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Bargain Kindle Books! (Friday, October 7)

Stay on Target: Build Muscle, Lose Fat, and Get the Motivation to Succeed Using a Military-Proven Nutrition and Exercise Plan Anyone Can Do, by Chris Lehto. (Still 2.99?)

"I loved "Stay On Target!" I've actually read it twice and refer to it often, Chris Lehto has a unique voice when it comes to fitness. His perspective from the seat of a fight jet really makes this a fun read, but don't be fooled by the great stories and Star Wars references (which I loved), this book is a well researched gem with many cutting edge techniques that will not only help you to reach your fitness goals, but inspire you along the way. " -- Amazon Reviewer

”Stay on Target is a paradigm-shifting guidebook that will change the way you approach fitness and nutrition”

Get the Focused Mindset That Guarantees Success Achieving the Best Fitness of Your Life

You’ve tried lots of exercise programs and diets. But you couldn’t stick with any of them.

F-16 fighter pilot and fitness enthusiast, Chris Lehto, explains why. And more importantly, he gives you the exact system you need to ensure that you now succeed.

Drawing on military training, Lehto tells you how to apply the same principles fighter pilots use to ensure success when “failure is not an option” to reach your fitness goals.

Using this advice, readers report:

  • “I am seeing my abs, which I never have [before]”

  • ”I was looking for a guide to be motivated and this definitely did the trick. Easy to read and understand and implement [in] my busy life.”

  • ”I'm stronger and healthier. I now have a plan [...] I can stick with.”

  • ”My husband's back pain has completely gone away after following the exercise plan and that is proof enough for him to be a convert.”

  • ”This book has reinvigorated my motivation”

  • ”Really quite effective. I'm pleased with the results.”

Average people get real, sustainable, life-changing results using the system outlined in Stay on Target and you can too. Let it change your life for the better.

Simple, Practical Guidance You Can Use to Get in Shape and Feel Great

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, Stay on Target arms you with the knowledge and the motivation to achieve the greatest conditioning of your life.

Want to build muscle naturally? Lose weight? Build strength? Increase your endurance? Look better? Feel better? Have more energy for the things and people that matter in your life?

If so, ignore dangerous fads and hyped up (and expensive) exercise programs and diets.

Instead, use tried and true, science-backed advice to create a sustainable lifestyle makeover that will give you the results and the body you want for a lifetime of feeling and looking good.

In this book you will learn:

  • Why counting calories won’t work and a ridiculously easy alternative that will help you get lean and strong

  • The surprising reason why shorter, fun workouts will get you in better shape than hours running ever will

  • The strange scientific fact that your brain lies to you and a powerful tactic to use so you can overcome that and gain greater success than you’ve ever imagined

You’ll learn how to get the success mindset for exercise motivation, the combat-tested tactics to give you more powerful results from your fitness training, and science-based nutrition guidance that anyone can follow (because it’s enjoyable).

Pick up your copy of Stay on Target today and learn why professionals are saying things like:

“I am a medical professional and have read many books, research articles and theories on how to approach the human body and weight loss. Stay On Target is an intelligent and interesting book for anyone interested in learning to see food, exercise and their body in a new way.”

”As a triathlete, I've read a few fitness and nutrition books in my time and this one really hits the MARK!!”

Join the thousands who have already changed their lives for the better with this powerful guide. Pick up your copy of Stay on Target today.

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144 pages, with a 4.9-star rating from 51 reviews.


Warriors in the Mist: A Medieval Dark Fantasy, by Susan D. Kalior. (Still 4.99?)

"I found this to be a book with depth, a thinking person's book. I loved that the author took me into the characters minds and delved into the depth of their personal thoughts, feelings, doubts, fears, hopes and dreams. Incredibly romantic, wildly fascinating and exciting; I was on the "edge of my seat" during many parts of this book. I truly did not know which direction the plot would take which made it all the more interesting to read. " -- Amazon Reviewer

Medieval Dark Fantasy: An epic romance is featured in this masterfully written novel that takes place in the mystical, magical Dark Ages. Kamara Lania is a pacifistic priestess whose goal is to unite the realm with the divine love. Meanwhile, a violent self-serving warlord, Kayenté Ketola, is acquiring dominion of the realm on his journey to become King. They are both thwarted by a supernatural being "The Cold One" who is consuming the world because good and evil in their extremes, always fall. Mystical interplay, characteristic of Shakespeare, throws the Priestess and the Warlord into a harrowing and complicated, even comical transformation where they each must become more like the other to save the world.

This novel impassions the heart, unleashes laughter and pumps adrenaline. The plot erupts with mysticism, magic, and romance as the mystery unravels with unpredictable twists and turns in the spirit of Hitchcock, while richly exposing the psychology of the human struggle, highlighted by entanglements with supernatural beings. This novel promises to entertain and to lighten the darkest most secret corners of the hidden self, while imparting wisdom needed in today's world.


