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Free and Bargain Kindle books! (Saturday, October 1)

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The Last City of America, by Matthew Tysz. (Still free?)

"I loved this book. I found the characters and plot line interesting and original. I found myself thinking about the story all day and could not wait to get back to reading to see what happened next. The author writes with great detail and the characters and story are intelligently written. I would not hesitate to read the next book by this author! An intelligent, thought provoking, interesting read! I highly recommend it!" -- Amazon Reviewer

A virus stole fertility from many people long ago, ending society over several generations. The United States became the Seven Cities of America.

Chicago, cut off from the other cities, ruled in darkness, is home to the dying scientist who created the virus. Hateful of humanity, the he passes his knowledge on to his apprentice, who he believes will use it to damn all life to everlasting misery.

The apprentice, Harold, his own past stained with unforgivable acts, does not share his master's hatred. But he wants to push this knowledge, and would shamelessly kill innocents to do so. But to what end, he struggles to realize--- all the while wondering if humanity, worthless as it seems, deserves compassion more than he deserves omniscience.

As Harold struggles with his identity, Chicago's ruler, the host, learns of the knowledge Harold has, and Harold has to flee his home.

The host will not allow Harold to thwart his delicate plan to prove that humanity should never have existed, but Harold will not allow the host to steal his decision before he's had the chance to make it.

The Last City of America is a character-driven epic; the individual emulates humanity, and humanity's faults are written in the individual. The two walk with one another into the final decision. Cities fall one-by-one to man's ignorance. The world is ending. This time forever. Good and evil are reaching out to save it.

This is the story of how we will be remembered.

647 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 8 reviews.


The Wedding Affair (Rebel Hearts Book 1), by Heather Boyd. (Still 0.99?)

"Second chance romances are always one of my favorites. You could clearly feel that the love was still there between Sally and Felix even after all these years. It was wonderful watching them find their way back to each other." -- Amazon Reviewer

The life she wants is the love he lost.

Coming face-to-face before her wedding with the scoundrel who broke her heart and destroyed her trust could not be more awkward or ill timed for Sally Ford. When she agreed to give her hand and fortune to London’s most eligible earl, she did so believing she would learn to love him after they tied the knot. Her betrothed has no idea she was engaged to Captain Felix Hastings six years ago, or that she gave her innocence to the ambitious officer.

When Felix answered the summons from his superior he never expected to face Sally Ford, the woman who'd believed a lie and labeled him a fortune hunter before calling off their engagement six years ago. In his determination to clear the air about the past, pride clashes with the truth as every argument and stolen moment reignites a passion that has never waned. Giving in could destroy everything they've both worked so hard to achieve, or will fate offer them a chance to begin again if only they can forgive?

Don’t miss this first steamy tale in the Rebel Hearts regency romance series—reserve your copy today!

Book 1: The Wedding Affair
Book 2: An Affair of Honor
Book 3: The Christmas Affair featured in A Very Wicked Christmas Anthology

236 pages, with a 4-star rating from 11 reviews.


Murder at the Clinic: A Midwest Cozy Mystery, by Dianne Harman. (Still 0.99?)

"Loved this book. The characters were awesome and were a great fit for each other. I didn't want it to end. It always amazes me how much research goes into writing a book. We learn in this book that sites that are visited can sometimes get you in trouble." -- Amazon Reviewer

Kat Denham, a popular author of steamy romance novels, has decided to write a book in a different genre. She has a friend who's a doctor of acupuncture, has just lost over one hundred pounds, is getting married in mid-life for the first time to a doctor, and seems like the perfect role model for the protagonist in Kat's soon-to-be-written book. But fate intervenes when Kat happens to be at the acupuncture clinic when a patient, Sandy Hendrick, mysteriously dies. Suddenly Kat is involved in a murder mystery she has to solve to save her reputation and that of her friend, Mitzi.

Who was the murderer? Was it Mitzi, Kat's acupuncturist? Or was it a doctor from the clinic who desperately wants Mitzi discredited, so he'll be named the Assistant Dean of Acupuncture? Then there's Sandy's philandering husband, Matt, and Mitzi's fiancee's ex-girlfriend. Or was it the clinic's receptionist, Rochelle? Will the sting Kat devises to help catch the murderer work? And what part does Kat's guard dog, Rudy, play?

Another fast-paced mystery with food, dogs, and recipes from seven time Amazon All-Star, Dianne Harman.

156 pages, with a 5-star rating from 3 reviews.


Seed, by Michael Edelson. (Still 4.99?)

"I read this book in five hours. Seriously. Five hours when I was supposed to be working, I just couldn't put it down. I can't really give a book higher praise than that - with ADHD it's almost impossible for me to continuously pay attention, even with books I love. The plot moves *fast* and, although it can be classified as sci fi meets dystopia, it is still inherently believable." -- Amazon Reviewer

Fifty people go to sleep in their own beds and wake up in a compound in the middle of the jungle. Men and women from all walks of life with only one thing in common—none of them know where they are or how they got there. Alex is a paratrooper. Yael is a mathematician. Max is a law professor. They can’t leave— a lethal barrier surrounds the facility, but no one knows if it’s there to keep them in, or to keep something out.

The compound is comfortable and provides for all of their needs. There’s a warehouse with DNA coded locks. Only Barbara, the doctor, can open a fully stocked operating room, and only Alex can get into an arms room with enough weapons to outfit an infantry platoon. There is enough food and other supplies to last for decades, but nothing to tell them who did this to them or why.

For Alex, it’s an intriguing mystery—anything is better than digging foxholes in the desert—but he and the others don’t realize that time is running out. On the other side of the barrier lies a horror beyond imagination, and the barrier is about to come down.

317 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 50 reviews.


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