Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bargain Kindle Books! (Thursday October 13)

Moscow Venture, by A. K. Celer. (Still 0.99?)

"This book needs to be made into movie. That was the thought running through my head through out the whole book. It was so full of action and suspense. I could definitely see this book being a huge hit as an action movie!! A.K. Celer weaves such a detailed and eloquent story and paints the perfect picture to make the rader feel as if they themselves are living the thrills and horrors of the book. It is amazing! Perfectly written! Worth the read!!" -- Amazon Reviewer

John Baran's best friend dies from a bizarre, massive stroke he suffered in Moscow under mysterious conditions. John suspects foul play and goes to Moscow to get answers. Russian interests, determined to guard their secrets, engage the KGB and a GRU seductress to make sure he doesn't pick up where his friend left off--by any means necessary.

The Moscow-based CIA discovers a KGB plot to overthrow President Gorbachev and stop his democratic reforms. As a treacherous diversion, the conspirators plan a devastating bioweapon attack on U.S. soil.

The political upheaval hurls John into espionage, a bio-terror plot, and the middle of hard-line communists' attempt to reverse history. His quest to avenge one death makes him the only man who can save countless American lives and help derail a second Bolshevik revolution--if he can stay alive.

344 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 52 reviews.


Fire In The Blood (Shards Of A Broken Sword Book 2), by W.R. Gingell. (Still 0.99?)

" The story is a lot of fun to read. As our three main characters travel through the Seven Circles of Challenge, you the reader get to know a lot about them, even as they learn about each other and themselves. I got very emotionally involved with the characters. I felt joy, sorrow, frustration. Any book that I can immerse myself in that far is a winner for me. It left me wanting to know more." -- Amazon Reviewer

A princess in a dragon-guarded tower. The prince who is to rescue her. The prince’s ensorcelled dragon. And one enchanted keep that might just be enough to kill them all...

It’s widely known that Princess Kayami Koto is held captive in the Enchanted Keep by a dragon of great ferocity and skill. So when the bold, daring and crafty Prince Akish attempts to rescue her, it seems only sensible to bring his own dragon, Rafiq.
But the Keep’s dragon is only the first Circle in the Keep’s Seven Circles of Challenge, and both Rafiq and the prince will have to keep their wits about them if they’re to survive and rescue the princess.

There to help them is the princess’ serving maid, Kako. But why does Kako seem so familiar to Rafiq? Will she really help them, or does she have her own agenda? Rafiq isn’t sure, but he knows one thing: Kako may be the only person who can free him from his bondage to the prince, and that’s worth any amount of risk.

123 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 13 reviews.


City of Masks (The Bone Mask Trilogy Book 1), by Ashley Capes. (Still 0.99?)

"If I could only recommend one book this year, this would be it. No, really. The story grabbed me from the first chapter and would not let go. The characters are intriguing and relate-able, there is a subtle humour and the writing brings the world to life beautifully. I can't wait for the next in the series." -- Amazon Reviewer

Waking in Anaskar Prison, covered in blood and accused of murder, nobody will listen to Notch's claims of innocence until he meets the future Protector of the Monarchy, Sofia Falco.

But Sofia has her own burdens. The first female Protector in a hundred years, her House is under threat from enemies within, the prince has made it clear he does not want her services and worst of all, she cannot communicate with her father's sentient mask of bone, the centuries-old Argeon. Without the bone mask she cannot help anyone -- not herself, and certainly not a mercenary with no powerful House to protect him.

Meanwhile, far across the western desert, Ain, a young Pathfinder, is thrust into the role of Seeker. Before winter storms close the way, he must leave his home on a quest to locate the Sea Shrine and take revenge on the people who drove his ancestors from Anaskar, the city ruled by the prince Sofia and Notch are sworn to protect, whether he wants their help or not.

487 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 37 reviews.


The Golden Spider (The Elemental Web Chronicles Book 1), by Anne Renwick. (Still 2.99?)

"A page-turning steampunk romance! Lots of emotional tension expertly balanced with a murder mystery plot line and biotechnology that sounds really authentic. Add to that a super smart heroine and a super arrogant hero and you have a thoroughly satisfying read! Went to the author's website and was thrilled to learn this is the first in a series. Will definitely be buying the next installment!" -- Amazon Reviewer

London papers scream of dirigible attacks, kraken swarms, and lung-clogging, sulfurous fogs. But a rash of gypsy murders barely rates mention.

Lady Amanda is tired of having both her intelligence and her work dismissed.

After blackmailing her way into medical school, she catches the eye of her anatomy professor from the moment she walks into his lecture hall. Is he interested in her? Or only her invention–a clockwork spider that can spin artificial nerves?

Lord Thornton, a prominent neurobiologist, has been betrayed.

Secret government technology has been stolen from his laboratory, and a foreign spy is attempting to perfect it via a grisly procedure… using gypsies as test subjects. The last thing he needs is the distraction of a beautiful–and brilliant–new student, even if her spider could heal a deteriorating personal injury.

Until her device is stolen and used in the latest murder.

Lord Thornton has no option but to bring her into his laboratory as well as the investigation where they must fight their growing, yet forbidden, attraction. Bodies accumulate and fragile bonds are tested as they race across London, trying to catch the spy before it’s too late.

486 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 28 reviews.


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