She crawled carefully through dancing feet, under clanking swords, and a rain of blood. She heard whisking and whipping, thumps and thuds, grunts and groans, curses, prayers, and the blasting beat of a thousand hearts, the world yet spinning round and round.

She prayed the warriors would be too engaged in battle to bother with her. Her gown kept catching under her knees, pulling the neck down around her shoulders. Metal feet slammed down around her. Something wet poured over her neck and dripped down her skin curving around her throat. It smelled like blood. However, everything reeked of blood. She kept moving, forbidding tears, wishing she'd drank a second glass of wine, for the elixir seemed to distance her somewhat from the horrors she normally felt.

Ahead, on the outskirts of the battle, she glimpsed a lone oak tree ahead of her, looming there, a live thing, like a mother bidding her to come and fall upon her breast.

Thinking only of the tree, the tree, the beautiful tree, she found herself more quickly there. She dropped her shoulder against the fragrant bark, and curled into a tight ball, very still, afraid to move, lest a knife come flying at her, the way Kayenté had once told her it could.

Her eyes were closed, but the image of swords and bludgeoned bodies flashed erratically in her mind. This battle was like the one in her nightmare: warriors, swords, arrows, blood; and she curled against a tree in a dirty white gown, trembling. Would The Cold One appear next?

Her arm was snatched. Someone pulled her forward so swiftly, she felt like a shooting star. Her vision blurred, so fast they did run. When they stopped, she fell to her hands and knees in the thick foliage, panting hard with burning lungs. Someone stood next to her. Would she now behold The Cold One? What was, was; and what was to be, was to be. She could not change it, so she sat back on her knees and looked up to see dust covered leather pants, and a sword dripping blood. Raising her eyes further, she saw Kayenté's face. It was Kayenté who towered over her!

Her hand flew to her heart. "You aren't The Cold One."

He squatted, resting the sword over his knees. "I don't know about that."

500 pages, with a 3.8-star rating from 32 reviews.


Eleven, Twelve... Dig and Delve: A heart-stopping thriller (Rebekka Franck Book 6), by Willow Rose. (Still 0.99?)

"I really love this series and these books are great. I think anyone that likes mysteries and a little thriller should check out this series. I also really like this author. I think I will read more from Willow Rose! Willow always keeps me on the edge of my seat. " -- Amazon Reviewer

The Queen of scream novels is at it again

It's the stuff of a living nightmare...

Everybody hates Mondays. This Monday is particularly bad for the residents on Blegevej in the Northern part of Denmark. Just before eight o'clock Monday morning, the entire neighborhood sinks into the ground in a matter of seconds when a giant sinkhole opens up underneath it.
Rebekka Franck is visiting a dear friend when she is swallowed up by the hole and ends up trapped inside a limestone mine. Together with the surviving residents from the neighborhood, she tries to get by underground while waiting to be rescued. When the body of one of the survivors turns up inside the mines, they suddenly know that not only do they face starvation and thirst, they also have a killer among them.

- It's laced with claustrophobic tension and characters that make your skin crawl.

Eleven, Twelve...Dig and Delve is another bone-chilling Mystery in Willow Rose's Amazon bestselling series about the Danish reporter Rebekka Franck. Followed by Thirteen, fourteen ... Little boy unseen.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

304 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 154 reviews.


Legacy of Hunger (Druid's Brooch Series, #1), by Christy Nicholas. (Still 0.99?)

"This is a great historical fiction. I felt like I knew the characters and they were very well development and like real people. The main character Valentia decides that she must find her grandmother’s long-lost Irish family, as well as an heirloom brooch; the story details her journey- both literally across new lands and emotionally as she matures and see life outside her privileged farming family's social circle.

The work is well written, well researched, and well-paced. It also manages to blend actual historical events and a touch of fantasy, without beating the reader over the head with either. I hope to see more work from the writer- a full series of Druid's Brooch books would be fantastic." -- Amazon Reviewer

Ireland is no promised land in 1846. It is wracked by a crippling potato blight, and people are dying. But Valentia McDowell doesn’t know that.

From her father’s prosperous farm in Ohio, young Valentia is haunted by tales of an abandoned family and a lost heirloom. She travels to her grandmother’s homeland with her brother, Conor, and two servants, to find both. Her delight in the exciting journey on one of the first steam ships to cross the Atlantic is shattered by a horrible tragedy.

What she encounters upon her arrival in Ireland is both more and less than she had hoped. Valentia finds both enemies and allies, amid horrors and delights, and a small bit of magic. She finds a richer heritage than she had ever imagined, but it comes with a price.

When she finally reaches her goal, a terrible price is demanded. She must pay or forfeit, and both decisions have strong consequences for her and her friends.

288 pages, with a 4.0-star rating from 28 reviews.


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