom Yvette Palmer lives an ordinary life in San Antonio, Texas when a box is delivered to her by mistake, and in taking it to its rightful owner—a crotchety neighbor named Mona who shares her back fence—is drawn into a strange and haunting tale.

Mona’s ratty robe, mood swings, and secretive behavior all raise red flags, and Yvette is sure someone else is living there despit Mona’s claim to live alone, but Yvette is unable to break away as she listens to how Mona transformed from a young college woman about to be married to the odd, reclusive, ghost of a woman she is now.

As Yvette listens to her neighbor's tale, she discovers a shocking connection, but doesn't know whether Mona's come to help or to harm her and her family.

404 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 29 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

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Before Midnight (Book 1) (Blood Prince Series), by Jennifer Blackstream. (Still free?)

"An incredibly fun read!....Blackstream did a great job of taking elements of the original Cinderella story and twisting them to fit in with the world that she created. The ball, the midnight deadline, the glass slipper, the fairy godmother - all of these elements were there, but none of them happened quite the way they did in the original story. I really enjoyed this unique take on the classic!" -- Amazon reviewer

Loupe always dreamed of getting married. She yearned for a caring husband who would take her away from her servant-like existence at home with her stepmother and two stepsisters, a man who would love her forever. Those dreams ended the day she was bitten by a werewolf. Now she’s a mindless beast on the night of the full moon—a condition that forever prevents her from sharing a marriage bed. Not even the attentions of a handsome and endearingly strong prince can convince her that the life she wants is still possible.

Etienne is a prince in need of a werewolf. A werewolf himself from birth, Etienne and his family have protected their kingdom with tooth and claw—literally—for thousands of years. Unfortunately, the spell of a well-meaning witch is slowly turning him human. Only the bite of a cursed werewolf, one who was not born with the beast inside, can save him from becoming human. He has no time for anything that will not lead him to a cure for the cure. Not even the beautiful maiden whose gentle nature soothes his soul can take his mind from his goal.

Love cares little for the best laid plans or the impossible. A grand ball. The stroke of twelve. A magic “slipper.” All kinds of things can happen when you don’t leave the ball…Before Midnight.

187 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 32 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

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No Place for a Lady (Heart of the West Book #1): A Novel, by Maggie Brendan. (Still free?)

"Maggie Brendan is the new heart of western romance! She's got a pulsepoint for the mood, style, and moment of those delicious days gone by and weaves a plot tighter than a barbed wire cattle fence! Here's a book you can savor--if you like your heroines feisty and your cowboys lean and just a little mean." -- Amazon reviewer

Crystal Clark arrives in Colorado's Yampa Valley amid the splendor of a high country June in 1892. After the death of her father, Crystal is relieved to be leaving the troubles of her Georgia life behind to visit her aunt Kate's cattle ranch. Despite being raised as a proper Southern belle, Crystal is determined to hold her own in this wild land--even if a certain handsome foreman doubts her abilities.

Just when she thinks she's getting a handle on the constant male attention from the cowhands and the catty barbs from some of the local young women, tragedy strikes the ranch. Crystal will have to tap all of her resolve to save the ranch from a greedy neighboring landowner. Can she rise to the challenge? Or will she head back to Georgia defeated'?

Book one in the Heart of the West series, No Place for a Lady is full of adventure, romance, and the indomitable human spirit. Readers will fall in love with the Colorado setting and the spunky Southern belle who wants to claim it as her own.

305 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 153 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

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