Friday, October 21, 2016

Audiobook Spotlight: Capturing Faith: Volume 1

Tune into this audiobook of a delightful novel about the faith journeys of contemporary teenagers.

Capturing Faith: Volume 1, by Victoria G. Schwimley, narrated by Randi Larson
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6 hours and 32 minutes

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Chelsea Warren is the most popular girl in school, and the leader of the tightest clique on campus. The most important things to her are her looks and the respect of her followers. But Chelsea has a secret she doesn't want anyone to know. Amber Walker is compassionate, trustworthy, and the most well-adjusted girl in school. The most important thing to her is serving God and her community. When an argument between Chelsea and her best friend occurs, she runs straight to Amber for help. Amber discovers Chelsea's secret and turns to Pastor David Owens for assistance. Ryan Evers is the smartest boy on campus, but when a careless accident leaves one of the girls clinging to life and Ryan the object of hate, he also turns to David. Can David help these three troubled teens before it's too late?

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